Servant of God Maria Esperanza de Bianchini’s speech to the youngsters. Saint Martin’s College Pavilion. Lacey, Washington, EE.UU

Saturday, october 22, 1994  2:40 p.m.

Good afternoon to everyone. Let us pray the Angelus.

  • Angelus.

Brothers, we are here in the Name of Jesus, the living Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. These are the Hearts that direct our lives and teach us to walk slowly and simply as children of God because we all are his children. I am here in this classroom for this jubilant youth that is growing, that step by step is truly coming to understand what it means to live the Gospel… evangelization.

In these times, my Mother Mary with her Divine Son Jesus are walking through a luminous pathway very close together; and splendorous beams of light that come from Him bathe us, purify us, cleanse us and purge us so we may comply with our duty, our mission. And you, jubilant youth, They are truly teaching you to be better in life, living with the simplicity and humility of the innocent child. Yes, we must imitate the small ones who barely are beginning to pronounce their first words, when they begin to say: dad, mommy.

Behold, then, how sweet Mary is, who has come to teach and reeducate us, including us, the older ones, because we still have a lot to learn; but she is starting to educate you, to make herself felt in your homes, in your families, in your educational buildings and so on.

Therefore, I am here. I am nothing, I am a woman, a poor woman who only loves and feels her Mother, who loves her in such a way that I wish I had wings to fly from one place to another everyday spreading her message of love; of reconciliation to bring peace to the world; of serenity to human creatures; and so all nations, all people may raise to work in an exemplary brotherhood, that will bond together all those who are called to lead a true Christian life.

We are Catholics and we must work in the vineyard of the Lord. He is preparing it in these days, yes, in a very particular way, so we may all work there edifying our lives with our fair and worthy life of a child of God – because  we all are children of God – who builds a tent and with our family we all pray together.

The prime basis is prayer, to meditate the holy rosary reflecting about the beautiful life Jesus and Mary had when they came to Earth leaving a wake of light, love and of the truth with the knowledge that man truly has to convert – do you know? – we all have to convert.

We believe we are doing a lot. There is a lot to live! The Lord is calling us, I would say, He is crying out for us, “My children, stand, walk hastily, do not waste your time. It is the time of reconciliation: my Mother has brought you a gift: peace, because without reconciliation the world cannot reach peace, and it is peace that it needs. Therefore, reconcile, unite, lead an evangelic life.”

And I say evangelic because it is evangelization what you will have to undertake in these times, to spread the message of Jesus of his divine mercy, the mercy of the Lord on the world, so we all may have mercy on each one of us; loving our brothers, forgiving them, soothing their burden as brothers through the Most Precious Blood of Jesus shed on the Cross. He bathed us, He tried to cleanse us and purify us; He did it with so much love, but the case is that in these times, man is committing adulterations to his faith, and I say this, because one cannot serve two lords; only one, Our Father who created us in his image and likeness sending Jesus, the Son of his Delights to save and redeem us to lift us from all our sins.

Therefore, the People of God cries out for renewal. Renew your cells, blood, bones and mind to awaken to the grace of the Holy Spirit.

Youngsters, young ones, my children, the smallest, I love children in such a way! I am a mother and grandmother of fourteen grandchildren and I love them so much! When they get sick, I think I am going to die, to faint. Creatures are so beautiful, the innocent child, and youth when they begin to realize the duties they have in regard to being educated and taught by their professors. All this is so beautiful, to go home and start doing your homework without wasting time. Of course, you have your spare time to do sports, music, reading, theater. There are so many beautiful things to do. We cannot waste our time. You must put yourselves to work, by doing an exercise of developing your capabilities for life, for your people, for your professor.

My Blessed Mother wishes to make out of each one of our families a paradise when we pray together, when each one presents their tasks to their parents, when talking about a teacher, when talking about the sport that is practiced, when it is time for tests and everyone at home is concerned with how the child will do. Therefore, our home, that is to say, our family has to be very close to the school, high school or university because our children are being educated there, they are growing there and are living all those new things that renew their souls in contact with their teachers, classmates, friends, and people who are closely cooperating with their growth, and spiritual and educational development, of course.

But I want to stress an important issue now; I already said it: Spiritual development. The spiritual development of a soul, of a human being is the prime basis for being able to live with Christ, with Jesus because Jesus was an obedient Son, who was taught how to live in a family by his parents. In such a manner, you must learn how to live in a family, in your home, your house, and with the family of your school, institution, or college.

There are two places we must love very much – and in order to be guided – our Church, our parish. Let us love our parish, the parish we belong to; let us love its priests, the priests who teach us, who wish us the best. And I say, us, because at the present time I am truly living your reality, because I live and feel it, although it may seem something fantastic. No. I live your reality because I feel the children and youth in my soul because, they are bearers of hope for mankind, they are the new future and they will become children of light.

We all are children of light, the thing is that some do not follow… are not constant. We must be firm, decided, contributing in this way to be better in life, giving to others, to the smaller ones, giving to them, helping them whenever you are asked to help. When someone comes and asks you, “What lesson did we have today, I was sick? Help your brother! Help that child, because that child needs you.

So, let us all come together in this beautiful afternoon, because of the beauty and delicacy of my Mother Mary, Mary of the Peace of Medugorje.

  • O, Mother Mary, grant peace to Medugorje, Mother Mary.
  • Our Lady of Lourdes, may your waters bathe, cleanse and purify all this environment, this area so we may all work together, loving one another, holding hands, giving each other strength, and if someone is in need, that person may find a helping hand.

We cannot leave them lonely, it is necessary to help them according to our possibilities. Do you know what I mean? The greatest aid we can give someone, especially during uncertainty, or when someone is sad, in pain or sorrowful; the most important thing is a glance, a holding of hands, a smile, a word on time. Let us not leave the souls lonely. There are so many souls that can be saved. There are so many children that can be someone. If they do not have a developed or intelligent mind, let us be very patient, serene and humble. It is not the humility of dressing in drags, no: it is the humility of a human feeling that grows each day in us to give it to those who need it.

There are so many people who feel lonely! There are so many orphans, there are so many who do not have parents, people who lack love!

It is love that my Mother is offering, it is love that we are asking for each day! A handful of charity to share it. Let us not be selfish, let us not keep to ourselves what we learn. Let us share this, because in this way you will grow and expand yourself winning souls who are in darkness, in shadows because they have no one to tell them, “Look, son, stand up and walk. Let us take this path that is better than the other one; that one is dangerous, but this one has no danger.”

Therefore, in this afternoon, youth, the children who are growing and are going through the most difficult time, because the youngster is asking himself, “What do I want; what am I going to be; how must I behave in front of my professors, with my parents, with my friends?”; we learn slowly, but you must stop to look from within, very deep inside, and fulfill your duties saying, “I can also teach my friend or my brother.”

So, we all have to learn, we never will stop learning, everyday you learn something new, something you did not expect or think about.

For me it has been another teaching to come here. Teachings that are needed to truly live the Gospel, teachings of love and of charity; and I say charity because I have seen many good and charitable people. For example, this morning when I was down stairs and seated, they brought me a sick girl – only a miracle of love of my Mother – and I saw such humility in those who were with her, then I was told, “She is not her mother, they are some friends who moved quickly to help her, they are some people who are accompanying her.” This is charity, this is love, it is a feeling that comes from God, noble matters, the generosity and kindness of Mary.

Therefore, we are not going to think about our problems, let us think in those that are suffering more. Let us think that we must pray the holy rosary, the chaplet of the divine mercy, and so on, the hour of adoration before my Lord, before the Mystical Body of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is one of the most beautiful things, the greatest devotion: the hour of adoration to the Eucharistic Jesus. I beg you to pray it on the Eucharistic Thursdays. Father Pio taught us that Eucharistic souls are souls that it is difficult for them to go astray; they will never be lost because Jesus will continuously live with them, with the Host souls. We need souls with good disposition, souls that will be in front of the tabernacle – day and night if it is possible – because this tempers the heart of the human being, it enkindles it with the fire and the love of Jesus, it helps it define the profiles of a life that is in accordance with our Catholic, apostolic and universal Church.

So, thank you for this invitation, I thank all of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you very much, it is the gratitude of a mother, a mother who feels her Mother in heaven because she is the one; I am nothing, she is the one who cures, soothes; it is Jesus who healed the sick and continues healing them, soothing them, strengthening them so we may be better in life and we may be useful to those who need us.

Well, boys and girls, your concerns, your intimate matters… your parents, do not deny them anything, sometimes with a question… the children, the youngsters, 10, 12, 14 years old ask questions, they are growing, they are feeling. We are flesh, senses, we have blood in our veins, we have something, something new that is awakening that has to be controlled with intelligence. Do not try to think about it, try to pray, to do something: paint… One of the greatest things there is that I like very much is to paint, painting is so good, it does not let you think about passions, it refrains you. Therefore, you must talk with your parents, with your father and mother who agree with each other. Talk to them, do not deny them anything in order to be saved, to not fall in error.

Therefore, I call the mothers, the fathers, especially the mothers who have to be aware all day long, because fathers go out to work, and sometimes they lack the time at home. Watch over your children and do not leave them in the hands of anyone; we must care for them, follow them. In such a manner, I beg you, since I am a mother: follow your children, always follow them, talk to them like two brothers. Yes, it is the mother, yes, but your son is like your brother so he can come to understand you, because sometimes youngsters feel embarrassed to ask or say certain things. We must spur their souls in order to find our son and then receive the grace of the Holy Spirit because the Holy Spirit gives the needed lights to work with Christian dignity.

We must pray to the Holy Spirit very much for the gift of understanding to understand what God wants from each one of us; where He wants us to be; where He wants you to study, in which school, high school; where we must be; how we are going to feel adjusting to the environment, only with will. We all need will, without will words cannot be achieved in life.

So, thank you for everything, for this beautiful day, for this morning with the Holy Mass celebrated by the Bishop with all the people who were there, and for this afternoon, here with you to secure and reinforce our faith – youth – thinking that Mary lives among us, that Jesus lives among us; we do not see them, but we feel Them close to us. Mary is taking care of us with her tenderness and softness, by preparing the way for us and helping us all the time.

And now to end, I wish we could collect our thoughts for a moment, so we may raise our eyes to heaven and ask the Lord Jesus for mercy. It is his mercy that has come to save us, to grant us the grace of the gift of understanding – as I said before – to understand what He wants from each one of us, with wisdom so each one can fulfill himself, with good counsel, with piety – prayer – with the holy fear of God to not offend him, not with the fear that He is going to punish us – Our  Lord is not a punishing God, He is a Benefactor Father who loves us –. And so on, may you receive all the gifts.

And now, let us pray:

  • In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
  • Come, Holy Spirit, and send me from heaven a ray of your light. Come inebriate us with the gift of wisdom, enlighten us with the gift of understanding, give us the gift of counsel, confirm us with the gift of fear of God. Come, Holy Spirit, come to us, unite our souls, unite us all in one solid block, in one heart. Come, Holy Spirit, come to us. Amen.
  • Come, Holy Spirit, come and send us a ray of your light, a ray of your light, a ray of your light. Come, Holy Spirit, come; come, Lord; come, Lord; come, Lord.

“In the Name of my Father, I bless you, my children,

in the Name of my Mother, I heal you in the body and in the soul,

and I keep you here in my Heart, I shall keep you, I shall keep you,

I shall keep you.”

May the peace be with you and may the light of the Holy Spirit enlighten your souls. You are in peace and in harmony with the whole world, in harmony with the whole world. May the peace be with you.

The sick will be healed, some will have to wait a little longer, but especially those who are sad, or sick in the soul, or have something that is hurting them, this all will disappear. What is that that your Lord cannot do? The Lord can do it all, it all can be done by the Lord.

So, let us all rise our hands and say:

  • Mary, Mother, we are here to be prepared for the times of great calamity that are coming. With your generosity and compassion for the man that is going astray, have mercy on us too to prevent war, illnesses that contaminate the world, and everything that harms the body and the soul. Come, Mary, you are Mary, the Flower of Mount Carmel, the Blessed Mother of Jesus. Jesus has given you the scepter to help us light our light. We are children of the light, we are children of the light, we are children of the light because we want to continue being children of Mary, the Mother of God. We are your children, Mother, we are here, we are here.

Thank you, Mary, for this afternoon you have given us.

I thank you all. May God bless you.