Servant of God Maria Esperanza Medrano de Bianchini’s Talk. Gospa Missions. Pennsylvania, United States of America

Saturday, September 4, 1993

Good afternoon to everyone. And now let us pray three Hail Marys, the Angelus.

  • In the Name of the Father, the son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
  • The Angelus.
  • Glory Be.
  • Mary conceived without sin; pray for us who have recourse to Thee.

My Mother has wanted me to come to this farm, to Gospa. She is the one who brought me in her arms so we could meet, because Mr. Thomas wanted me to come. Father Heffernan told him about me trying to reach his heart and since he has a big heart I am here. Yes, Thomas has a big heart because he loves the land, you and Mary. Behold the miracle of love of the Blessed Mother, the Mother of the Lord.

Mary is so happy today looking at the People of God surrounding the Eucharistic Table. So many have been saved, so many have felt Jesus in their heart touching them and allowing them to enter into his Most Sacred Heart!

  • Sacred Heart of Jesus, in Thee I trust.
  • Immaculate Heart of Mary, be our salvation

Well, brothers, it is not our will but the will of God because it is He who rules and governs our lives accompanying us wherever we go. Behold, the reason why we are all gathered together as a great family, a family of God, Christ, the apostles and all the saints. We are here to let ourselves be felt by Them, because They wish for us to open our hearts to be honest, to be very worthy and fair, with the capacity to understand why They have called us here to this blessed, beautiful and green land that has an open sky with some white clouds. But mainly it is a blue sky, very blue, to make us realize that Mary all dressed in white with her blue mantle, has come to save us, reach us and help us reaffirming our trust in her Divine and Holy Son, in the Heart of Jesus, in his docile and humble Heart so we may rest our head on his loving chest.

So, I am happy to see each one of your faces. Some are serene and others sad, perhaps due to problems, especially those who are sick. But the Lord will give his medicine to each one, for it is He, Jesus who healed and cured the sick. And Mary by his side would run from one place to another to give comfort to those who looked for Jesus.

So, today Mary is walking around all this green land touching the hearts so everyone can converge in ideas and in spiritual soundness. She has come to heal us, soothe our burden, increase our faith, and to prepare us with Jesus during this beautiful working day.

I would like to tell you something very important: The Lord and Mary live among us. We cannot see them, but we feel Them in our heart. And They will make Themselves felt in the hearts of those who do not feel Them completely, so they may feel the joy of the innocent child and the hope of those who are seeking the truth.

We are seeking the truth. Where is it? It is surrounding us. It is Jesus and Mary who make Themselves felt. Why? Because They have invited you to come from afar, from your homes, from distant places of the United States of America. This is a land I cherish as I cherish Canada all joined together like soldiers defending you flag and Fatherland. It is a land that trusts in its children and its children will continue to meet the expectations of this beloved land. It is Mary the one who wishes for this to come true. She has brought us to her, and we are going to feel her. Let us feel her for a few seconds.

Silence brings our heart to collect itself, it brings light and peace to meet with the people we love. Let us all love one another and feel the voice of Mary who says, “My children, My Heart I gave you, I continue to give to you, and I shall give it to you forever. I am here to help you walk the way of light and of divine knowledge. I am here to help you with your family, homes and small children who are growing and must be fed with love. It is the love of a Mother who is giving of herself and will do anything for the children who have been carried in the womb of a mother. It is one Mother in all the mothers of the world who wishes for all husbands to truthfully love their wives and their children or youngsters who are attending school, who are growing, forging ahead, who shall find what they are looking for by studying.”

That is to say, they must become young professionals who stand beside their Mother Mary. It is Mary in the mothers, fathers and youth. She is watching each step her children make, the children who must develop their spiritual skills and the knowledge that they are holding in their hand the real scepter that Mary is giving us, “Go throughout the world, carry this scepter, my children, to bring to the House of my Father, to the House of God all your brothers, just as Jesus asked me when He said, ‘Mother, take this scepter and help Me save souls and convert the sinful man.’”

So, we all are instruments in the hands of Mary for she is the Queen of Heaven, the most precious among women, the hope of a new world and the life of Christ who is announcing in these times, “I shall come and few shall recognize Me. I shall come and you shall see a shinning sun. My rays reaching each nation to enlighten them so they can stand and grow as plants do with their fruits feeding their brothers. Everyone has the right to receive the grace of my Father.” This is what the Lord is saying because He is the product of the Father by the grace and work of the Holy Spirit in the womb of Mary, a pure and immaculate Virgin. Thus, the Son was conceived bringing us the hope of reconciliation and Mary is here to reconcile us, because without reconciliation there cannot be peace.

Therefore, let us go on living the Gospel. The Gospel is what is going to save us all. Our life is beautiful when we hold in our hands the Gospels and practice them in order to live a just, honest, simple, humble and peaceful life. Peace is beautiful! This environment is so peaceful. What a beautiful and fertile land, that is joyful at the same time, with all these innocent children and youngsters who have come today to look for their Mother, to look for Mary and to make Thomas happy. Thomas is so joyous to see all these children. And these children and youngsters are so joyous in seeing Thomas accompanied by his heavenly and earthly family who are here with him. This is your family that is with you, that is by your side, that is looking for you, and that feels you in their heart.

It is beautiful to feel in our heart the love of the ones we love and who help us walk when we are tired. Our shoulders are starting to feel the soft breeze of Mary helping us stand firmly like soldiers who watch over what is taking place on Earth, and are concerned how people feel. Could it be love? Could it be true love? Let us think about this, but I believe that the majority do feel true love. There is love, there are human conditions and there are feelings. There are feelings in all the things we do, feelings that come forth spontaneously and naturally. Therefore Mary, Our Mother is checking each one of us. “What do you feel? What are you thinking?” And above all, “What is going on inside? Rise and walk, follow the way of those who were chosen by Jesus to reveal and follow the great knowledge of man: The Church and her pastors.” They are the ones who have the responsibility to reach us and to help us live amidst our brothers, and they are doing so. Evangelization.

Today when I heard Holy Mass and I saw my Lord hoisted in the Sacred Host I felt I was flying to heaven next to my Mother. Jesus is the great Love of loves who has come to nourish us with his mystical and holy Body. That moment is engraved in my soul as well as this entire crowd that is yearning for the Word of the Lord and the love of Mary.

So, my children, I would like to tell you some very important things, maybe my excitement does not let me, but I am going to stress on some issues that call for our attention: It is urgent to e united in the United States, especially among our priests. To be united more than ever. Why? Because Jesus is coming, He is near and time is running short. You may ask, “And, how can you be so sure, Madam?” And I will say: Times have changed. Man, most of them, maybe not all, but many are losing their faith. We must restore this faith, the values of men and women, because they are dissipating. There is much grief, sorrow and pain in the hearts, due to financial problems, war or a life of wrongdoing, as for example, the great tribulation that drugs brings. This is what is mutilating our youth, so we must pray, pray very much.

Therefore, my Mother is asking me for: Prayer, meditation, penance and for the Eucharist. This is our strength, hope and the prime base of a good Christian that calls himself to be a Catholic. To be a Catholic it is required to pray, meditate, do penance and receive the Eucharist. Remember, the Eucharist is the only food we cannot go without in life, because our spiritual life, to be in accordance with our Church, depends on it.

I beg all priests, in the name of my Mother, to not decline, to hastily rise to defend their Church with prayer, penance and above all, by trying by all means for all the People of God to receive the classes of the Master. You are masters, teachers committed to be faithful to a great sacred oath to the Holy Church. This must be respected; we cannot fail before something so great that is approaching us. The revolution must be stopped. Our ideas must be very clear. This is how it should be; no one should confuse us in our belief of what a true and holy priest is. Priests are sacred, untouchable, they are the human value that make the People of God aware.

Therefore, all you must raise your eyes to heaven with an open heart to receive the grace of the Holy Spirit, helping the cause of priesthood. We need more holy priests every day. This is what the Holy Father, Pope John Paul II, wishes. He is giving of himself and continues to give of himself wherever he goes, spreading the Word of the Lord with humility, love, simplicity and personal donation of a true Pope of Rome.

Now then, let us ponder upon what priesthood means. Priesthood is the key of Christ to save the People of God. Without priests we can do nothing. People grow tired because of weakness, slumber takes over, and the ears and eyes are not open watching all that takes place. On the other hand, priests watch at night praying and asking for the peace of the world, People of God.

I have addressed this issue because the final hour of great decisions is near. These decisions must be those that the Holy Spirit inspire in the souls and minds of men, in order to reaffirm how great the mercy of the Lord is. He is coming to look for his children defending them from evil and from the enemy. There are enemies. There are terrible enemies as pride, haughtiness, vanity, distrust, and turning back when one is almost ready to meet with our divided brothers. We must forgive, unite, reconcile, and above all, we must live modestly and with simplicity with the heart full of joy and peace.

Therefore, I invite you to ask for mercy on the world that is suffering right now, to stop war, the war in Medugorje. O war, you have made so many suffer! There have been men with no heart, who have made families leave their homes looking for a safe place, especially where the children that my Mother appeared, to live. How many healings! How many conversions! How many people lacking faith and trust turned back to the Lord, to our Lord Jesus Christ finding a Mother in Mary, Mother of Peace, the light of the New Dawn of Jesus.

Jesus is coming. His New Dawn is coming. It is the dawn of all the Catholics and Christians of the world, and even of those who do not believe. We will see this very soon, before we can imagine. Maybe I will not see it, probably not, but I know that many of you will and you will feel in your heart the peace of the just, the serenity of the mother and the support the son gives, when his mother or father are sad.

Now I must tell you something else: A Church must be built here, the House of God, because this is House of God, a place where many souls come to rest, seeking peace, health, calmness and heartfelt joy. I know that Mr. Thomas is suffering. Life is an eternal suffering. I know that in the last few days you have had many problems to make the road, because of the rain, but we are here, nothing has stopped our journey here. We all have been delighted listening to Holy Mass and receiving the Lord. We are nourished, full of fervor and of courage to forge ahead.

And now I am pleased because of something special, it is a very important matter to me. This was to have met the Bishop of this area. He seemed to be such a great spiritual individual. He is simple and ample with an open heart and the knowledge of knowing how to listen to the souls that approach him. This is important in the life of a missionary, of a bishop, of a person who represents his people, a people who surround him. Therefore, I am happy to know that there truly is human quality.

Besides, I was able to see all these Priests, very thoughtful during Holy Mass, and with the desire to reach the People of God. The Father or Monsignor who was the main celebrant spoke so wonderfully, he created expectations and at the same time he brought warmth to the heart so we could take the best of his words, the Word of God.

I will return home very happy because of two beautiful and great things: The Bishop, and the Priests who so humbly followed him with desires of true service, especially when they went out to distribute Holy Communion in such an orderly fashion reflecting so much love. These people are asking for love, it is love what we all wish for, love is the life of man. Without love there is nothing we can do. And it is because of love that I am here.

Do not expect a great prepared or learned speech from me, no. I am a simple woman as anyone of you could be. The thing is that my Mother has loved me so much that she wanted to appear to the world as Reconciler of all People on March 25 in 1976. She earlier announced in messages I received, “Little daughter, I shall come to the Promised Land, await me. You shall come to know the site and obtain it. But there is still more to come.” We waited many years because when she first told me this I was only twelve or fourteen years old. I longed to be a nun. So many yearnings! I longed to serve my God locked up, calm, serene, in peace, prayer and meditation, but the Lord wanted me on the streets preaching and I am sincere when I say: Mother, what am I going to say? Then I feel her presence in my soul, here in my heart answering, “Do not fear, my little one, I live with you and nothing or no one can stop the cause of reconciliation among all men on earth.”

So, brothers, my friends, little ones, youth, adults, elderly stooped by age and especially those who are sick and are hoping to be healed, it is not only to be healed from a lesion, but in our souls, in our feelings, to have a mind open to the grace of the Holy Spirit working in us so we may continue our way to the path that leads to Mount Zion. The peace of the Lord be with you.

I would like to say something to those who are sick, please rise:

I thank you all and may God keep us.

“In the Name of my Father, I bless you, my children, in the name of my Mother, I heal you in the body and in the soul
and I will keep you here in my Heart. I will keep you,
I will keep you here in my Heart from today on and forever.” Amen.

May peace be with you and may the light of the Holy Spirit enlighten your souls. You are in peace and in harmony with the whole world.

Let us all sing and praise Christ, his Mother and the Father who created us as his own likeness and sent us Jesus to save us. May peace be with you, reconcile you with your brothers and make you grow in harmony with yourselves. Harmony brings the security that is granted to the son who humbly surrenders in the arms of Mary. Let us surrender to Mary.

The Lord lives among us. Mary lives among us. Let us ask her for humility, trust and especially for the Holy Fear of God to not offend my Lord, our brothers and those who may not understand us.

Mary will make herself felt in the sensitive hearts. She will visit you in your homes with the soft scent of her roses. My Lord will make himself felt with the mystic incense of his Church. And the Holy Spirit with a soft breeze and with tongues of fire that make us fall on our knees asking for mercy on the world that is going astray. Mercy, Lord, mercy.

Thank you, Lord. May He be blessed. And may you be blessed too for being so patient listening to me. When you go back home, and go in your house, you will find clarity, peace, serenity, and something new, everything cleansed, correct and perfect because the work of God is perfect. You can only find things that are wonderful, divine and perfect in Him. It is the perfection of God. I thank you all, blessed be God, blessed be Mr. Thomas, blessed be Father Heffernan, blessed be all these Priests, and blessed be this People of God for bringing me here. I thank you all. May the Lord be with you. Thanks be to God.