Servant of God Maria Esperanza de Bianchini’s meeting with grupo mariano de Ecuador. Classroom in the school San José de la Salle. Guayaquil, Ecuador

Saturday, july 22, 1995

MRS. MARIA ESPERANZA DE BIANCHINI: I want to thank you for sharing these days with me; I have seen all the work the youngsters have had. I know you have done sacrifices. You have showed great trust in my Mother, and great charity to this woman, to my family, and you all have had the humility of the children. When we ask our children: Look, son, look for this, bring me that; you have been humble. “Take care of this lady, help her.” And you have done so.

Truly, I am deeply moved, and I wish that my Blessed Mother may help you at home with your families. May she visit you. You are going to be visited, do not have a doubt, I already told you, you will feel the scent of roses, and the soft breeze of the Holy Spirit to help you, so Our Lady may take your problems, each thing concerning your studies, jobs, universities – those who go – everything, those who have a job too.

I believe that we must grow roots. Roots sprout when we plant a tree, slowly, step by step… it needs a little bit more water, more watering; and it needs a little bit more soil here, there; straighten it so it will germinate and fructify with fruits that will be good for the other plants. Plants are their sisters helping them grow, as you have grown in charity, love, simpleness, humility, and above all, in the desire of serving.

I believe that serving people is the compensation of the Lord in their lives, to make them grow spiritually learning the great mission of multiplication. Multiplication is the blessed formula for all… to multiply our efforts of living more deeply; and by saying deeply I mean, to feel that you truly are doing something beautiful, and that is to share with the Lord. It is to share with the Mother and with the Lord when we give of ourselves, when we donate ourselves, when we truly do things with humility, without complaining that we are being bothered.

Our life must be of constant service, not to me, to others too, to other people that the Lord may deign Himself to place in your path to give glory to Mary, to God, to this wonderful Church we have, because it is our Mother Church, the Church-Mother. You are serving the Mother Church, Our Blessed Mother. So, I am a small point that is moving around, that, perhaps, is apparently doing nothing, too little, but the Lord knows what He is doing, and why He choose you.

We all have a light inside of us. If we truly want our light to shine, we have to learn how to be patient, as you have been these past days; patient, and with human warmth, and with the simpleness of your invitation that has fully touched my heart. Sometimes I am not very expressive, perhaps, I would say… I carry you in my heart, and I will have you in mind everyday at Holy Mass, I will fashion a sort of garden with each one of you turning you into roses, as those roses you gave me yesterday, that beautiful rosary, a rosary of roses. Each one of you will be one of those roses; the red roses of Mary, Mary in you, and Jesus on the Cross, the Cross of love, the Cross of human values, the Cross that sanctifies the souls when they surrender with humility and patience… tied there when Pilate despised Him, and He was patient, patient and humble.

Patience and humility. Likewise, we, you, everyone with the patience and humility that has granted you such a grace, that you will say, “Lord!” Your cells, blood, bones, minds, hearts, kidneys, all your organs are going to be renewed, your extremities, your whole organisms. Receive a renewal. I am nothing, it is the Lord who works and his Mother, Our Lady, so this renewal may give you faith; the grace of the Holy Spirit bestowing upon you the mission that you are beginning. It is a mission, a transformation in all of you, that is to say, when someone tells you something, you already know what they want, you are prepared.

  1. GEO BIANCHINI: Juan Javier is going to talk to you on behalf of the whole group.

MRS. MARIA ESPERANZA DE BIANCHINI: One moment, when I am done.

So, in these days, it is needed for you to prepare yourselves with the rosary with your families. If someone wants to pray it, he is invited; whoever does not, well, pray with at least one in your family who wants to, the thing is to pray with your family.

And try to meet all together on Sundays, Family-Sundays, because then you will receive the visit, the grace of the Holy Spirit to incorporate you to the great base of Rome. It is the great base of Rome, the Pope of Rome is there, the rock of Peter is there, of Saint Peter apostle, rock and foundation where we are going to lean on… the Church.

Do not go behind so-and-so because he is going to tell you something, no sir… someone told me about my future. I do not believe in this. The moth of the bad pews of the Church cannot enter here, no, no. Truth has to enter, the truth of a soul that is seeking his God, and is trying to meet with his Lord, to have a true meeting. To meet with Him, we need to do away with all our bonds, with all those factors that contradict our faith.  No, no contradiction; a perfect Church in a missionary labor, Christian loyalty, and all this holding the rosary in our hands.

MRS. MARIA COROMOTO BIANCHINI DE MARRERO: My mother is going to send you some rosaries that she bought in Rome; that she is going to go and look for them.

MRS. MARIA ESPERANZA DE BIANCHINI: The rosary is the blessed formula of the Mother of God to soothe our burden, straighten what is crooked, and reaffirm our lived faith of each day. Therefore, we need to take shelter under her motherly grace

Imagine, I go to the Church and to Mass, and to so-and-so… because people begin to fantasize, right?

Apostolic movements, Marian movements must be movements with unlimited trust in Our Lady, constantly sharing with each other devoting themselves to watch over the sick. One day you can go to a hospital, you can give the sick a medal, some juice, anything you can. They are not so many… whoever can go. Another day you can go to a larger hospital. Then you can go to a smaller one for children, give them a glance, comfort, as if they were of your own, like a family. Another day you can visit Churches to be with the Lord during the week, every seven days.

We have to do so, because this teaches us so much. In the hospitals we learn how to live with the sick, not only this, we also learn how to comfort them. Never say, “O!, you look so bad, you are very delicate…” “O!, you look much better”, this is what we have to say.


The thing is to give ourselves, to give what we have inside, to give the best of ourselves. Life calls us to have an exact conscience of our duties. Go to schools and see the reaction of the people.

We have to learn how to know about human beings. God is going to give you something so strong, that when you see someone you already know how the person is doing. You may wonder, “Why do I have to know of the life of this other person?” No, we have to know, because we all are useful, each one is good for something. You are good at this; the other one is good at that. We all have talents that God gives us, so we can use them for the well-being of mankind, of our brothers, of all those who need a word, counsel on time, or to share with us in order to examine them, and consider everyone.

It is not that I made friends with so-and-so, and I scorn the others, no. There has to be balance, because sometimes you find that in groups there is: “Move aside, because so-and-so is behaving whatever…” This cannot exist. Flaws have to be thrown… you know where.

We all are people faithful to our Church, understanding, human with our brothers, and with the desire to give our contribution when it is needed. Never say, “No.” Never be apart, no. The important things are the small details of our daily life; that someone is in need of a medicine… well, let us see what we can do. Never tell the person, “O, here, I brought you this!” No, be very prudent, do not humiliate the person. Even to give we must be prudent, and to receive too, know how to receive with humility. Let us think about when Jesus was sharing the fish with his apostles.

Let us read the Gospels, thus the importance of evangelization. Man is not prepared yet, he lacks much; people believe they are great doctors, that they know a lot; but we lack a lot. We have to be able to meet with our brothers, communicate with them.

Communication, especially among our family is very needed, because sometimes our children withdraw and we may not even realize this.

We cannot care more about one person than the other, because he does not make all the fuss that he loves you, no; everyone with much prudence and love, and may human solidarity be among them, let them speak.

We have always gotten together, for a long time now, with all these young people you see here, they all have followed me since they were twelve, thirteen at the most, all of them. Everyone graduated, everyone is married, they all, well….


They are many, not only my children, all of them, many. They all have their own homes; I am the Godmother of their children.


It is beautiful, I love all those children. I am here… I have not done anything, I did not buy anything. O, my God! I am leaving without anything and they are so many. I love them as if they were my children, they have grown together with my children, that is to say, it is like a great family, an enormous family; it is beautiful.

They do not… everyone treats the other… You know? It is beautiful, no one is selfish, no, no, we do not know of… one tries to cover the other. You know? Let us see, what is it, where is so-and-so, what is wrong? They try to fix things so I do not notice. Do you see? It is beautiful to share day by day.

Remember this; communities are going to be fashioned in the world; we are going to go back to the first times. It is not going to be me, myself any longer… O, my mother, no! We are going to have to renounce a bit.

(A person from the group asks Mrs. Maria Esperanza something.)

MRS. MARIA ESPERANZA DE BIANCHINI: Well, God points this out little by little. It is not difficult; we think it is, but when we open our eyes the mission has already been done, we began it without noticing.

You are here, children, and this was something big. I truly consider this a living example of faith, of faith in your Church, in Mary, in Jesus Christ. Because you could have done, “O, Mrs. Maria, ta, ta, ta” and that is it, like if that was all; but no, you have persevered and God wants perseverance from his creatures.

No one knows what perseverance means, it is a grace; I believe it is a grace from God to persevere in whatever God asks you to do, to achieve, in your longings.

I also want to ask you to not leave the rosary behind. As I told you before, pray the rosary with your family, and another one with your community.

I invite you to Betania, the day will come. The sky in Betania is beautiful; it is so gorgeous that it is like a great family with people from all walks of life.

My love, they are throwing us out



MRS. MARIA ESPERANZA DE BIANCHINI: So, let us serve one another fashioning a great family, the family of God, a truly open family in which we can give the best of ourselves, and the others may know how to receive what we are doing, this is acknowledgment, it is like constant acknowledgment.

Only give yourselves completely, do not leave things half way done; let us work with love. This is what I want, what I desire, and what I try to do, perhaps, I lack the time, but I do what I can to serve whoever needs me.

So, I ask you to open your horizon, it is a horizon that opens like this… to see life in a different way from the way you thought it was. It is an ability they give you, it is something that starts to come to you, you begin to feel it, and you say, “This cannot be.” But it is an inner change you have with the people at your job, wherever you go; it is something different, so much so that they are going to ask you, “What happened to you? You have something new:” Remember this.

This is a divine spark, the grace of the Lord that works in his creatures, renewing them in such a way that they feel the caress of a Mother, and the confirmation that God is living among them, teaching them. He is there sharing with us in such a special way that we could never imagine, but you will come to realize that it is something so simple, so straightforward, that the simpleness of the love of Christ and of faith is so grand that only He can give them.

I do not feel enabled to reach such depth, but I do feel committed to Mary, the Mother, so you may advance in your spiritual life fulfilling the rules and duties that our beloved Church invites us to follow when we share with each other; legitimacy of a divine and wonderful current that we have in front of us, to cling to the reality that we are living the most beautiful and great moments one could ever live, Jesus has come to look for us, and Mary, his Mother, is helping us in our daily chores, work, enterprises, in everything.

Mary is with you. Stay with her, receive her, and love her like something that is natural, firm, solid, operating in you. You are going to work, because the Lord is going to help you. You are going to say, “My God, how can this happen?” It is not going to be something out of this world; it will be something natural, something that will reach, that is felt, that helps us discern… it is the message of a Mother.

You thought that I was going to talk about… I do not know what you thought. No, it is something very particular, natural, and spontaneous that springs forth from the soul and touches your souls. You are going to feel it and you will let me know, I do not know when… we will have to wait, the day will come, but I know it already has touched some of you and that it will continue touching you all.

We have to understand that we cannot waste time talking too much, or saying too much, or being too confident, no, no. We have to work calling ourselves to be mindful by ourselves, so we may fulfill ourselves as people who truly know how to discern the message that Jesus and his Mother give us, that He brought us and constantly is bringing us.

He and she are giving Themselves, and the important thing is that we also may be simple, straightforward, and with an open heart so the flame and fire of Jesus may lively enter, and so the Holy Spirit may blow and fill us with that soft breeze that brings the splendor of his divine light, so we may work in such a way that our friends and beloved ones will notice something. We are beginning to live a new life; yes, each one, it is our duty, it is a meditation, it seems hard, but it is strong. Yes, let us think and meditate.

What have you truly felt tonight during the Eucharist, Holy Mass, and right now? Something different; an improvement in the quest for values that make men mindful, and completely change them to a new life of human solidarity, and above all, of hope in the future.

Let us live with hope is the phrase.

THE WHOLE GROUP: Let us live with hope.

(Mrs. Maria Esperanza speaks to a young man of the group.)

MRS. MARIA ESPERANZA DE BIANCHINI: Go on meditating, and begin to discern what you are going to do from now on, and everyday ask yourself questions and look for the answers. This is important.

(Mrs. Maria Esperanza talks to a young girl.)

Peace and good will in the things that reaffirm our faith. Peace.

(Mrs. Maria Esperanza speaks to another young girl.)

You are opening your mind to the reason of truth, to meet the expectations and not fail in what you have intended to do, improving each day, in order to truly feel happy with yourself, understanding everyone.

(Mrs. Maria Esperanza talks to another young man.)

We are not perfect; perfection does not exist in any living being on Earth. In our falls and weaknesses we can stand up and go on snatching what life offers us, this life turns into ourselves, winners through the grace of God.

Something very special just happened to me, I just saw John the Baptist. Pray to him so he will be your teacher.

(Mrs. Maria Esperanza speaks to another member of the group.)

Remember this: Prayer, meditating the beads of the rosary helps us grow spiritually very much; we receive a charge of humility, patience, and above all, a great desire to serve God.

Let us serve Him and not be served.

God is going to help you and He will be providential in your matters. Providence is so beautiful. I do not know the way in which God is going to help you, but go on, do not hesitate because you have to have much will power to begin… a great spirit of overcoming. The thing is that sometimes we have to overcome unpleasant things.


Did you understand me? God is going to help you.

(Mrs. Maria Esperanza answers a question to a young girl.)

You have the right.

I congratulate you because what you are saying is in a heartfelt way, with much simpleness. And this fully fills me; to think that there are souls that do everything with humility and much love. This proves that Mary is with you.

May God bless you, care for you, and protect you.

Let us go on, I am more tired than anyone, let us go on.

(Mrs. Maria Esperanza speaks to a young lady.)

Go on firmly convinced that the Lord lives among us, that your wishes come true, that your problems can be solved, and that today you will find the answer to your request; take it easy.

The Lord says, “The leaf of a tree does not move if it is not the will of God.” So, be calm, serene, and happy.

The love to our mother and to the Mother of God are two loves that enrapture us in such a way that it is something infinite, great, sweet, indescribable. So let us say:

  • Mother, I love you, help me compensate the hours in which I feel sad and lonely, and reaffirm my trust to serve you, love you, and make you be acknowledged by all my brothers.

(Mrs. Maria Esperanza answers a question to a young man.)

You have the desire, many desires to serve, and direct your steps towards the light of truth and knowledge to help others. This is what you bear inside. Now, be very prudent and free of negative currents.

(Mrs. Maria Esperanza speaks to another member of the group.)

You have a lot to do with them. I love them because they denied Him, but at the same time they are aware, they are fearful, and they know the time is coming, the great time, and this timing requires sacrifice, self-donation, and a great desire to know the truth of Jesus Christ. And although they are apparently denying Him, deep down they fear their ancestors made a mistake.

Let us leave this in the hands of God, of Our Father. May the Lord forgive them.

“Israel, Israel, why do you continue denying Me? I still await you. Do not deny Me any longer for the hour of justice is here; and you must recall we are from the same land, and that this land is mine according to the Law.”

Well, do not worry about this… a sheep that takes the path of Israel.

I esteem them, because I have baptized seven Jews turning them into Catholics. They have given them to me, I did not want to because I was scared, because it seemed like I… I do not want to interrupt their religion, I did not want to, but they asked me, “It does not matter, Mrs. Maria Esperanza, we cannot because there are two in the family, but our children yes, we want them to be Catholics.”

So, these are such beautiful things, and as a matter of fact I hardly knew them, I was in a shop buying some socks, and the lady came to me, “O, I know you!” And I tell her: I do not know you. It was in an instant, this is Jesus working, not us. It is incredible to think, to say, to express. And they told me that they had seen me in Rome and at the Synagogue. Isn’t this funny? Can you imagine? I told them, No, in the Synagogue? Well, these are spiritual things, very profound things that I cannot understand; I leave them to the will of God.

And then, another one gave me his three children in one opportunity and I baptized them; and then, some other people who did not even believe in God; they added nine.  …When the eldest, who was an engineer, lived in London, when he met me, he went to my house, I was painting and he arrived, he believed, and then… Well, I have undergone very hard moments in life.

Protestants too. A girl that had come from Germany, her parents were Protestants. Her father was a Lutheran priest, exactly… “They wanted me to be… they have not told me, but they do not let us choose our religion either. And to this moment I had felt nothing, but after I met you, I have.”

That is to say, a series of particular things have happened to me, things with great significance. Therefore, I intend for all of you to unite, to love one another. We are not going to despise anyone, let us look at the values that the others have. We have to forgive in order to be forgiven, but defending our Catholicism, our Christianism, forging ahead because Christ has to be acknowledged by all men on Earth. This will not be today or tomorrow, but it will come, we have to begin now so the great miracle can take place.

So, then, let us unite and be mindful. Listen to me, we are coming to such a hard time right now, in which we have to carry our cross to free ourselves from the bonds of evil, and cover our backs from any type of contamination that could spatter us; with much humility, patience, and a great desire to go on walking toward the light of the new dawn of Jesus. This is tough.

(Mrs. Maria Esperanza answers another question to another young lady.)

Look, do you want me to tell you something? You are fulfilling your duties. Anyway, you are fond of children, you are giving yourself, and who does so in their career, which ever it could be – serving others – is fulfilling his duty as a Christian, is giving his contribution to human society, and even more… he thinks he is proud, he thinks he is good, but deep down he is humble, simple, he has a heart.

If someone comes to your door and knocks, “Come, come.” You have to run, God is there, He is knocking, the Lord is entering. The Lord has entered, alone, in the general circumstances of the world, in life, in our positions, in our daily needs. Why he, why not I? Then, your mind begins to blow, you know? Well, but we do not have to think about this.

  • I am myself in Jesus Christ, I am all in Him and He is all in me.

Learn this.

  • I am myself in Jesus Christ, I am all in Him and He is all in me.

THE WHOLE GROUP: I am myself in Jesus Christ, I am all in Him and He is all in me.

MRS. MARIA ESPERANZA DE BIANCHINI: Because Christ is the Redeemer, the Savior, the Shepherd and He guides us.

Thus, henceforth think that your life has changed, that the Master of masters is helping you, teaching you how to coordinate everything right, and that He makes you meditate about something very important in life, which took place in these past three days.

This is renaissance; you come back to life with such spirituality that it leads you to make important decisions. These are rules, virtues: faith that prepares man, hope that comes with the dream of something new, and charity that is the love that makes us ponder these three theological virtues in which we have to lean and reaffirm that our path is full of truth, that where we are going we are going to meet with the truth. Your truth is not a truth that is floating around, it is the truth of the three days you have lived. Remember this.

(Mrs. Maria Esperanza speaks to a young girl of the group.)

She has great conditions; she is very sensitive, good, and generous.

You have to be very serene, daughter, very serene and calm. You have a great responsibility, you have good feelings. Of course, we are in a debate in between light and darkness, this is natural, but you must defeat.