Servant of God Maria Esperanza de Bianchini’s words to a group of North Americans and Venezuelans Chaplet of Saint Catherina in the church of Assisi Assisi, Umbria, Italy

Saturday, november 19, 1994

  • In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen

Let us pray the Angelus.

  • Angelus.
  • O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.
  • Glory Be.

Good afternoon to everyone. Thank you for the beautiful invitation you have given me: Drew, your father, your mother, and all the beautiful community that came from your splendid and gorgeous land that I love so much. I deeply feel it in my heart, and even more I feel… Assisi!, the land of my Seraphic Father Saint Francis.

He has been for me a guide of hope and of dreams that draws me closer to my Lord each day to receive Him and make me feel comforted, in order to forge ahead with the cross, our cross, the Cross of Jesus, the cross Saint Francis carried with so much humility and heartfelt generosity. He renounced to everything.

I wished to do so when I was young, but Jesus called me into the world to face man… mankind, so here you see me as spouse and mother. Young, I longed to have a chaste, pure and virgin soul. It is not that I regret being a mother, no! I am glad, but my spiritual stature called me to live kneeling before my Lord.

So, I am here in a constant service to our Church that I love so much, a Church that has been strengthened, that is full of love to share with all, and that has a Holy Father, John Paul II, who at the moment is suffering very much. Let us join him, let us pray for him, let us lead a Eucharistic life.

The world needs complete conversion so we all may be able to follow Saint Francis, in order to live a life in accordance with the Church by keeping ourselves cleansed in the body and soul with the Church, with all our priests and religious who resigned to the world, and with all those who are giving of themselves constantly to give light to all of us who need their spiritual life. A priest is the shepherd who leads the souls and teaches them how to share with their brothers, and how to lead an exemplary life, worthy of a Christian, of a true Catholic.

So, we are here to thank my Seraphic Father Saint Francis and to humbly ask him to make us generous and compassionate with our brothers the poor and the needy.

But there is something important and this is the life of the Holy Father. He radiates light, he is like a living splendor and from his heart sprouts love; it is the flame and fire of Jesus that touched him and he is giving this to us by surrendering to save us all, to save this century that is agonizing with his love, kindness, generosity and compassion to his people, People of God.

We all are People of God, let us all hold hands, let us unite in one heart, and let us offer our prayer, meditation, penance and the Eucharist for the health of the Holy Father so he may continue to shine in the hearts of all of his priests, of all of his religious ones, and in all the religious communities of men and women who are standing as lay men and lay women to share with the Church united to the Holy Father, that is the Father that the Lord has given us in these times, so we may truly assimilate the doctrine that Our Lord Jesus Christ bequeathed us.

Thank you.