Servant of God Maria Esperanza Medrano de Bianchini’s Talk to the children. Gospa Missions. Pennsylvania, United States of America

Saturday, September 4, 1993

Good afternoon to all my children, my dear children. I love children so much. I feel them in my heart. When I see all of you here with the simpleness of the innocent child who begins to walk steadily in life, my heart is touched by thinking about my Mother, Our Lady, and how much she loved Jesus, her Divine Son, and how much she continues to love us too, especially the children, the children of Gospa, Medugorje, Bosnia, the children of all her apparitions. It is Mary who has come to look for all of us, and you are the pampered children of my Mother and of Gospa. Mary wishes the most beautiful things that a mother can ask for her little ones who are growing and beginning to understand what Our Mother Mary means to us, the Mother of Jesus and the Mother of all of us.

So, my little ones, you are growing, you will continue to grow, you will turn into teenage students and you will feel so happy for the opportunity of coming here on the day that was consecrated to my Mother, Mary of Peace, peace of the world, peace of all the Christian families, of all the good families who are always wishing for their children to grow strong in faith and knowledge, with the hope that all and each one of us will be able to live the Gospel. You will be prepared, and among your brothers and friends you will spread the message of Mary that she is shaping us and teaching us how to grow spiritually. It is the spiritual growth of a soul that is valuable in a human being, that is to say a child endowed with spiritual graces and faculties.

Mary will give each one of you the gift and the grace of leading you by the hand to teach you with Jesus, the Divine Infant of Bethlehem, the twelve-year-old boy who went to the Temple amidst the doctors of those times, the wise men, to see and feel the environment. But it was his Divine Father, Our Heavenly Father who took Him there by the hand. His parents looked for Him and He was nowhere. They went to the Temple and found Him amidst the wise men that were preaching, giving a word of love, faith and especially of wisdom, the wisdom of a Son of God who barely was starting to walk steadily in life.

Thus, my little ones, never forget this day you have spent in Gospa because my Mother has come to visit all of you and is going to visit you in your home with her roses. Whenever you feel the scent of roses, of flowers, you should say, “Mary is in my house, she has come to visit me”. You will also feel the breath of the Holy Spirit with a soft breeze in school or when you are troubled: “What can I do with this lesson, Lord? I want to learn. I want to be a good student in school. I wish and I want to be a student that will meet the expectations, and I want to feel that my school is another home for me.” The school, college and the university are the house of students.

We have three houses: The house where we live; our Church, our Mother the Church that we must love very much together with the Holy Father the Pope and with all her priests, nuns, and the Christian community; and the other house is school, and the university. But the house of the Church of God is the one that is going to help us in life with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament nourishing us and strengthening us.

The day you receive your first Holy Communion will be the most beautiful and great day of your lives, the day you receive Jesus for the first time in your heart. When I received Him for the first time I was very little, I was seven-years-old. I felt I was the happiest child on Earth because Jesus came to my heart. You will feel the same thing and you will give your parents the joy of a child that truly is fulfilling his duties with the Church, with his family and his school.

So, thank you my little ones, thank you Mr. Thomas for asking me to speak with the children. The children of the whole world are here with you today. They are all congregated here even from the most distant country of the world. They are all united in one heart that is beating in one life, the life of Christ in the life of Mary in the life of your parents and in the life of everyone here.

May God keep you all. May the Virgin bless you and be with you. May God bless you.