Servant of God Maria Esperanza de Bianchini’s speech. Saint Martin’s College Pavilion. Lacey, Washington, EE.UU.

Sunday, October 23, 1994

Good morning to everyone. Let us pray the Angelus:

  • In the Name of the Father…
  • Angelus.
  • Oh Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.
  • Glory be.

Respected clergy of Lacey and all the Christian communities that are gathered here, a place of prayer, meditation, penance and Eucharist; the Eucharist is the prime basis of our life, to receive the Lord in our heart to nourish us, vivify our souls and make us good Christians. A Christian who loves and feels his Master, our Master, the Master of all of his disciples and little ones, we who stand to serve him, feeling in our heart the clamor of a people that loves its Lord, feels Him, and wished to serve Him at the Eucharistic table. Who are those who serve? Our priests, pastors, and those who are by their side serving the People of God.

It is so beautiful to raise the Lord with the hands asking for mercy on the world… this is a priest! This is the divine gift that Jesus bequeathed us as his patrimony and aid for his people.

O People of God, stand, walk and follow the Savior of the World who is waiting for you with his arms wide open to reconcile you and make you feel in your heart the flame and the fire of his love! O wonderful love you have, my Lord! An infinite love that never tires of constantly outpouring itself. O Lord, I wish I could have many lives, to offer them all to you! Lord, I wish I could turn into an innocent child so much, to go from door to door taking the Eucharist to my brothers who cannot walk or stand from bed because they are sick – some in their body, other in their soul –.

There is a difference between a sick body and a sick soul. Yes, because a body can resist any sickness to a certain limit armored with faith and love to Christ; but he who has a sick soul finds it hard to raise because he lies confused in the midst of shadows, that do not let him see the truth he has in front of him, a Lord of lords that has come to save us all.

Brothers, the Eucharist is so beautiful! I am turning back to this issue, because we all have to receive it, to feed us and spiritually grow motivated by this Mystical Body that is giving Itself unconditionally. He asks nothing from us, nothing, only… “Here I am, here I am, children, here I am. I come looking for you, to nourish you so you may be better in life. This is my request, this is the only thing I can offer you: My Body and my Blood shed on the wooden Cross, which my beloved priests hoist to heaven in order to be shed to all my children on Earth.”

Therefore, the time of times is here. It is the time of salvation, reconciliation, peace and love. A daily living love, love that gives of itself, that asks for nothing in return, no, it gives and receives by itself from the living sources of the motherly waters of my Mother of Lourdes, of Betania of the Holy Waters, and of so many other places in the world. Places where she has come to soothe your burden and make you generous and compassionate with the brother who comes asking for a prayer, a glance, a holding of hands, a caress. It is kindness and love, love that gives of itself.

It does not matter if we are loved, if we are rejected, or if we are scorned; the important thing is to constantly give of ourselves and receive everyone… How did they arrive, where are they from? This does not matter, receive and protect them so they will not go astray, or will not continue going astray because the majority, yes, lie confused, lukewarm and cold. They are looking for their truth: “Where is my truth, which is my truth? I have heard that so-and-so… but who knows? I do not feel anything.”

O my children, my brothers, much humility, patience and fear of God to not offend Him. Let us never judge any creature, let us be very generous. Listen, think, meditate and receive the outpouring of the Holy Spirit who leaves us the gift of understanding, and the light to receive this grace of understanding. This gift of understanding is so beautiful! To understand what Our Lord wants us to understand, to cling to Him and reconstitute us with firm and solid bases. These solid bases are our Church, the wonderful rock and foundation.

Brothers, I love my Church in such a way! I strongly wish that you, many of you, could feel that Church of Christ where the reining Pope is suffering so much, O God. We must accompany him with constant prayer, giving him the needed courage to face the struggle that he has in these times that are so difficult. Man wants to do everything on his own, and he believes that he is lord and master of the world, because he has certain ways of doing things. No sir, let us be humble as the reining Pope is humble. He was appointed in a humble and simple way to call us all to live the Gospel

The Gospel is the most beautiful, pure and edifying way for a soul. I said this yesterday and I repeat it today: We must read the Gospels of Mathew, Marc, Luke and John. In them we have a compendium of supernatural life, of new life, of the promised hope of Jesus, “I shall be among you, I shall return”. Let us wait for Him, let us wait for Jesus. I have asked myself many times: Lord, but You came already, You Rose, and You are still with us waiting for us in the Eucharist. And an answer comes to my heart, “Yes, I came, but the duty I left has not been properly fulfilled. There is murder for a handful of gold, robbery, slander, serious unfair things take place, and especially the unborn are mutilated and murdered – no – it is a life that has to come, this creature has to be able to fulfill his mission.”

“Therefore, I am here for this reason, observing you from the tabernacle, from the Sacrament. I show Myself there, I turn to all of your homes, to all of your houses to invite you to the feast of angels at my great Eucharistic table, so all can nourish, and you may hunger and thirst no more. My Body is there to feed you, my Blood is there to enlighten you from within so you may continue with your journey on Earth.”

Brothers, I feel emotional when I talk about the Lord, and my Mother; He, my Lord, and my Mother because my Mother is the beautiful Mother of Calvary… there she is looking at her Son placed on the Cross. We see John there, humble – recalling such passage – and He, agonizing, Blood gushing forth from his blessed hands, the hands that had been lifted to do good blessing the crowds, offering all his infinite, tender and generous torrent of love. So, I am staring at my Mother at the foot of the Cross. Mary cried in such a way! Then, there were no more tears, her eyes were drying up because of such pain, and Jesus said seven phrases, I choose one, “I thirst”. It was the thirst of souls, the thirst of a new life among men. And Mary with her humility, when the moment of the Death of my Lord was near, when drawing his last breath, he said to Mary, “Woman, behold your son; son, behold your Mother”. He was giving us Mary as our inheritance, our true Mother by his Body and his Blood, and John as a brother, the incentive Mary had in those day of great hardship in her life. So Mary, the sorrowful and humble crouched at the foot of the Cross said, “My God, what else can I say to the Lord, but may your will be done? Henceforth, give me the courage that I need in order to resist this sword that has pierced my motherly bosom.”

Brothers, we all must live these hours with Them in order to increase our faith and feel that we are true Christians. To follow Christ is not to say: I am a Catholic, I was baptized, I was confirmed, I received my Holy Communion, I was married in the Church. No, it is to feel Him filling you, making you feel truly happy, and you transmit this joy so others can feel Jesus, the King of kings, the Savior of the World, the Shepherd of Souls who has come to guide us, He who told his Mother, “Take the scepter, Mother, and help Me save souls. We need many souls, thousands, millions, so many souls to serve our Church as never before, rock and foundation of these times.”

Because, brothers, do you know that we are living moments that are very delicate? Perhaps, one of the most delicate times after the world wars, and we must save each other by all means, with constant prayer and much humility. Without humility there is not a soul that can be saved. Humility holds all graces, absolutely all the graces of my Lord that are shed with infinite tenderness.

So, I wished that all of you this morning, this noon could think: What does this, that we are living delicate times, mean? What is this, that we are open to what, to war, to an earthquake, to what, Lord? We are surrounded by all this, but we are going to avoid it with our iron will, our heartfelt generosity, and our combative hope that fights against the evil that is close to us making us loose faith and trust in Our Savior Jesus Christ. We must not complicate our lives, it is necessary to avoid guerrillas among brothers, and war among nations – we must prevent this by all means – defend our rights, assay our faith and the knowledge that the Lord bequeathed us by assimilating the Gospel. We could do so many things with the Gospel all united in one heart, in the Heart of Jesus, and in the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

There are so many things to be done, but for this we have to take care of our family. I stress this issue once again, as I did yesterday, because our family is the most beautiful and grand combination we have to save, with a mortal leap, all of us together, the avalanche that is reaching the nations to crush our faith and our trust in the rock of Peter. So, let us unite.

I am here because of my Mother, she was the one, she told me, “Go daughter, go.” And I answered, “But, Mother, if I know nothing.” “Do not worry, daughter, go and speak with humility and patience. Patience is the good sister that obtains unity among the people.”

So, I would say, let us pray very much, let us meditate. It is so beautiful to meditate in silence! When we are in silence with our mental prayer, elevating a plea to the Lord who listens to our prayers. So, let us meditate, but before meditating, prayer must be the column of light that must enlighten all souls in order to assay the virtues of faith, hope and charity. Three theological virtues that truly help human beings so much, to discern what it means to be a son that wishes to please his father, his mother, Jesus… He obeyed his father and Mary, his Mother, in such a way. He was an exemplary Son. So, I wish you can meditate on these three beautiful days, on the beautiful Holy Mass on Friday, Saturday and Sunday… all of us together here.

I feel very happy with all of you and I want to tell you something… I am going to give it to you afterwards. Last night my Mother came and told me, “Write, little daughter, write down these words of mine and give them out, these, my words of love, for there has been much sacrifice and work in this site where everyone has risen to help the cause of loving one another, and when there is love, Jesus is there with everyone, and with this, your Mother.” So, I am going to copy it and I will leave it here so you may have it, so when you feel sad, you may read what it means to be a good Christian, that is to say, she points out the significance of Jesus as our daily nourishment, and the fulfillment of our duties that we have with the Church as Catholics, and some other beautiful things.

And now, Holy Mass is soon to come, and I want to say goodbye to the youth: Go on, boys and girls, forge ahead and defeat difficulties with a heart full of love, to everything that holds the life of Jesus Christ; to my innocent children, to my babies and the ones who are growing: A smile for your parents and be obedient, my children, so you may come to understand them; to the adults: Great understanding with the youth that are standing, that have to be prevented from danger, that have to be helped by all means; and we the elderly, who are over sixty: Much prudence with those who are growing, with those who come to us, much understanding, and much love. We need everyone because we are decaying – we believe we are strong – but our age is our age, we cannot deny it. We must lead them by strongly trusting in the Lord, with much love, with the love we have never given before. All of us, grandmothers – I am a grandmother – have to be as a silent column behind our grandchildren, looking after what the little ones do.

It is so beautiful to be a grandmother and to be a mother too! That they are yelling, that they behave so and so… it is so beautiful. This is what makes the heart grow with ineffable sweetness, that makes us share with Mary the spiritual life that we are offering her as the Mother of Christ, Redeemer of the World.

Well now, I thank the Archbishop who offered Holy Mass the other day, all the pastors who have come to speak here, and the people that have come from elsewhere, who have traveled, who have come with much love to speak to this audience. I especially am grateful to those who invited me, to those who accompanied me, to those who were by my side sharing all together. I thank you all very much. Thank you.

Blessed be Jesus, Blessed be Mary, and blessed be all of you who have awoken to the light of the New Dawn of Jesus that is coming.

I thank you all. Thank you.