Servant of God Maria Esperanza Medrano de Bianchini’s Speech. Marmora’s Farm, Montreal, Canada.

Sunday, July 25, 1993

Good afternoon to everyone. Every time I am going to talk I pray the Angelus. My Mother asked me to do so since I was a child. Let us pray the Angelus.

  • In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
  • The Angelus.
  • Glory Be.

…in this place of future hope for a better world for the religious, if there are any, as well as for this audience, People of God, a People who is waiting for their Mother so she may continue to guide them teaching them how to live the Gospel. It is the wonderful teaching that Jesus, Our Lord left us as a compendium of his infinite love to his Mother and to all his children of the whole world.

Behold, why I am here: Evangelization, to prepare ourselves, to identify ourselves with our Heavenly Mother Mary in a subtle, wonderful, soft, simple and beautiful way. It is Mary who has come to reconcile us, she is calling us to start to walk, that is to say, that she is inviting all of us to stand up firmly as soldiers to begin that path to Mount Zion in order to truly fraternize, help one another, and protect one another as brothers living the Gospel.

I mentioned the Gospel because in these times of great confusion, war and so many things that make true Catholics suffer deep down in their hearts, we are a little bit affected, better yet, very affected because maybe things are not being done as they should.

All the People of God must be united to its priests and to the Main Shepherd, our Holy Father the Pope, John Paul II. He is the soul that has been called in these times to rebuild the walls of the great triumphant Jerusalem. Jerusalem is triumphant because of the People of God who are called to work together with the Church, and its priests. They will teach us. They have taught us, but this People is waiting to be touched in the core of its heart for the sowing, which is the sowing of Christ, Master, Prophet, Pontiff and Savior of the World who has come to save us in these times of great calamity for mankind.

How many families suffer because their son has left, or because their daughter fled? They are left behind with a sad heart because their children have left everything behind only to follow other currents that are not right, instead of the overwhelming current of our Mother the Catholic, apostolic and Roman Church. We are the Church.

We all must spread the message of our Mother, Mother Reconciler of People, Mother of Peace of Medugorje, the Blessed Mother, the Mother of Christ who with the gift of good counsel comes to advise us to be more prudent, good Christians and disciples to give of ourselves the best that comes from God.

We are poor creatures who believe to know everything, but maybe we know nothing yet. There are many things to be learned. Everyday we have to learn a little bit more about the small details in life, not the great or high ones. God is in the smallest with the most humble. It is a touching apprenticeship and maybe we could see it even as a sad one, but in the humility of the poor worker, in the peasant in the country, in the poor Indian of the Orinoco River of the Amazon, of the far off Asia, of the poor Africa that is involved in the confusion of terrible grief due to hunger, need and the division of their people, we find our truth.

We must learn each day to truly go out and tell our brothers: Come brothers, let us follow Jesus who is with his Mother in these times and has come to point out the true path of the Son of God. It is the Son of God in us and we in Him walking together with our priests, religious, Church and our Holy Father the Pope.

Long live, the Pope in Rome! Long live, the Holy Father the Pope because he is the truth, the truth of Christ who suffered and continues to suffer with those who are indifferent. Jesus inspires us all to collect ourselves in prayer to find our foundations in our evangelical doctrine, which will help us from this moment on to undertake the path of evangelization.

Do not expect that I am going to pronounce far-fetched words, no. You are going to find in me a simple woman that has clear concepts and ideas of the love she feels towards the people of all races, nations, the rich and poor, the ugly and pretty, the black and white, and of other religions too. I love Jesus who loved us and continues to love us and forgive those who offend him. Let us unite, love one another, bear one another and understand one another. Understanding is so great!

I truly thank you for coming, not to see me, not to hear me, but to follow our Mother who has come to visit you, the Mother of Mexico, the Mother of Latin America. She is Our Lady of Guadalupe; she is the Mother who has come to lead us among the people who are suffering religious unpitifulness, and of being fanatics who follow other paths confusing others. She has come to call us to the path of truth and justice, and to love Jesus Christ in perfection and to love her who gave herself and continues to give herself in different places throughout the world.

The apparitions of Mary have great significance, for example, her Son has told her, “Mother, come and take the scepter and help me guide the souls, for this Son of yours, Savior of the World is calling them to love one another, bear one another, help one another among brothers, and to have no differences with those who are called to spread the message of reconciliation.”

We must reconcile to attain peace. Without reconciliation there cannot be peace. If we bear one another we will reach the point in which the Lord will truly make Himself felt to all his People. Earth will shudder so all hearts can feel that Jesus and his Mother live among us. They are living among us.

Each one of us is looking for the truth. Which one is ours? Our truth is to feel God in our heart intimately, in the serenity, and sublime and wonderful peace that Mary gives, the Mother of Peace, Mary Mother Reconciler, Our Mother of Guadalupe, Mary Virgin and Mother of the Church. It is so beautiful to feel her! Our Church is so splendid! I am going to tell you and I will repeat this once again: We must feel comfortable in the Church assisting to great assemblies throughout the world in which each one has the right to speak about the Word of God. We cannot hide what we hold within because it is the fire of Jesus that is lit in our hearts, especially in the hearts of youth, jubilant youth, filled with constant eagerness. They have looked for Him, but they are finding Him in the depth of their souls so Mary can work with the fervor of the Mother of God. Mary is softly touching them; she is caressing their heads, helping them and saying, “Come, little children of my Heart. My Heart I gave you, I continue to give you and I shall give you forever.”

The Mother of God is calm, serene, soft, full of shinning light like the sun, greater than the sun, greater than the stars, greater than space, greater than the color green. Green like the hope of the blessed land of Marmora. It is touching; it moves this motherly heart that loves. This is why I am a mother too, mother of seven children and fourteen grandchildren and so many other souls who have crossed my path looking for a word of hope and I have opened my heart because my Mother has opened it to me. I cannot leave anyone outside, leaving with a sad heart or a soul torn by indifference. There can be no indifference in the hearts of the Christians, in the hearts of those who call themselves Christians. We all have to feel the soft touch of Mary and the incarnate pureness of Christ who came to such a blessed womb to look for us, to evangelize us and help us with our daily burden.

Now, I must say that we all must stand next to Him to help ourselves truly live the doctrine of Our Lord Jesus Christ. You have seen the Tablets of the Law that were given to Moses, and when Jesus said, “Love one another” How beautiful! It is a wonderful beauty to feel the call of loving one another, forgiving one another and holding everyone’s hand to form a group of lives that surrender to the Redeemer.

May God keep you and may He continue to give of Himself in the sacred altar where the priests hold Him in their hands in order to softly, sweetly give us our nourishment and feed us. Therefore, the Eucharist must be our daily company. We must receive the Lord everyday. It is the nourishment of the souls of those who truly call themselves Catholics to fulfill their duties with our Church. They are called to receive the Lord so nothing can stop them on the steep hill they are climbing to Mount Zion. You know the wonders that happened there and will continue to occur so the People of God can take their burden, luggage and food to keep on walking until they reach the great truth.

Behold, Christ lives among us. We are going to follow Him. Some will come to Marmora. Let us recall when Jesus on the Cross told Mary, “Woman, behold your son” and He told John, “Son, behold your Mother.” He gave us all in John so we could live his steps in life, working and aiding whoever needs us. Our task is to indoctrinate ourselves, evangelize ourselves in order to save, in these times, in this generation, the mankind of this century that is ending, agonizing.

War will come. Where are we going, Jesus? Families and the children must follow instructions, the commandments that are the Gospels of John, Mark, Mathew and Luke. The Gospels are so beautiful! I love them all, especially the Gospel of John: The wedding in Cana, the joy that all those who attended felt in those moments. What a beautiful miracle! And another miracle was when they were on the barge, on the boat and Peter got scared and Jesus told him, “Why do you fear? They were with Jesus the Masters of masters who could work the greatest miracles. And Jesus Christ has come to save all mankind.

Behold, the value of these apostles, the fact of following Him even when hardship came. We have to be courageous at all times. We have to say what we feel. We cannot deceive ourselves. God has not come to punish us. He forgives. The important thing is that we never should forget his message. The other words that have touched my soul are the ones Jesus said, “I thirst” It was the thirst for souls.

Therefore, we must stand to serve the Church He founded, the firm and precious Church with indestructible foundations, the Catholic, apostolic, Roman and universal Church. Love her, love her, love her. Love her priests and the Holy Father. May there be no division. We must be more united then ever before because we are coming to the time of times, the greatest and most beautiful times, but the most painful times because we are going to have to leave everything behind. It will be hard, but we have to withdraw from so many things.

Behold; let us open our eyes, Earth will shake. Yes these will be difficult times, we cannot be abusive of our land, the land is blessed, holy, and it produces fruits, vegetables, and the food we bring to our mouth to taste. It is beautiful to have a splendid land! I congratulate the owners because this land is for all those who come to feel their Mother and talk with her with a heart overflowing with the hope of being able to touch the hearts of all those who cross our life.

Now, I must end, but there is something very important I must tell you: We all have the duty of holding hands with the brother that is next to us. Jesus and Mary are with that brother. Let us not see the flaw of our neighbor. No one knows what the other person is bearing inside. Therefore, let us come together.
I invite you to Betania. I am inviting you because the lands where she chooses to appear are blessed, as this land is blessed, Medugorje, Mexico, and all the places she has chosen are too. This is why I invite you to Betania with its water cascades as the waters of Lourdes.

Mother, how many souls have been healed after they have visited you? How many souls have come to Marmora too, wanting to be healed and have left comforted? How many souls have gone to Mexico? Thousands, millions of souls who have gone to visit my Mother, Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Patroness of America. Our Lady of Medugorje is so beautiful! I love her so much, Our Lady of Peace. I wish my children could have peace, the living peace of love in which man can look into each other’s eyes, omit the flaws of the brother, and see another beautiful soul.

Betania, Betania is light of the world. Maybe this seems too much, but no.

I am a poor woman, a little girl who grew since she was five years old loving and feeling Jesus and his Mother in her heart. I have been completely devoted to the sacraments. I remember that I would wake up and pray every morning from 4:00 to 5:00, then I would get dressed and go to Holy Mass at 6:00, all the years of my youth, and little by little the love to Jesus and Mary grew so much that I offered my life to them. I wanted to be a religious so I went to the Convent of the Franciscan nuns. I felt so sorry for my mother because I did not want to leave her, but the love for Jesus was so strong and alive. It was the fire that I felt to offer myself to Him, a victim for priesthood, for the religious, for mankind so all would convert. I lived with them, but I did not turn into a nun. October 4 of 1954 was the day I had to decide. But a day before, Saint Therese of the Child Jesus appeared at the altar and threw me a rose. I tried to catch it with my hand but one of its thorns pricked me and drops of blood trickled from my hand. It was something so special. And I felt the Lord who told me, “You were born in the world, and you will live in that world struggling to gain souls for me, many souls. Do not be concerned that you will not graduate.” This was because I longed to be a doctor.

So, I am not here because I want to, no. Personally, I would like to be hidden from the world, but my Mother sends me out and in a way risks my life. Not that my life is mine, it is Jesus’, but she asks me to take the risk of misunderstandings. But let us think that all souls have the right to think what they please, each one has their own opinion, each person is a world, a world of God, a world that is good, generous and compassionate from within. And there also can be souls that cannot understand me. But what was right and beautiful was the fact that Father introduced me, although he only recently had met me. He was courageous. I congratulate him. He is a great and decided priest. This is what our Church needs: Courage, fortitude and kindness.

I also thank the community that brought me here, the Center of Peace, and all the people who came with me. They are good people, well prepared people, people that laugh, people with whom it is worth while sharing and being near because in spiritual matters we cannot be so rigid, no. The Lord wants us to be natural, just the way we are, ample and decided in our concepts, ideas and in moral values. This is what is beautiful in a soul. Let us not stop to think what other people are thinking of us. Let us think of the pretty things of a Holy Mother, my Mother, Mary, Mary Mother of the World, Queen of Peace and Reconciler of the Church. She is one in all her titles.

Thank you.

All those who are sick, will be healed in one way or another, I am not going to say this will take place immediately, but with time you will feel better. You are going to feel something very beautiful, you are going to feel the roses of Mary. You will ponder over this matter.

From now on, you are going to feel something new that enters into your heart and mind. You will see the day is clearer, your concepts are better defined, you have inner harmony, and the joy of the innocent child, or the young one who has passed a test with an excellent grade. Everyone is going to feel something wonderful: youth, the innocent children, adults, the elderly; everyone is going to feel in their hearts that Mary lives among us.

Another beautiful thing is that you will spread the Word of God; you will receive the gift of the Word. The Holy Spirit is going to work on the souls that are good and frequently are fearful. Do not fear. Fear makes us lose our focus, it makes the soul lag behind. You must try with humility, simplicity and sincerity. This is what Mary wants.

Maybe I am not a well-prepared woman, but my mother told me, “Follow me, little daughter, and spread my message of love, truth, justice and charity. The charity of the people who love and feel their Mother.”

And now feel the soft breeze, the holy breeze that comes from the Holy Spirit.

My respect to all the priests, all the people, this family and my respect to the whole universe with the Holy Father the Pope.

“In the Name of my Father, I bless you, my children, in the name of my Mother, I heal you in the body and in the soul and I will keep you here in my Heart. I will keep you, I will keep you here in my Heart from today on and forever.”

May peace be with you and may the light of the Holy Spirit enlighten you. You are in peace and in harmony with the whole world. May God keep us all.