Servant of God Maria Esperanza de Bianchini’s speech. Basilica of the Transfiguration. Mount Tabor, Israel

Sunday, november 12, 1995  12:00 m.

…and we are nourished with his Body, with his wonderful and subtle Blood, and we feel it in our veins. It is his Blood, Body, Life, Mind, Heart, and Soul with us. O wonderful Eucharist You left us, Lord, to nourish us, and to purify us from our weaknesses!

Today we have been born to the life of grace again, because in this Holy Mount, Lord…  Such beauty in those times and in these times too, because You are here, Jesus! Your steps have remained here forever, and we have come seeking You, we have found You to be delivered from our weaknesses, in order to follow your steps in this triumphant Jerusalem where You were born, where You grew – and when You became a man – where You devoted Yourself to teach, to spread the Word of your Eternal Father in Heaven winning hearts, healing the sick, the sad and comforting and soothing everyone.

Lord, You offered Yourself, You gave your Body and Blood on a Cross to save us, and You continue feeding us since then to now. It is your Body that sustains us, it is your Blood that vivifies us and grants us supernatural life. Because You give us supernatural life to survive the sadness we could feel in our hearts, soothing us with your loving yolk.

My respected priesthood, you are the owners of my Lord because you renounced it all for Him to follow in his steps – as I said yesterday – you left your families, houses, everything you had to go in pursuit of the Savior of the World. And you are the ones who are preparing us, preparing the People of God.

We are People of God and the Lord has granted us the grace to feed us with his Body and Blood, renewing us through his priesthood.

Yesterday I spoke about communities, religious communities, social communities where the doctrine of the Lord Jesus is practiced, where the people share with the priests serving and helping all brothers who come knocking at the doors to open them so they may enter, because all the People of God has to be nourished.

O People of God of the whole world! I humbly beseech you to lay your head on the ground, kiss the steps of Jesus, and fully surrender to live a new life, a Eucharistic life, a life that is constantly feeding us. This is the life that Jesus is offering us, the life He has offered us today.

We have all come from different places: Venezuela, the United States, and from other places of the world, seeking the Lord Jesus, seeking his holy and apostolic Church, seeking that wonderful and sublime Church He has left us.

  • Lord, here we have gathered together with so much love. Lord, give us humility, patience, and the holy fear of God to never offend Him, and help us survive heated days, so man can be saved, so we can be saved from war, from incurable sicknesses, and from all those things that can harm the mind of men.

We need an open mind to the grace of the Holy Spirit, so He can enter and we may truly live the Gospel.

These times call for evangelization; therefore these priests and so many others come to Jerusalem seeking Jesus, his steps, his life that He bequeathed us on the Cross to save us.

Therefore, we all are here on this Holy Mount, where my Lord gave Himself once again. O Lord, You were so grand, You are so grand, and You will be grand for all the coming generations that will claim You are the King of the World, Savior of the People of God!

Here I thank You, Lord, because You have brought this poor woman with her family through the invitation of these souls, the Marianis, with these priests and all the people of the United States, all these good souls, so we could rest in their hearts, and all united in one heart could beat in unison with Jesus to thank You.

  • May You be blessed, Jesus. Stay with us, conduct us, teach us, purify our hearts; may we truly live the Gospel as You preached it, leaving us the inheritance of the wonderful and sublime commandment of: “Love one another.”

I thank You, Lord; I thank you too.

Blessed be my Mother, Mary the sweet one who has led us here. Thank you, Mother.

Blessed be all of you, and may God watch over all of you.