Servant of God Maria Esperanza de Bianchini’s speech. Chapel of the school San José de la Salle. Guayaquil, Ecuador

Saturday, july 22, 1995  6:15 p.m.

HOST: …we receive her with faith like one of our sisters, the favorite sister of the Father and the Mother, Maria Esperanza de Bianchini.



  • The Angelus.

Respected priests, my Mother is here among us, and she holds you in her motherly bosom, confirming once again that you are the children of her great love, the love of a crucified Christ, the love that a Heavenly Father had to send his Son so He could donate Himself and save us, shedding his blessed Blood on the wood of the Cross, so man could grow spiritually with the human condition of being an instrument in the hands of the Lord, reaffirming faith in their brothers. Behold, priesthood.

Behold the great Church, the Church of God, our Mother Church. O Mother Church! You are so wonderful; you comfort us in such a way, because your Son is waiting for us to receive Him, so we may be filled with his love, with the mystic and sacred Body that nourishes man, and leads him through paths of light and hope, enabling him to live the Gospel.

Evangelization is what these times call for mankind… evangelization. To evangelize ourselves by all means, truly learning how to live a Eucharistic life, a total renewal for our souls, and for this it could only be with: prayer, meditation, penance, and Eucharist.

Behold the truth of all times, since my Lord Jesus came to Earth and gave Himself and continues to. Centuries have elapsed and Jesus continues surrendering Himself everyday on all the altars of the world, when his priests hoist Him giving life to those brothers that humbly come seeking their Lord. O Sacramental Jesus! If men truly knew what You mean to all of us, they all would convert – those that did not know You yet, but had heard of You, would be able to understand the truth of a Man, of a Son of God who gave it all to save us.

O redemption of Christ! O Jesus crucified on the Cross for my love! You give Yourself and You continue to, nothing stops the march of the holy, apostolic, Roman and universal Church. We are Catholics, we bear in our veins the Blood of Jesus Christ, He has injected us with that Blood, He has shed it on the Cross so we could fill ourselves with Him and we could lead an authentic Christian life, truly living the Gospel all united.

No more war, uproar, or persecution among brothers. All races of all nations and all faiths of the world must unite through the Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, the Redeemer of the World, the Savior, the Benefactor of our souls.

O Jesus, I feel You in such a way, here in my heart! Lord, I earnestly wish I could live at the foot of your tabernacle, day and night, yes, Jesus, because there are so many who do not know You, there are so many that if they know You they still have not understood what You have come to do for all of us.

This is the crucial time, the world is plotting, and man is preparing himself for war. No more wars! The authenticity of Jesus Christ is going to save us. Man has to think and realize that he goes beyond, and it is not possible to lead their nations to war, shedding innocent blood. The Blood of the Lamb continues to be shed to purify us, bathe us, cleanse us, and purify us with a tender and generous heart like that of an innocent child.

Behold the great miracle: Jesus and his Mother are presenting Themselves in these times to man… Jesus once again. He has lived among us since all times, and man continues rejecting Him, but it has been enough, the great time is coming, the time in which man will rise, will fall on his knees placing his head on the ground asking for forgiveness and mercy, because justice has arrived, yes justice; not war. It is love, comprehension, unity, benevolence, and charity.

We need so much charity. It is charity that we are asking for, alms of love for all men on Earth, for those who do not want to enter into an order of ideas yet. While Jesus Christ is not acknowledged in the whole world, we will be living constant wars.

Therefore, man is thinking in these times… Yes, there are the ones who have the light and do not want it, do not want to accept it, but the time of totally accepting it is coming, so we hunger no more, grieve no more, suffer no more. It is enough.

Jesus comes as Christ King Savior of the World, as Shepherd of Souls guiding us, He is going to rise us so all of us united, compacted in one so we may share our bread.

The time of living in great communities is coming – I said this yesterday – these are communities that are emerging everywhere… true Catholics who feel Our Lord Jesus and his Mother. No more living in great houses, one in their house, no. To be united, to care for one another in communities full of love, benevolence, respect, kindness, sincerity, and unity. Your bread is mine; my bread is yours. Do you want to share it? Here I have a room; it is at your disposal. Do you need one of your children to study, to learn  ? Let us go and look for a school, for a university to help him truly feel comfortable. I say comfortable, because when we achieve the things we long for, we feel serene to live in accordance with our elderly brothers, our professors in collage; youngsters who want to learn, who want to reach a goal.

We have to give them a hand; they cannot rest there without having a hand that will help them walk better in life.

We especially need in these times priestly vocations, holy priests who surrender everything for their people, People of God. We have them, but frequently the poor cannot go on due to so many problems they have to cross each step they take. There are so many things to carry out that sometimes they feel sad, because with the desire of working they cannot. But the mercy of God always comes to help them with the burden.

Therefore, I ask you, young ones, think very well what you are going to do in life. It is the time for dialogue, for apprenticeship of a better, just, worthy, and honest life in which we all will come to know each other, holding hands. You will be over there; I will be over here… no… all united in a consistent block, in one heart identified by love, the love for the Church we have, a Holy Father the Pope of Rome, John Paul II, who has gone from one place to another calling his children so all of them may fulfill themselves as entities of light in the world – the constructive force of love, truth, innocence, and above all, charity.

Charity is a most beautiful theological virtue… charity. If you are my brother, I have to be charitable with you: a holding of hands, a smile, a word on time. How many people can be saved with a word of not committing what is not right in their life? Sometimes errors that burden us with tears in our soul are committed, and this has to be prevented by all means.

Therefore, my Blessed Mother appeared to me in Betania of the Holy Waters on March 25, in 1976 with her hands outstretched, with rays that sprang from her most beautiful hands, with that perfect countenance, those beautiful eyes, that hair that fell upon her shoulders. She moved from one branch to another, she jumped like an innocent child. I saw she was like fourteen years old, beautiful, radiant like a bright star in the morning; and she told me, “My daughter, my little children, my Heart I gave you, my Heart I give you, my Heart I will continue giving you forever.”

She is a Mother who gives herself to each one of us in our homes, families, schools, universities. She is a Mother who comes to look for us in these times of great calamities for man, there are a multitude of problems that scourge our youth, and she is trying to save our youth by all means, save it form sicknesses that contaminate man and produce weeping, much weeping and grief to family mothers and fathers; prevent sicknesses; prevent disorderly sinful paths.

It is the time, my children-youth, to rejoice because Jesus lives among us. Jesus is in all the tabernacles of the world waiting for us to receive Him, if it is possible every day, to feed ourselves and feel content and healthy within, and strengthened by his love, flame, and the fire of his Heart that beats so we may feel Him in our chest telling us, “Rise, my little ones, it is the time of Evangelization and the world must know that I live among you. I live among you, my little ones, the youth; I live among you, family parents; all my brothers, I live among you.” My Lord says, “I live among you, you cannot see Me, but you must feel Me because I let Myself be known to restore you from the world of sin, so you may lead an authentic and Christian life, evangelizing your brothers, friends, enemies, sinners, everyone with the word of loving one another as I have loved you.”

This is what the Lord is telling us. He has come again to collect us all together. Yes, He lives in the tabernacle awaiting and sweetly smiling; and when He sees us receiving Him his heart jumps with joy, because it is another child He is winning for that mystical and perfect Church. It is a Church that vibrates in contact with her children. And why does it vibrate? Because she has her priests that are feeding us with the Bread of Christ, with the Eucharist. This is the importance of the Church, this is the importance of priesthood… they left their parents – families – they went to the seminary to educate themselves, to learn the value of the meaning of the Church of Peter the Fisherman, the one who Jesus gave the keys of his kingdom one day.

Therefore, let us love our priests, because they are in charge of helping us to assay our faith and prepare our souls with a sense of responsibility. We all have a great responsibility with the Church and her priests. I stress upon this issue, because I love and I feel this Church. Since I was a child my life has been a life of Church, in the morning at 4:30 – when I was a child – I would wake up to pray my hour of adoration and then at a quarter to 6:00 I would go to Holy Mass. It was such a great and beautiful banquet that I felt that my life was not mine, that I belonged to God.

Therefore, I love the Eucharist, priesthood, the Church, my sisters the nuns so much – I love them all – and I love this People of God that is seeking its truth.

Man is looking for his truth. What truth? It is so close to you: It is Christ the King, Christ who rises in these times firm and strong calling us to meditate, “I gave Myself, I continue giving Myself and you, my younger brothers, still do not understand Me. Come to Me all of you, come, come and receive Me, for I have prepared the best banquet for you: my Body, my Life, my Blood. I offered it all for you, and I continue to so you may come to the conviction that you must lead an authentic Christian life, because I am the Redeemer of the Word, the Crucified Christ… Although centuries have elapsed, I still live among you.”

Therefore, brothers, I truly wish you could understand me, because you may wonder, “Why does this woman speak like this, why? Because my Mother with her love, sweetness, my Mother Mary who gave me a holy mother, the mother that carried me in her womb, this mother taught me – since I was a child – the meaning of the Mother of God. Our Lady of Mount Carmel was her great devotion, and thus, she showed me the world in the arms of Our Mother in heaven helping me walk, step by step, serenely and free from sinful bonds. I am not perfect, no not in any way.

While we have flesh, blood and senses, our soul cannot be perfect ever, but it can be respectful. When someone says, “Mrs. Maria Esperanza, I love you very much, I cherish you.” No, I am not asking you for love, I am asking for respect. Because we have to respect all people, of course, love fills our hearts, but there are people who, perhaps, do not understand the meaning of the pure, sound, and chaste love of Mary to us, the love that when we feel it in our chests, it turns us into innocent children.

We know nothing in this world. We are small creatures who let ourselves be led by our daily faith, in order to then achieve the possibility of living according to the people we have by our side, without forcing anyone to believe; this has to be left to the election of God. He touches the people, He calls them.

Youngsters, love Mary, the Mother of God. You are called to a great mission, the mission of reconciliation, of evangelization of all brothers, of spreading the message of a Mother who has come to collect us so we may lead an authentic and Christian life.

Young ladies, I have followed you these days while you have been by my side. I have felt something so beautiful in my heart.

  • O my Mother! I give you these young girls, these young ladies, help them and protect them. May you pay them all the good they have done for this poor woman, taking care of her steps; multiply their pay with the abundance of your heavenly love, with graces for their homes, families, for all of them. May graces descend from heaven because Guayaquil, this city, is chosen by God.

There are strong Christian roots of loving and feeling the brother, and this is a special gift you have… the gift of Mary, Mary among you, Mary living in your homes with her Divine Son, Mary who is concerned with all the small details of our houses, the way we behave, what we long for – she herself makes us understand this.

Behold, the grace of this Mother: to strengthen your souls and soothe your complaints. The world is suffering a lot: homes, families… many have been broken. May families unite! May children come back!

We have a great family responsibility and we have to collect all our children by all means, do not leave them out in the open. Fathers and mothers are responsible of their children. Therefore, families have to gather on Saturdays or Sundays in a family lunch, so each one can speak and say what he bears in his heart, well, you give the guidelines so each one can say what they bear in their heart. Frequently children do not say anything because they fear their parents; no, no, no. We must not make them fear that their father is going to punish them, that the mother is going to say… no, no.

We have to be mindful; we have to try by all means to have a distraction for our children at home. A young boy should never be a lazybones; he should always have something to do: his homework, his studies. One can paint, the other one can do something else, but they always should have something to do. Because otherwise how can families work with everyone disperse?

Forgive me for saying these things, but I have to, because I know that there are homes that are stumbling, that are decaying because their children are leaving; and we cannot let go of a child. Look for him; get him out of where he got into with the responsibility of a father, a mother who loves that child. That mother bore that child in her motherly womb and has the right to reprimand him. A child is corrected when he is young, when he is older, it is hard to for them to correct the unruly things they have learned outside.

I speak to you in this way, because I am a mother of seven children with fourteen grandchildren, and I love my family. My husband has always been at my side giving me the courage to go on. I feared everything… people, I always tried to hide. I wanted to become a nun, but God sent me to the World, “You will live in the world struggling with man, but it will be a combat of love, of human solidarity.”

Therefore, I am here. The Lord has taught me that we have to be courageous; we cannot stop in the midst of the way, because we are hurt, because they say this or that about us; no, no, no. When we truly have to comply with a mission or a commitment in life we must be rightful and firm to carry out our commitment, without complaining, let alone thinking that we cannot carry it out. We can, as long as we are in the hands of Mary, so she corrects our mistakes, our flaws, our little things of our daily life; and Jesus, the Master of masters, teaching us as Shepherd of Souls, guiding us.

We are their flock. The Lord has a big flock in the world, in each continent, around the World; and man, all men on Earth will rise to serve Him. Perhaps, I will not see this, but many of you – the young ones, the children – will see the great event of man holding hands with their brothers, of nations coming to an agreement that something has to be done to prevent war and misunderstanding with their brothers, especially their neighbors.

Behold the important aspect of my visit. My visit… I was invited to Peru and here also. I was able to leave my word… the word of a mother who loves and feels her Church. The first thing I said was: Peru and Ecuador, love, bear, help each other; soothe your burdens as brothers through the love of Jesus Christ and his Mother. I repeat this to you: Ecuador, love Peru; love, bear, cherish each other. You are friendly sisters, mates, and neighbors. Why should we not respect each other, why not consider the mistake filled with tenderness and an open heart to the grace, so Jesus may enter with the flame of his love,  and the Holy Spirit may give you the grace to truly understand your future mission?

Nations united through the Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, through this Mother of the Catholic Church who has supported us, who is living every detail of her nations, neighboring nations, nations that truly wish to survive all the things they have had to suffer in the past.

It has been enough of hardship, no more fear, anguish, grief, ill talking – enough. …Love, human solidarity because Our Lady has come to reconcile us, to unite us, because without reconciliation there cannot be peace. We have to accept reconciliation to attain peace, the peace of Mary, the peace of Medjugorje; as the children would say, “Peace in the world, peace among people, nations, families, peace for all.”

And now, brothers, forgive me for I have spoken too long.

Thank you for opening the doors of this beautiful Church, and Father you are such a great person. John the Baptist is so great… he loved, he gave himself and continues to give himself to his brothers and to the little ones who grow following in his steps, helping them to be men with human qualities, with the knowledge of a holy Church, with the truth of a doctrine.

It is beautiful to teach, it is beautiful to have in your classrooms a group of youngsters who are eager to grow spiritually, and have the desire of being useful to their brothers, to someone who may need them.

I thank you, I thank all of you who have come today. Yes, perhaps, you have left a chore at home to come and meet with my Lord. When I saw you receiving Jesus, I felt that my heart jumped with joy, because you where receiving Him. Such beautiful Communion! I truly felt happy. A little piece of heaven on earth that the Lord was offering all of us.

Mothers – I am a mother too – take care of your children, help them fulfill themselves with a promising future. It is not about riches or great feats, no; life is about small things, useful painter strokes in life… it is beautiful. The Lord does not want us to be very noisy. Sometimes I am very fearful – as I said these past days – of noise.

And when I had to come… two years ago I began in the United States and Canada, I went to France, to my beloved Rome, to Zurich in Switzerland… and I truly felt the courage of coming to this Church, and I said: I enlarge my heart knowing that my Lord wants us to be apostles of his Heart, of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. I always say:

  • Hearts of Jesus and Mary in one Heart, have mercy on us.

Therefore, I invite you to prayer, meditation, penance, and the Eucharist so you also may spread the message of a Mother who has come to collect us, soothe us, conduct us, and teach us how to live the Gospel.

I repeat once again: These times call for evangelization, and there is nothing else we can do. Everyone stand firmly like soldiers do, spreading the message of this Blessed Mother who has come to save us. Have you not seen that she is appearing in many places? I believe that here in Cuzco there has been an apparition of my Mother to a young lady who married later.

Well, these things… they take a lot of time, they bring suffering; it is not so easy, and humility is required… humility with the Church, priesthood, our spiritual director… humility with the simpleness of the child, the young child who obeys the orders of her master, of her spiritual director. Hardship does not matter, whatever you must endure. Perhaps, I had to endure so many things that you do not know of, but I would tell my Mother: Mother, give me humility, the humility you feel, Mary. Lord, always give me humility, humility, humility. It is not the humility of dressing in rags or like saints, no; God loves us just the way we are with our weaknesses, while we try to improve our inner life… this is what is important.

So, children, thank you; I thank you all.

Blessed be the Lord who brought me. I am nothing, but I do know something: I love very much, I love my Church, I love her and I am willing to do anything for my Mother, spreading her message. Only she has given me this will power, even when I am sick, my heart is weak because I had to undergo the test of a catheterization. It is not that I am too advanced in age, but any time… and I say: Lord, help me a little bit more to spread the message of my Mother.

When I was young she would tell me, “You shall go through the world spreading the word of this Mother.” And I would reply: O Mother, but where am I going to go?! I would rather hide from the world; I would like to retire there. Such beautiful hours, Lord, before the Blessed Sacrament offering myself, but the Lord energetically pulled me and took me to Rome.

Behold, my true mission began as a wife and then as a mother. She promised she would come and she came. It seemed like a dream, and then, the experiences I had, beautiful ones, there are no words, I lived such beautiful and splendid things, but painful ones too, because I was tested in so many ways. The first bishop, Monsignor Bernal knew me since I was a child, he was good to me. In Betania Baptisms, Confirmations, First Communions, and Weddings took place. It was something exemplary, wonderful and beautiful, radiant, luminous, I would say. Then, he told me, “Maria Esperanza, you are going to suffer, Monsignor Pio Bello is coming, he is a Jesuit and he is tough. You have to get used to him, daughter, always be humble, do not change, resist because I know that Our Lady has come, that she is here to reconcile us. But I am dying, I am leaving. Daughter, go on.” And it happened.

Monsignor Pio Bello came… four years passed in which with much humility – God gave it to me – and much simpleness I knew how to accept it all, until he truly saw, he realized that it was not a mirage of my imagination, or madness; and that the souls that also saw her with me…

Because I must tell you and clear out this point: At the beginning when my Mother came, I told her: Mother, they are not going to believe me, they are going to say this woman is making up these things. What can I do? She answered, “Be calm, daughter, on March 25 in 1984 I will make myself visible to everyone.” That awaited day came, and on March 25, 1984, we all were there. We were approximately 150 or 200 people. We all saw her from 3:00 in the afternoon till 6:30, she came every 10 minutes. She appeared under different titles: Our Lady of Lourdes, the Miraculous Medal, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, the Immaculate Conception with her angels, and Our Sorrowful Mother, we saw her with her children venerating her. My God! What is this? We all were wondering.

There were people of all walks of life: doctors, psychiatrists, generals, colonels, youth, students, many young boys, many young girls, whole families. It was something so beautiful, exemplary, unique in the history of mankind, I would say. And then, we saw fire… my God! It was a fire. And all of a sudden the fire began dissipating, it was not a fire, it was like the flame of Christ, and my Mother with her Son in her arms appeared to us, offering Him to us and saying, “Here you have Him, here you have Him, my children, grow with Him.” It was so beautiful, unforgettable.

Behold, then, when this happened, Monsignor called everyone, these people, the religious, the priests – there were two priests –, nuns – two had gone too – and a lot of people; all these people that were not unaware, they knew what they were seeing; and he examined them one by one. He asked them to write down there testimonies. And the great miracle took place. He went to Rome, and the yes came, the yes of a great story of a Mother with her children, of a Mother who has come to collect us.

And now, I thank you all.

May the Lord bless you all and keep you, and may you truly go on with fervor knowing that the Mother of God has come to comfort us, and seek us, to teach us how to lead an authentic Christian life. May God keep you all.

Thank you, brothers.


Pray for your needs.

Glory be to God.

I thank you all.

“In the Name of my Father, I bless you, my children.

In the name of my Mother, I heal your body and soul,

and I keep you here in my Heart, I shall keep you, keep you, keep you,

I shall keep you here in my Heart from today on and forever.”

May peace be with you, and may the light of the Holy Spirit enlighten your souls. You are in peace and in harmony with the whole world.

  • O Most Holy Mother of God, pray for us who have recourse to thee.


Thank you.