Servant of God Maria Esperanza de Bianchini’s speech. Convocation Center. Cleveland, Ohio, United States of America

Saturday, septiembre 18, 1994 10:30 a.m.

Good morning to everyone.

  • In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen

Let us pray, the Angelus.

  • Angelus.
  • Glory Be.

Respected gentlemen, with the Bishop of this dioceses and all its priests that follow him, nuns and communities, all united in one heart.

Here I am, a poor woman. What can I say? I do not want to say even a word without the consent of my Lord and my Mother. They are the ones who I have in charged my life to, in order to do with it as They please; I have offered myself and I wish to go on until the end, achieving reconciliation. Our Lady Reconciler is a Mother who under the title of Mary, Virgin and Mother Reconciler of all People and Nations, has come to save us, a Mother who loves and feels her children, a Mother who has come to re-educate us so we may all come together holding hands in a brotherly embrace, so we may walk toward the light of the New Dawn of my Lord Jesus. I say New Dawn of my Lord Jesus because in these times of great calamity for men and especially in these months, precisely in these days, the Lord is making Himself felt in the most simple and humble souls, in the pious souls of his Heart, to make a general call to men to lay down their weapons, to not dare make decisions that are not logical, to respect human beings and to identify with Him to help his brothers with the burden.

So, we all are here waiting for the voice of my Lord, the voice of Jesus that made itself felt in the past in Jerusalem, accompanied by his apostles, spreading his Word of love and of unity among brothers. In these times, Jesus comes to save us again. He gave his Blood shedding it abundantly to save us, purify us, and make us better in life; but the fact is that men has not heard his voice. His wonderful doctrine of brotherhood, love, and identification among brothers has not been fulfilled as it should. Man is not hearing this voice and this is producing elsewhere – I can see it – guerrilla among brothers and we have to prevent this by all means. And do you know how? With prayer, meditation, penance and the Eucharist. The Eucharist is our food, life, and our feeling in life serving whoever needs us.

Brothers, do not expect from me elaborate speeches or anything close to this, no. My heart is what is talking, it is a heart that loves and feels its Mother; a Mother that one day appeared to me in Betania of the holy waters to tell me, “My daughter, my little daughter, my Heart I gave to you, my heart I am giving to you, and I will continue to give it to you forever. Now I come as Mary, Virgin and Mother Reconciler of all People and Nations to reconcile my children; and my Son has said, ´Mother, take the scepter as the Shepherdess of Souls, help Me lead my sheep, come with Me, Mother, let us walk together to save this century that is declining`. Yes we have to save them from incurable sicknesses that have come from sin; we have to help them in their sadness, the sadness of those innocent children that are going through so much hardship”.

There are so many lonely pregnant mothers battered by the weeping and grief of not knowing how their child is going to do. How painful! Therefore, we must save them; may the innocent who lie in the wombs of their mothers be born, may they live, may they come to fulfill their mission as children of light, as children of hope in this dawn in which Jesus, yes, comes to save us by giving a mortal leap, because this is what will take place. Let us wait for the Lord filled with joy, hope, infinite dreams, and with immense tenderness of giving the best of ourselves. Because what is best comes from the Lord and we must learn how to appreciate this.

We must distinguish good from bad, to not sin, to not offend my Lord. Therefore, I love the holy fear of God, a wonderful gift. It is not the fear that he will punish me, no; it is the fear of not offending Him. We must ponder on this matter; this gift heals our wounds, strengthens our heart, it enkindles it with love with the flame and fire of Jesus to truly help us live the Gospel. Therefore, I recommend it so much: The holy fear of God, not of getting punished; but rather, to not offend Him because when offending Him we have to pay a high price.

We must avoid danger, and therefore, we must be humble obeying the Law of the commandments, the Law of God, especially the Gospel.

These are days of evangelization in the world; I have seen how our Church is working. So many religious communities are being born and other communities are being established around the world, people who are seeking the Lord and Mary in order to live as brothers in prayer, leading a life in accordance with the commandments of the Law of God.

There is evil, much evil, but there is much goodness, I know there is a lot of goodness. I have seen people give up everything to follow my Lord. There are so many youngsters that are being saved. I would not say that all youth is going astray; some do decline on the way, they get tired, but the Lord is giving them fortitude to follow the path that will lead them to Mount Zion.

Well, brothers, I could address other issues, but I know that soon it will be time for Holy Mass and I must end. But before ending, I would like to recommend to you the following thing: Prayer is the column of light that enlightens our hearts, mind and life, so we must be columns of light. By saying this I mean, to be a soul who is ready when the Lord calls to prayer in the day or at night, in the streets or at work; I mean perpetual prayer with our mind alert and our heart serving the Church, rock and foundation of Saint Peter the apostle, in his representative the Holy Father, John Paul II who is offering his life, completely surrendering it to serve mankind, and all this with humility, simpleness, infinite love and the tenderness of his glance. He extends his arms to the children, to the people and gives them a glance and a smile.

His life is so beautiful! In the midst of so much hardship, but he feels joyous serving the Lord. He feels content with his suffering because he is saving many souls, so many souls, thousands, perhaps millions with his prayer, sacrifice, surrendering, and with his continuous forgiveness to those who have offended him and to those who still do. This is a lot, this is very much and this very much is God, God that is with him, God that loves him, God who chose him to seat him at the See of Peter so he could give himself in a holocaust of love to the faithful who humbly attended his call.

Behold, then, the beauty of our Church, the living faith of the Pope who stands to secure us and help us at all times with his prayer, sacrifice and especially by going from one place to another to give light in the darkness that surrounds the people who are contaminated by sin.

So, brothers, let us unite, let us truly ask my Lord right now to make Himself felt in our hearts, souls, and thoughts; thoughts of serenity, peace, harmony and of identification with all our brothers of the world.

I am grateful, very grateful to this city, to you for this invitation. In the beginning when we received your letters, I do not know, I did not know if I should accept. But, of course, deep down I did, but I did not know the place, but now that I am here I have felt human warmth, freshness, peace, serenity and intimate joy in my heart for there are good and mindful souls here that are looking for their God and that are serving Him.

This community of Mary, this beautiful mission you have here, is a mission that truly reaches the heart because everyone is serving each other, and I appreciate service very much. To serve and not be served, to give the best you have, much love, kindness and sincerity. The Lord loves sincerity the most: a person that surrenders, that gives himself and receives everyone regardless of how they come or where they come from, the important thing is to open your arms to them and comfort their souls when they are sad, troubled or sick.

There are so many things one can do, one can give so much that if we could stop and think about this we would give ourselves entirely to all those who come to us asking for a word of consolation and hope for their heart. Therefore, let us give the best of ourselves with much tenderness and with the divine knowledge that God transmits to us, to help whoever is in need.

Now, a moment of complete silence, of withdrawal, especially those who are sick, who are concerned, with sorrow, grief or disappointment, or do not have work; all those who truly need the grace of the Lord and his Mother.

“In the Name of my Father, I bless you, my children;

in the name of my Mother, I heal you in the body and in the soul

and I will keep you here in my Heart. I will keep you,

I will keep you here in my Heart from today on and forever.”

May peace be with you and may the light of the Holy Spirit enlighten your souls. You are in peace and in harmony with the whole world.

And now, let those who have come with good will and with the desire of receiving Jesus in your heart, the living Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Hearts that fill the emptiness of those who feel very lonely, to be at ease, calm, happy and content. Fill your hearts, strengthen them and think: The Lord lives among us, the Lord lives among us, the Lord lives among us and we can receive Him every day in his Sacrosanct Body, his Holy Immaculate Host. Today we are going to receive Him and it will be like our First Communion from the hands of His Excellency, the Bishop.

Now, thank you, I thank you all, thank you brothers.

May God keep us.