Servant of God Maria Esperanza de Bianchini’s speech. Valley Forge Music Fair. Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, USA

Monday, April 25, 1994

I am moved and I am grateful for the graces that Mary is distributing here tonight, so all may feel pleased with her presence, so there may be human solidarity through the grace of the Holy Spirit that works in each one to feel in our heart the palpable joy that Mary is here listening to our petitions. There is something wonderful, flourished and beautiful that is happening: it is a Heavenly Cherubim, her Divine Son, He is here and she is offering Him to us. Let us give Jesus Christ an applause.

I am infinitely grateful to the Mariani´s, to Drew, his father, his mother, to all your people, this great city, all the surroundings, and to the people who have come from elsewhere for this invitation.

It is beautiful to feel that Our Mother is calling us to confide in her everything we have inside. And with a soft and delicate smile she opens her arms saying, “My children, my Heart I gave you, I give you my Heart, and I will continue to give it to you forever.” Behold, then, she is the Blessed Mother, Mary Virgin and Mother of the Church; and I say Mother of the Church because she is the one who is calling us. It is a holy, apostolic and Roman Church, yes, the Mother Church; a holy, mystic and tender Church devoted to her children pleasing everyone to help them walk better.

This message of my Mother is a message of love, loyalty, and trust in the Lord, to restore the souls and to secure the hearts so everyone can forge ahead overcoming difficulties, and defeating the enemy, because many times he tries to detain the work of the Lord. But this Mother, the Virgin and Mother of Our Church, Reconciler of People has come to reconcile us and has come here to call you by saying, “My little ones, here I am, I have come to look for you so you may lead a Christian life with an open, simple, humble and generous heart that is compassionate with your brothers.”

We must be compassionate with our brothers, despite how they come, where they come from, or whatever… the important thing is to lend them a hand to help them walk through the pathways of Christian virtues.

You can see that we have a great Pope in the Chair of Saint Peter, the Pope of these times; a fair, generous, compassionate man who deeply touches the heart of the Catholics of the world. He has come to touch the vibrating cords of all of his children. He represents Jesus, yes, and he is working with the honesty of a true apostle, a true son of God, a Pontiff who opens his heart to everyone.

I speak about the Holy Father because we truly need to join him in a special way now when his health is frail, very frail, when his health is suffering for so many things. Therefore, we must be understanding and kind to him. Let us pray for his health so the Lord may extend his life. He has to live, he has to, Lord, You have extended his life, but right now it is urgent so we all can raise a plea to God saying:

  • Holy, generous, and compassionate Father, here You have your son, John Paul II, he is your beloved servant, he is the servant of these times who has come to restore us bringing a chant of love to a Mother, Mary of Nazareth, the Flower of Mount Carmel, the Wild Violet of the field, Mary, the humble woman of Calvary. Therefore, Lord, we humbly beseech You to grant us the health of the Holy Father and health for all those who are working to make the world a new, peaceful, and fraternal place of unity for the human race.

Therefore, Jesus, tonight in this great city that has also opened its arms to a poor and humble woman, we beseech you:

  • Give Our Holy Father courage, and give courage to this woman you all see here so a group of new beings may rise to live the Gospel and to spread it everywhere around the world… may our pastors prepare us.

We all need to prepare ourselves, to unite, to hear each other. It is difficult to do so, to tolerate each other, but we must in order to achieve the great crusade that must renew the depths of the Earth. Do you know why? Because Earth needs purification: the men who have become rebellious, those who are rebellious, those who are contradicting themselves. We need basis and firmness in the actions of our life, opening our heart to the Living Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. They are giving Themselves in the most loving and generous way trying to reach all of their children on Earth.

I must tell you, Our Mother Mary has come to collect everyone with her Divine Son. Do you know why? Because Jesus has taken the scepter and has told her, “Mother, rise, Mother, come with Me as Shepherdess of Souls to guide all the wayward sheep with courage and fortitude. Come, Mother, and help me touch the hearts, conduct them, and lead them to the sheepfold of love where there are green pastures and pure waters that reaffirm the trust of the children of God.”

Now I am going to tell you, Betania is a small village of poor people, yes, but they are humble and simple and they have a heart that is willing to spread the message of a Mother, because it is Mary who is coming to gather us all. She came on March 25, 1976 – as some of you here read – two years after we bought the farm with some friends, who by the way are here tonight, the Andreus, and when we bought the farm we had to go to Rome, it was necessary to be there, and then, something beautiful happened. Some years later, my Blessed Mother appeared to me under the title of Lourdes and said, “Daughter, you have to go back to Caracas because I will appear as I promised to. The time of times is coming and I, as Mother of the Redeemer, have had to face the difficult situation, which you will come to understand in the future. You will have to see many things. Therefore, go back to Caracas and on February 11, I will be with you and afterwards my apparition the 25th of March.

It was truly a preparation of sacrifice and of complete surrender. It was beautiful for me to feel my Mother so close to me. But I wondered, I am a married woman with children, O Lord!, no one will believe me, so she told me, “No, my little one, do not suffer, my Divine Son and this, your Mother, the Mother of all mankind is willing to touch the hearts in one way or another because I come to rescue you all with my Son, daughter: the black and white, ugly and pretty, rich and poor; everyone. I come to rescue this confused and deteriorated mankind because it is not respecting the Laws of Our Father who is in heaven.

So, all these things truly filled me with infinite, tender and delicate love. I felt that my Mother was truly with me despite that I was a woman as any other with qualities or flaws, because she is so understanding and so good that she knows how to work things over and how to order them in a wonderful way.

So, on March 25, I mean, three days before I explained this to my husband who was in Rome so he would come, but he arrived a day later due to different things, it was not possible for him to be there at the right moment; he was with the rest of the family and it was hard for everyone to travel. But then, what happened that day was very beautiful when she appeared. She came with rays that sprang from her hands, all dressed in white. I could see how her veil would tangle in the branches of the trees, and her beautiful and most pure hands were like this… white, tanned; she was not blond, she was white with dark hair and with almond shaped honey eyes, they were beautiful, let us say, they were light brown.

I felt that my life, there by her side, stopped forever; and she said, “This light, these rays are to enlighten all men so they may convert, practice the Gospel, pray the rosary so all families may come together; because, daughter, I am worried about families. Families must grow full of love, comprehension, and true esteem to the people close to them. Try to give to those who cross your path either a glance, a smile or a holding of hands. I ask all of you to look in the eyes of each other and contemplate each one so there can be understanding, love, respect and esteem among you.”

Of course, this message was longer, at the beginning it was short telling me about her presence in Betania, by saying, “You see this place that is so lonely, it will be full to capacity, so many people will come from elsewhere looking for comfort and consolations in their grief; so many will rise, so many, daughter. And my priests, my pastors must rise; it is the time to prepare the People of God. Time cannot be wasted for if you do not prepare yourselves as soon as possible, moral ruin of a people who long for social justice shall come. And when saying social justice I mean for you to understand that many can truly get lost, because many will not know how to interpret what social justice means.

Behold, then, I wish my pastors to make of this place, a place that will open its arms to everyone to give them courage and serenity, for it is serenity what must reign in the world, in the homes, in the families and in all religious communities together with understanding among brothers, a living faith in the Heart of Jesus, my Divine Son and tenderness to children and to the elderly helping them walk slowly, but with a smile that Betania is opening its arms to the whole world, to all its ideologies. Daughter, no one can be lost, everyone has to reach the fountain of love of this Mother in my Divine Son.”

Thus, I say – as we can see around the world – our Mother Mary is coming with her messages, her call of warning to man with her softness and tenderness. She calls us to focus in order to be aware, devoted, and to be prepared for this great crusade among brothers throughout the world. May everyone go out and evangelize. This hour asks for evangelization; I would say, we are almost reaching the apocalyptic times.

So, I would like to thank all of you for your presence here tonight. I thank you for your presence before my Mother, she is my Mother, she is the one who heals, she is the one who soothes, she is the one who does everything, I simply am a poor woman who listens to her call and wishes for everyone to love each other, understand each other and for each brother to stimulate the other in order for him to lead a true Christian life.

Christ lives among us, we do not see Him, but we do feel Him in our hearts. Jesus is in the tabernacle. So many centuries have passed and He is still waiting for all of his children, and these children… yes, many have followed Him with the loyalty of the innocent child, but others rebel and continue waiting for his coming in the midst of the noise of the world and its pleasures, confused and many are even oppressed, and I say oppressed because you can see how drugs are destroying the world. My Mother and Jesus are suffering in such a way!

Thus, I call family parents to follow their children, do not leave them on their own, and control them. What are you doing, where are you going?  I tell you this because when teenagers are growing they want to know about the world and its passions. They are young, they have new blood and life and they want to know about the world. What is this, what is that? We have to teach them how to say things, and how to take care of their person as if it were a crystal glass that is pure and clean and that must not be stained by the weakness of the flesh, or by passions that misadjust the morals of man.

So, family parents, be very understanding with your children and protect them constantly. Give them what they need for their studies and for all the things they may need, he who can; but follow them, take care of them, protect them, get together at home, we the Catholics by praying the holy rosary, gathering at the table to share the food, lead a honest and worthy life, a family life that fills the heart with joy, hope and those three theological virtues of faith, hope and charity.

Charity, abundant charity, charity wherever you live. Charity is what is going to save us, without charity it is hard to go to heaven, and we all need to go in order for everyone to sing together one day Hail Mary before the Blessed Mother in the eternal and wonderful heaven that awaits us. Thus, if it is your holy will, Lord, and if we do the best we can to live a life in accordance with the commandments of the Law of God and with the doctrine of Jesus, that wonderful, unhurt, blessed and holy doctrine.

I would like to stress many issues that are important in these times, but I know that time is running short, I know that the Choir is going to sing, and that the Doctor is going to speak as well, so I have to be short. I am about to finish, but I wish to ask you for something: Let us pray for Medugorje, for my Mother. Do so for her, for Our Lady of Peace, so there will be peace, unity and a tolerant spirit in that blessed land where my Mother left her trace and has saved many souls.

I am with the children, I am with Medugorje from the bottom of my heart. I know that when reconciliation comes to the world there will be peace; without reconciliation there cannot be peace. So, let us pray for reconciliation to embrace the world so we may say: Mother of Peace, my Blessed Mother, we have peace, the peace of the world, the peace of the universe, the peace of families, the peace of all mankind.

Let us pray for them right now, let us pray for all the apparitions of my Mother, for the places where she has appeared, and let us pray for our priests once again so they can truly plan something beautiful to call the People of God to be mindful and to prepare themselves, so aligned, we may spread the Word of God and truly live the Gospel, and I repeat this, because evangelization is urgent.

Youth has to prepare itself. Youth is crying out for justice, love, truth, knowledge and especially for the mercy of God. I say it is youth, because many youngsters truly wish to live in peace. There are many youngsters who are good, I would say that most of them, there are some who are going astray, but there are many who are preparing themselves and who truly yearn to work to give glory to the Lord and to the Virgin Mary Mother of the Church

Let us bring to heart the reason why Mary is here tonight. This is the second time I move her from Caracas, or Betania. The first time was when I went to Maracaibo, because they asked me to bring the statue of the Blessed, and now it was I, my love to her. I had the disposition of bringing her because she told me, “Daughter, take me, take me to the place where you are going, to that country that loves its fatherland and that is crying out for justice, truth, knowledge and love.” This is the reason why Mary has come to visit you. It is a short visit but it will last forever in the hearts of many souls, because she has come to reconcile us, Mary Reconciler of People and Nations.

Ask her for whatever you wish for, because tonight she is going to listen to you and you will be able to prove in these days, in these 24, 48, 72 hours that she is going to visit you in your homes with her roses of love, and with the soft breeze of the Holy Spirit. Some of the sick will be healed, others will get better, others will feel hope, a dream to look forward to, something that has gotten into their house that they do not know what it is, something new; it is the hope that Mary leaves us. You also are going to feel the desire to grow spiritually, to pray and to receive the Eucharist almost daily, and those who cannot receive the Lord are going to start to.

The Eucharist is the prime basis of a human being. The Eucharist is nourishment to our souls; it comforts us, feeds us, grants us peace and gives us comprehension, serenity and supernatural life.

You see me here, it seems that I am doing very well, but I am not; I am in a delicate condition. I had to make an effort to come. The Virgin told me, “Do not worry, daughter, go in ease and serenely. Do not get nervous with those small details; as for example, if you lose your voice in a certain moment, because when the time comes for your speech you will be conditioned.” And thank God. Yesterday I could not speak, and today, you can see how this Mother who is so good and generous gave me the capacity to speak, that is to say, my voice.

So, ask for whatever you want… You the priests who are our pastors, you who have the grace, the greatest grace a human being can have: to absolve the sin of men, to give us the absolution of our sins. This is a reward from heaven, from God, a special grace because you have gone through a seminary, gone through great tests, gone through several things that truly make you deserve to be able to absolve the sins of men. And there is something even more beautiful: to take the Lord in your hands and raise Him up high; it is the Eucharist, the Bread of Jesus, his Holy Body.

You must know, the Eucharist is our nourishment, life, hope, our great love because Jesus is there. The living love of Christ that gives itself as it did on the Cross with its piercing nails in his Hands, crossed by a sword in his Side:

  • Blood and Water, which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus as a fountain of mercy for us; have mercy on us and on the whole world.

You can see the Divine Mercy of the Lord how it comes again in these times to show us that He is palpable in the Eucharist and that with his open Heart he has come to enlighten men, make him mindful, and to bring him back to the joy he has lost with so much hardship, some perhaps because of the lack of trust or for the lack of fear of God.

In regard to the fear of God, I tell you: do not offend the Lord. This is why I say I love the wonderful gift of the fear of God, not because I fear that He is going to punish me, but because I do not want to offend Him… the Father, Our Lord. We must not offend Him, and we must not have useless talks. Our word should be of hope, to give people something to look forward to, to help them, to give them a glance, comfort them, help them walk when they are in the middle of the road, and love all our divided brothers, love all our brothers.

We cannot despise anyone; therefore I always say: we all go to the same fountain in different vessels, but we all go to God. Of course, we Catholics must love and defend our religion, but we do not have the right to be disrespectful with other beliefs, no. Jesus loved and continues to love and to look for his children.

So, let us live like true Christians tolerating our brother. If someone offends us… What is an offense? It does not matter. The Lord goes beyond this, and it is He, the Lord, who makes them understand, so we must not be offended or disturbed, no; let us let each one think as they please. Of course, if we can win some to our great and beloved Church, let us win them the best we can, with a clean heart full of tenderness. Let us not fight, we should not fight with the weapons of sin, and I say sin because when we blaspheme, when we say things that are not true, we hurt ourselves. We must help whoever needs to open their eyes in front of a truth: Jesus – as we all know – is the Son of God, the Son of the Eternal Father of heaven. The Father sent Him to save us all, to redeem us with his Blood, to purify us. He gave Himself and continues to give of Himself in the Eucharist.

Let us follow Him, let us rise, especially we the Catholics in order to respect the sacred rule, the Church, the chapel, the sanctuary. We, the People of God, must stand for the rights that Jesus Christ left us, the right to say things in a clear way and to defend his Ministry, the ministry of all priests, religious people and family of God.

Now, brothers, thank you for listening to this woman, but I wish to say one other thing before concluding: I believe that we, women, have to know the place where we belong. Let us leave certain things to men, to the pastors, to the priests; and we can help, yes, but in a soft, veiled way, teaching the catechism, yes, and winning souls with the holy rosary in our hand in our home, with our family following little by little the steps of the Master Jesus, He who grants new life for man.

Therefore, I beg us women, do not feel bad, because we cannot reach high positions in the Church, no. Let us do what the Lord allows us to do; it is so beautiful; each one working in what God wants them to. We are not going to jump, run or get involved in things that are not our concern.

The Church is perfect and it has to remain unhurt by the sin of those around her. This is why we have confessors, and we must go to confession in order to ask the Lord to forgive us of our spiritual rebelliousness.

So, I do not know if you have understood me. It is so beautiful to teach the catechism! There are so many children that must prepare themselves for their First Communion; it is a beautiful mission. I did this so much when I was young; it was so beautiful for me to be with the children that lived under the bridges in Caracas. When I was young, I used to go, when I was 13, 14 years old, it made me so happy, and step-by-step I learned how to teach children the catechism. It is so beautiful to prepare an innocent child to receive Jesus for the first time!

Of course, we women have so many tasks to do, but men are men, and women are women; and we all should know the place where we belong, because when we intend to do the same things men do confusion takes place, and especially, work gets wasted.

Therefore, sisters, forgive me, perhaps I do not know enough about the problems that occur here in the United States; but I beg all women to work in a mutual way with our Church and her priests, to go on defeating the enemy – many times the enemy is our weaknesses – and work in a field in which we can truly denote that we are women. To be feminine is so beautiful!

I know that it is tough; many have to go out to work. In my youth, when I was 16 years old, I had to work as an office clerk in a Lawyer’s office. There, I realized that it is hard, that it is tough to meet an unknown world; however, I felt happy because I liked the work and because I learned so much. Slowly and step-by-step I fulfilled my duty, until the great day came, the day I left to the Convent where I did an attempt.

I felt Him in my heart, I felt He loved me, I felt Him from within with my Mother, so I wanted to become a nun giving Him all that I had, consecrating my life before an altar, adoring Him night and day with arduous tasks, but Saint Therese of the Little Flower told me, “Little sister, you were born in the world and in that world you will live struggling with men and spreading the Word of the Lord.” Then, I went to Rome and there my life with the nuns continued, of course, I met my husband and many beautiful things happened.

I thank the Lord I was able to meet Padre Pio, he was a father to me, he taught me so much, but in time, perhaps years, he told me, “You need a confessor in Rome, my figlia, so he can help you, because you do not need to be traveling to Saint Giovanni Rotondo. You can come every three months, but you need a spiritual director in Rome.” So he told me to go to Father Felice Capello of the Company of Jesus.

It was truly something beautiful for my soul; it was like an awakening to the life of grace. He taught me how to live, and when I say so, I mean to live in a constant and complete surrender to the Lord, but it was the work of Padre Pio who was a loving and generous father to me with character and will, he was like this to me. On the other hand, Father Capello was softer and he led me softly. Who spurred my soul to feel Jesus Christ in my soul was Padre Pio of Pietralcina, and then Father Capello taught me what it meant to give our life for our brothers – and this is what the Lord wants from me –.

And I want to tell you something beautiful; Padre Pio and Father Capello both have a cause that is being studied to be canonized. I tell you this because it is necessary, with time you will know many things about me, about my poor life, my little life, my very little life in the hands of Mary and in the Heart of my Most Beloved Jesus who I will never stop loving. I wish that everyone could love Him as you see Him here, as an innocent Child, a dear Baby giving his blessing with his small arm extended.

Many blessings are being given here tonight to all your families, to your houses, to your children, and to all mankind.

Now, thank you, Drew; thank you, parents of Drew; and thank you, blessed people who have been born here. Philadelphia to me is like a promised hope, and I say so because tonight the Holy Spirit truly is going to work in a special way in your families, homes, sicknesses, troubles; you will feel infinite joy, convincing peace and unimaginable serenity.

Now then, thank you. I have vented the feelings from my poor heart, the feelings of infinite love. I wish that everyone could feel free from the bonds of sin, those things that harm us, that distress us; I wish that all may be purified, cleansed and sure that you are going to begin a new life.

“In the Name of my Father, I bless you, my children,

in the name of my Mother, I heal you in the body and in the soul

and I will keep you here in my Heart. I will keep you,

I will keep you here in my Heart from today on and forever.” Amen.

May peace be with you and may the light of the Holy Spirit enlighten you. You are in peace and in harmony with the whole world.

  • Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee

I thank you all. Blessed be the Lord. Blessed be my Mother. And blessed be all those who are here. Blessed be all, my children. This is how I feel. Amen.