Recorded program at Mother Angelica’s Radio Station WEWN Catholic Short Wave Radio in Which Servant of God Maria Esperanza Medrano Bianchini’s was a special guest. Birmingham, Alabama, United States of America

Wednesday, April 20, 1994                  

  • O Holy Spirit!, soul of my soul, I adore You. Enlighten me, guide me, comfort me, console me, tell me what I must do, and order me what to do. I promise to submit myself to all of your wishes, and to accept what You want from me, only let me know your will.
  • Come, Holy Spirit, come to us. Enlighten us with the lights of faith, of love and of unlimited trust in the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Brother Pascual asks Mrs. Maria Esperanza:

Mrs. Maria, could you please tell me about the message of Betania and the importance of the apparition of Our Lady there? And, could you also talk about the importance of the Eucharist, please?

Mrs. Maria Esperanza answered:

Good morning to everyone, to all the people who are waiting for a word of a Mother who has come to save us, teach us, and evangelize us. This is what Betania is about. It is a humble and poor place where there are many peasants, but there is a lot of love and the decision of all its children to spread the message to all nations. Among its children you have this woman here who has come to know this blessed land that Mother Angelica has turned into a place of living faith for all its listeners

Today is her birthday and I want to congratulate you, Mother, my congratulations, and may the Lord continue crowning your life with hope for the People of God, for all the souls that wait for your message either on television or radio.

So, listeners, here I am, I am Maria Esperanza, Mrs. Maria Esperanza de Bianchini from Venezuela where my Mother came to Betania, a land we bought some years ago. I was the first one who had the grace to see her and to receive her messages that I am receiving in greater number each day. Because everyday she comes to teach us how to lead better lives, that is to say, to teach us that Christians have to be good Catholics, a Catholic Christian, a Catholic that feels, loves and with his brothers, fights for his Church in order to save many souls.

Well, in Betania, Our Lady has left us a message of love and of teaching for the People of God. She comes in her ship to embark with us all so we may live united by the love of Jesus Christ, her Divine Son, because this has been the will of the Father, the Everlasting Father in Heaven, who created us in his own likeness, so the Holy Spirit could blow upon us and could radiate Its light upon all the corners of the Earth. Our Lady says, “My children, my Heart I gave to you, I give you my Heart and I will continue giving you my Heart forever”.

So, brothers, let us hear the Blessed Mother, Mary, let us please her by being better every day, because she wants to make us better. She brings us a teaching of love and of unity among men of good will so the human race may be saved, because the force is in unity and in the determination we must have to truly live the Gospel. It is evangelization what we are receiving from Our Mother and it is this evangelization that we are going to transmit to our brothers by sharing, coming together, loving one another, bearing one another, helping one another so love may grow, may increase in all homes, families, universities, everywhere around the world.

The Virgin has come for everyone. It is an invitation of reconciliation, of loyalty to our Church, of love to the Holy Pontiff, to its blessed clergy, to its nuns, to all the religious communities, and to all social communities. She invites all of us to follow her motherly steps, the steps of Mary of Mankind, because she is the Mother of mankind, she is a living example for all future generations and for those that passed already.

Mary has always come, Mary has always been with her children, and now she comes once again to reconcile us because without reconciliation there cannot be peace. So then, we need to reconcile with each other and to help one another growing with the love of the just.

So, brothers, I invite all of you from this blessed land to pay attention to the call of the Mother to reconcile, so we may live an evangelic, Christian and true life to feel rejoiced from within that Mary lives among us. She is calling us to teach us for the love of her Son Jesus Christ, who gave his Blood shedding it to save us, purify us and help us, so much that we have his Mystical Body.

Jesus has come to Betania with his most precious Blood to bathe us, cleanse us, purify us, and grant us his love that is so grand. He abides in all the altars of the world, waiting for all his children to come, because He is there to clean us so we may fulfill his desire: Reconciliation among all people and nations – as his Mother is asking –. Let us please Jesus; Jesus is the source of all that is good.

The Eucharist is our stream of new life, it is our nourishment, his Holy Body, his sacrosanct, pure and divine Body that feeds us and will continue to feed all generations throughout the centuries. Because Jesus is a living example, who is giving Himself to us in these times to save us, and help us fulfill the commandments of the Law of God. Those are the commandments that are a living example of a Christian family that wants to live in accordance with its motherly Church.

Mary the Mother, Mother of the Church, Reconciler of People, Mother of Peace of Medugorje, Mary the Mother has come to look for us to turn us into small sheep of her Divine Son who is leading us. She is by his side; she is always there with Jesus and with us heading toward the Father, the Heavenly Father. The Father has decreed that the world has to be saved by means of sacrifice, and by withdrawing from this world, its pleasures, and so many things that are exhausting mankind. Mankind is going through difficult times and it is time to turn our eyes to the Lord and his Mother in order for all of us to be saved.

And now, thank you, I thank everyone from this Radio Station, that I would say is of Mother Angelica, because she is the hope of so many people with her public talks every night. Last night I had the great grace of being by her side to give a word on television to so many people who are seeking their great truth.

You must know, our great truth is Jesus the Savior of the World, Jesus in his Divine Mercy, the living Heart of Jesus Christ, He who has come to save us again; He redeemed us with his Blood, He saved us, but man continues to sin so He has come to bring us together once again. Therefore, wait for Him for soon we will be able to say: Lord, may your will be done in all of us.

Thank you, Lord, may You be blessed because You are giving Yourself to your children again. You gave your life, your Blood and your Mystical Body in those days, and today You have come again to bring us together with that same Blood, but entirely Risen. You Rose, but man has tried to make obscure the great truth that You are the Son of God, the one who all generations have waited for. There is nothing else to be expected, only that Jesus is the source of life of all good and that He is going to save us again in these times of great calamity.

Thank You, Lord, may You be blessed. Hail Mary full of grace. I thank this Radio Station blessed by the hands of Mary. And thank you, young men, may God keep you and bless you.

I call all seminarians to walk with Mary, the Mother of God so you may come and help to save your brothers; May God bless you. To all these blessed people, may God keep you. See you soon. Thank you.