Continuation of the homily by Servant of God Maria Esperanza de Bianchini’s. Saint Thomas Apostol’s Shrine. Phoenix, Arizona, United States of America

Saturday, april 29, 1995

Good morning to everyone, to our Bishop, to all the prelates who accompany him, and to all the People of God who have gathered here today.

Thank you. My gratitude to my Lord and to all of you for being able to be here, to share the graces that descend from heaven.

Before going any further, let us pray the Angelus.

  • In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
  • The Angelus.

Thank you, Lord, respected clergy… you are a bishop with an open heart to all of your children, guiding them towards the light of the new dawn of Jesus.

O new dawn of my Lord! How great the Heart of the One who comes seeking us at the daybreak of a day full of shining sun to open the hearts, uniting us, so there we may rest!

O People of God, it is your Lord who has come to look for you awakening your consciences, assaying your faith of the divine knowledge of a God in perfection who desires for all of his children to be saved! To save us is His most cherished dream, to save everyone of every different social cast of the nations, of all lineages, of all religions, faiths… all of us united in one heart singing the Alleluia of that great day when Our Lord rose. O Resurrection, new life for all of us!

  • Come, Lord Jesus, make Yourself felt in the hearts of all these people who have come looking for You, to feed themselves with your mystic and divine Body which will nourish us forever. Because only You, Lord, can give Yourself in the Eucharist when your sons hoist You in their hands forgiving the sins of the world and feeding us. Such beautiful nourishment! It is the food that strengthens the souls and makes us simple and humble like innocent children.

Innocent children are so beautiful. A child who only knows how to say: “Mom, dad!” It is so beautiful. Family is so beautiful. God has given us such a splendid gift… to fashion a family.

O families, quench the thirst of those who thirst thinking that your children will grow on the divine water that the Blessed Mother brings us with the water of Lourdes, of Betania, and of all the apparitions where she has made herself felt!

O Mother, unmatched Mother, there is no one like you, Mary, sweet Mary, the simple woman of Calvary! Such immense pain when you saw your Son nailed on the Cross with sharp nails that pierced his living flesh!

O Lord, there are still some who deny You, Lord! Touch the hearts of the cold men who do not know You, Lord. Give them hope of sharing together with all of us, everyone.

Divided brothers, come and seek the Lord with your brothers who are opening their arms to you, in order to unite in one Heart; take refuge in the Heart of Christ, and in the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Because Mary is the one who is appearing in these times elsewhere in the world, to awaken men to the realization that the Mother of God is our Mother who has come to point out paths and ways of light, peace, and serenity.

Serenity is so beautiful, and also to feel we are in the arms of Mary with her serenity that calls us to contemplation, prayer, meditation, penance, and the Eucharist.

Lord, the Eucharist is the banquet that awaits us today. It is beautiful to feel that You come to us, Lord, to cover us and make us feel filled from within, so our souls may turn still, serene, and joyful just as the heavenly angels singing in a choir saying, “The Mother of God, Mary, lives among us and she is showing us the port of salvation.”

Our salvation… the salvation of men, women, innocent children, and the elderly stooped by age. Mary is the salvation of these times. Jesus told her, “Mother, take the scepter, help Me win souls, hearts.” Mother, what are we going to do without your sweet, soft, and splendorous glance, helping us survive the sad days this world is going through? But peace will come in the midst of wars and the outrages of sinful men. Peace is what we need… without reconciliation there cannot be peace.

Behold, why Mary, my Blessed Mother, appeared in Betania on March 25, 1976. It was an unforgettable day for my soul… a poor woman like any other mother with children, grandchildren, with a family. O Mother, I am so grateful for that splendid day you gave me. And I am eager to share it with all of you! The gorgeous side view of her lips, the purity of her countenance, her hair was so beautiful and splendid. Lord, such light, such grace.

I feel emotional because these are memories that are truly engraved in my soul, and it is hard to forget the beautiful things that I have experienced and am experiencing; yes, my brothers.

Monsignor, thank you for your words. I thank all of those who invited me so I could come and share with you. I am infinitely grateful of your caring and human warmth in this spiritual sharing.

Sharing is beautiful when we come to understand each other, when we finally manage to share and truly feel evangelization. These times call for evangelization, achieving reconciliation among people and nations, feeling that your brother, the neighbor, is your true friend, a friend to your soul, a brother to your heart.

We must unite by all means. You have seen our Holy Father, our great Pope of these times, the loving Pope of his children. He has gone from one place to another spreading the Word, the Word of the Lord with humility, simpleness, generosity, giving of himself to everyone, gathering everyone. He has such humility. Let us love our Holy Father, let us constantly pray so God may extend his life, so he may conclude the mission till the day the Lord calls him. But, right now, we need him.

Men roar, sin is at hand, mobs try to monopolize the world; but no, this cannot be. There is a representative of Christ, Christ in him, and he in Christ Savior of the World. We must acknowledge that we must defend the rights of the holy, apostolic, Roman, and universal Church which has firm bases and foundations, and where evil cannot enter… and if it is sneaking in through a part that is open… Everything that is not right, off with you! And I say: that is not right; regarding those that stink and hurt the heart of youth, the heart of the jubilant youth that grows… we must defend it by all means.

We must pray for our youth so they will not go astray.

Mothers, family fathers, save your children, do not let the wander around looking for pleasure and illogical things for an honest and worthy family. Please, do not leave them, keep them close to you, help them grow with the courage of a soldier that, standing and worthy, is firm at his post, with an open heart that beats for Jesus of Nazareth, Jesus the Master, Jesus the Great Confessor, Jesus the High Priest, the Minister that guides the hearts of all of his children who cry out:

  • Jesus, come to me.
  • Jesus, in Thee I trust.
  • Jesus, Blood and Water, come, purify us with your Water and Blood; bathe us so we may feel free from the sin of the World.

Yes, we are sinners, but we have to try to improve our inner life, improve the bonds with our brothers… brotherly, friendly bonds, a very big bond, the bond of love that unites us to Christ and to Mary, with our Eternal Father in heaven, and with the Holy Spirit who is blowing over the world to enlighten man, so he may reason and think: “I have to serve and not be served.”

Constantly serve by all means, because Jesus served and continues to serve. He is standing firmly; He is waiting for all of us to enter the great arc He is offering us, so we may live there cradled in the Immaculate Heart of his Mother.

Brothers, those who are sick, what is there that Jesus cannot do? He can achieve anything. What is there that a Mother cannot do? Our Mother does it all to soothe our burden, to help us walk, to calm our spirits, to embrace us in her Heart with the flame and fire of Jesus, her Son, the great man who has come to save us in these times. Yes, He is still there in the Eucharist waiting for us, and we all have to go to the Eucharist.

Please, do a good confession. Confession is much needed so we may be forgiven from our weaknesses, sins, and the small things of our daily life; and Communion is the frugal and splendid food that will nourish us forever.

And now, I must end, so we may enjoy Holy Mass with the graces of the Holy Spirit, so all the sick may be comforted; others healed; and, each one may leave with their blood, body, cells, and bones renewed, with their minds open to the grace, their hearts filled with love… and all, absolutely all are members renewed with the faith of the knowledge that a God in perfection exists, and that nothing stops Him when his Son tells Him, “Father, here I am; here I am, Father; here I am.” His Divine Son, Jesus.

  • You, who healed everyone, heal me, cure me, soothe me, strengthen me in order to follow your steps and walk beside You, Lord. I know that, perhaps, I do not deserve to, but You are understanding, truth, love and love. You give so much love; today we hope for your love for all of us, for our bishops, for our priests.

May this place, may all this city, may everyone receive the grace of the Holy Spirit in their homes, families, all areas, the poorest and needy; may there be peace, harmony, and heartfelt joy in the hearts, the joy of the innocent children who look at their parents and say, “Parents, I am happy; Jesus lives among us; Mary, the Mother of Christ is with me, she has come to save us, and He has come to redeem us from our sins.” Jesus, stay with us.

I thank you all; and may God bless you, keep you, and help you by changing your hearts and assisting you to live a life in accordance with our Church… children of God. Thank you; and thank you, Monsignor, because I know the Lord has chosen you for a mission that you have thoroughly fulfilled, and I know that you will go on firmly convinced of serving your brothers in his Name. The Lord sheds his infinite graces over those children who follow, love, and feel him.

I thank all of you. May graces descend over this parish of Saint Thomas, in order to convert multitudes; so many souls may convert in these days and in those to come. Many who are about to enter but still have not… May you enter, my children, for the Lord is here waiting for you with his arms wide open.

May God keep you and bless you.