Servant of God Maria Esperanza Medrano Bianchini’s words. Lowell, Massachusetts, USA

Saturday, September 18, 1993

[…] but those who love Our Lady and understand people. They know how to understand, they have a certain understanding of things, and they have given us the opportunity to meet Sister Margaret. Blessed be the Lord who has enlightened and illuminated the work of these people of Medjugorje, of that great message, and have understood that Betania also brings its message of reconciliation, and that without reconciliation there cannot be peace.

So, there is an acceptance to a certain extent that makes me happy. They have truly opened the doors to me and have opened them to you as well. You have to answer to this grace and sing serenely, at ease.

When I speak, I do not know what I am going to talk about […]. I am going to sing, I have practiced my singing, I think I can do it. We know that when we enter into this relationship with the world of art, music and also of the people of the television, all these things, theater, all these things bring a lot of other things, and we have to try to embrace a new world; not being of the world because the world is all confused, but of course it has its very good and wonderful things too.

Let us think that we are doing everything for a new world, for a generation to come, who are the ones who will take advantage of all of this, especially our children, my grandchildren, your children, your children’s children. This is a community that is rising and growing and is giving its fruits; you can eat these fruits and fulfill yourself. You are going to fulfill yourselves, you have done so in Caracas singing in churches and going to homes of the elderly, going here and there, and you have felt very good. Now you are going out, as I did, well, you also are going out to the world, because it also depends on your actions, the courage you have, what you give with serenity, in your place. It is not that you are going to be brrrr, no, not that, not serious either; smile. It is not that you are doing your homework, no, I do not want homework.

But it is beautiful to think that there is someone, one person, or two or three, or four, or a whole community, like this one that is here of Medjugorje, that invites you here to the United States. So, I am the bond. Well, I always will have to be the bond, because I am always trying to help, and I achieve things according to the will of God, because I do not like to abuse the people.

So, be calm, serene, very happy, very content and walk forward with your voice, everyone driven by the desire to overcome himself or herself, spiritual overcoming; so, be calm.