Servant of God Maria Esperanza de Bianchini’s speech. Auditorium Colegio Juan XXIII. Lima, Peru

SATURDAY, JULY 15, 1995  7:15 P.M.


Good evening everyone, I start by saying: the love of a Mother comes to educate us, to save us, it is the salvation of mankind, of the innocent, of the youth, of the adults, of the elderly. This Mother comes happily to strengthen her ministers, her pastors, her Eminence the Cardinal, as well as those who follow him, those who are learning with him.

It is a continuous apprenticeship that of the priest, it is an apprenticeship to teach seminarians; as well as the religious women, the girls, educating the young girls and reaffirming faith in their hearts so that they may be filled with the spirit of great and beautiful confidence, just like the flowers of the gardens of Mary Immaculate.

My Mother does not leave aside her sons the pastors, the women who follow her, the simple nuns who educate the girls, who teach them in a way to inspire them to keep the beauty of the soul.

How wonderful is the beauty of a pure soul, of an innocent girl who looks for a caress in the arms of Mary, because she has had a different life than the life of her mother, of her father, because she has left it all for Jesus! Jesus has taken these girls for the service of this marvelous Church, a holy and apostolic Church where the Holy Father organizes his sheepfold, pastors of souls.

The Pope of Rome is so beautiful, the representative of the Church, the representative of Peter, the fisherman, stone and foundation, firm, fair, clear in his decisions that make us shiver with excitement when he proves that neither anything nor no one stops his steps towards the light of the New Dawn of Jesus! Everyone with him because he is the representative who is taking care of his sheep, of their souls, taking care of everyone so that his ministers, priests, his loved sheep of his heart may be true treasures, so that they may convert in treasures because of the grace of the Holy Spirit, so that the word may flow from their lips, and from their mouths: “My God, my God here I am, here I am to serve you, love you and make you known to all men on Earth.”

Rome, Italy, a holy land, you are so beautiful! In my youth, yes, you gave me a home, Lord, because of that Church that stimulated me, starting with the Pope, who is giving himself, then Father Pio of Pietralcina who gave me courage, who strengthened me, Father Felice Cappello of the Company of Jesus who taught me to feel that Church. I loved it when I was a girl, when I was five, a lot of things that still have not been known happened to me.

This is why I am here, because He makes use of his ministers, of Monsignor Pio Bello whom I admire for his strong will power, enlightened by the grace of a light, of a constructive force to teach us to be better in life. Yes, and Monsignor Pio Bello for his benevolence, for his kindness…

But days of hope are also to come, of motivations, of helping each other to grow spiritually, all united… All of America happy: Guayaquil, Ecuador; where I am headed to next week, these two people that because of moments of manly weakness got confused.

Peru needs peace, comprehension, and love to make great decisions. Which are those decisions you may ask me? To live in accordance with the Catholic, apostolic, Roman, and universal Church… the Church; to support oneself on that Church, on that Pope of Rome who is a holy man who is giving himself, who has gone from one place to another delivering the message of peace and of human solidarity.

The traveling Pope, the Pope of the smile and of joy, the Pope of kindness. How wonderful it is to feel love for the Pope in our heart, the great Pope of Rome. I ask you all to help him with our prayer, meditation, penance, and the Eucharist so that this way the Church can reaffirm the People of God with its teachings, diligent tenderness, and comprehension once again.

Father is a special soul, it was enough to see him in Caracas… his humility, spiritual strength, clarity, his mind tenaciously working open to the grace of the Holy Spirit, firmly convinced that it is needed to help and protect everyone, specially to help the youth to grow, it is a jubilant youth that longs for things, learning, studying to be able to give their contribution to their brothers so that they may grow, faithful to the service of our Church.

Yes, brothers, I am here because the Lord wanted it to be and I wish for you to keep getting together in your parishes, keep obeying faithfully your parish priest, united as true brothers. Yes, you are true brothers because you are children of Mary, our Mother Mary; and it is Mary, the sweet woman of Calvary, the sweet Mary of Nazareth, the innocent girl converted into a Mother who comes to educate us and to point out routes and paths for those who follow Christ, because everyone needs spiritual help, a word on time, a glance, a brotherly embrace, for a hand to be stretched out to them.

How beautiful it is to be Christians, faithful to a service! It is a service of love, of comprehension, and of spiritual affinity. Serve in community; it is not only going to be religious communities, but communities of whole families. The world has an urgency of communication. We have the media, yes, but the communication among brothers is urgent. If you badly have a need and there is someone at the right moment who outstretches their hand to help you, to serve you, to compensate the grief you have with a word, a hand… I am with you, brother! This will come with time.

The world cannot continue going on by itself, and the worldwide situation is serious, we are on the edge of a war, but the Lord in his infinite mercy, kindness, and generosity, and with his Mother, is going to stop that war. The nations will come to an agreement; they cannot go to war, the scourge that would be terrible for the world has to be stopped, it would be devastating, and a serious mistake for men.

This is why, let us reflect about what is being asked from us in the world and let us pray for all races, for all the people and nations, let us pray for those who despise us, for those who do not understand the fact that the Savior of the World is coming, Jesus, the Son of God. Because while those rebellious people do not accept the Son of God, continuous wars will go on. It is Jesus, the Risen Christ; it is He who lives amongst us day and night. Yes, this is why, as Christians, our attitude in life should be honest, worthy, organized, with the bases and principles that the Church gives us, rock and foundation that Jesus left us as a legacy, a salvation patrimony.

I wish to talk to you about Mary, she is a red rose, she is wonderful, warm, and beautiful, converted into a white lily of the meadow. She came to Betania to teach us that without reconciliation there cannot be peace in the world. We have to reconcile and shake each others hands like brothers to help us achieve the great triumphant march of the children of light. We are children of light. Daily pray the holy rosary in family. It is the family the beautiful spring that God is giving us, all the families of the world, all united, all Catholic, all of us who feel Jesus and Mary, the Patriarch Saint Joseph, protector of the family by the grace of the Holy Spirit because the Eternal Father wants it to be, that we may receive the grace so we can get together and help each other to reaffirm our faith, our trust in the fact that we are being led like the innocent children.

Let us convert into innocent children, we do not know anything, we are small, but God in his infinite mercy takes, conducts, teaches, and liberates us from the bonds of sin to secure our faith, appraise it and receive the graces of the Holy Spirit, the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

The gift of understanding is so beautiful! I cherish it. Understanding is the gift that gives us something grand, it is something precious that is received deep inside our minds, our hearts, and the discernment of what we must achieve by the grace of the Holy Spirit and what the Lord wants from each of us. As well as the gift of good council, this gift is so beautiful; the council of Mary, Mary is our first councilor letting us know things just the way they are. Wisdom is beauty and the wealth of our daily events in life. The wonderful gift of science… scientific matters.

I invite you to prayer. Prayer is the column of light that enlightens us in the middle of the darkness of night… there is always light in prayer. Prayer can achieve great things; I say great things, because it is great when you have the desire to serve, prayer gives it to you. Tireless prayer, prayer at night when you cannot sleep and you get up, then pray, pray, pray an Hour of Adoration, do not stop praying not even for one day… pray on the Eucharistic Thursdays.

I say to the Lord: I am nothing, I am worthless. Lord, have mercy on us. Come to console us, to lavish your love and your teachings on us; the teachings of the Master who gives life and transforms souls, souls that grow green again like plants with fruits and leaves so that these fruits can be given to others.

Father, this is a great people, a people that love and feel their Lord, a people that love and feel their Mother, a people that love and feel their priests. It is a great parish. Work, do not get tired, there cannot be fatigue, there must be no fatigue. You can get tired for a moment, but immediately turn firm, strong for the glory of the Lord and to help those in our need. It does not matter how you come or where you come from, the important thing is to stretch out our hand.

It is time to rectify, it is the time to be mindful, and it is time for the edification of the People of God. Let us build a temple in our heart secured with Christ, in those priests who gave up everything to feed their brothers with the food of a crucified Jesus, his Mystic Body.

People of Peru, the woman that sang here sang so beautifully. God bless you, daughter. I cherish music, I cherish singing, and this is why I tell the young ones: sing, learn, and fill yourselves with God. God is the inspiration and Mary is the Mother who teaches us with so much humility. And let us live a Eucharistic life, a life in accordance with our Mother Church, a Church that is giving herself… so many sacrifices, she has so many priests, Lord, to watch over the temple of those who are growing, of those young hearts that have to grow and bear fruits converted in luminaries of that Holy Church aware of the duty of each catholic, all serving without being served trying by all means to soothe, and to comprehend the pain of the brother.

Saving souls is my most cherished dream!

Well, these moments are getting long here among you, breathing spiritual serenity, but I want to call you to reflect on the fact that tomorrow will be a great day, a great day of light, of hope, of motivations in which you are going to feel the Lord, his goodness in each one of you. Remember this. Jesus is alive. He lives among us and Mary, our sweet Mary is by our side trying to fix everything from her home of Nazareth living together with Joseph of Nazareth, the foster father of Jesus, with Him, his blessed Son.

Let us ask for priestly vocations, religious vocations. They are to give support in the communities, in their schools, in their chores among the religious women. Even though the years have passed I do not forget the days with my Franciscan Sisters. I would have given my life to the Lord, I would have given it to Him, but He called me and told me, “The world, the world is full of sorrow, but it is necessary that you serve Me in this world. Truly, the life of a religious woman, or of a priest is big, it is a great life because they are serving Me all together.”

These Christian movements, of young people, of youth, all of this contributes to the development and growth of the men of today, of youth, of women. This is beautiful. This is why, do theater; yes, sing, keep on singing; dedicate five minutes to meditate about the life of Jesus, of Mary, of the passages of the apostles with Peter, Paul and John, all of those who followed Christ, the apostles of Jesus of Nazareth, rock and foundation, so that we may understand that there is a representative and that he is watching over us day and night with his prayers, so that that people, the People of God may be saved, so that the Church may be the most beautiful thing that could exist.

We have a Church, we have our parish, we have our priests that when we have committed a fault… we go to confession; to confess to be in a state of grace and to be able to receive the Lord, the Blood of Christ… filled with life, happy, joyful, that nothing nor no one can stop us.

Let us walk with Jesus and Mary, walking without stopping toward a great mystic movement to save us. Let us not drown. No war, no disasters, no disrespect. No, so we may cling even more to our God.

Well, Father, thank you for your goodness, for your docility as a beloved son of Mary, our Mother, and a younger brother of Jesus that calls him to save many souls. Father, your task is starting, yes, it already has its time, but there is still a lot to be done. May God give you life, health, strength, and the happiness of daily living the little things, but they are things that reach the heart.

And to all pastors, religious women, all of these people who are helping with the load, to all of you, the blessing of the Lord, Who keeps and watches over all of our families, over all the communities that are growing and carrying out the fulfillment of a task, of a woman who has reached the hearts of all of those who really want to achieve to be able to serve. It is to serve what the Lord asks from us, when someone needs us let us not let him stop because the night comes. This is very important, and when someone asks us for something let us not say: no. Always: yes, never: no. Yes, and the Lord will act, the Lord will answer, and the Lord is Who decides upon his will. He is the light of love, the miracle of the love of God.

To his Eminence the Cardinal, may God keep you, may God bless you, may the Virgin cover you with her mantle, may nothing disturb your soul, may you keep on growing spiritually each day and renewing, reinforcing everybody who comes near you. And may all of those who surround you have a great heart in order to give you courage in every moment. I beg you all, pray for him because he truly needs the support of his people.

And the souls, all of those who cooperated in this gathering with this poor woman, may all of you receive infinite graces from heaven, roses from the Heart of my Mother, roses of love, roses from her motherly Heart.