Servant of God Maria Esperanza Medrano Bianchini’s Speech. Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine. Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Friday, July 23, 1993

[…] they lead us, guide us, and teach us and this is all truly beautiful because we begin to learn.

Life is a constant apprenticeship and even with age we do not stop learning.

Well, brothers I have been invited by this parish and I am very grateful for this, as I am grateful to the Center of Peace for the invitation Father Heffernan made me. The Lord has brought me to Mount Royal, I dreamed about Montreal since I was a child, I felt something special when people would talk about Montreal. Then I knew about Brother Andre and about the Oratory of Saint Joseph, the Patriarch of the Church, protector of the Christian family to whom we entrust ours, to whom we entrust all the families of the world so they may grow spiritually, and receive the fruits of the love of a Mother and of the Son of God. Jesus, He who gave Himself and continues to give of Himself in all the altars of the world to nourish us, and to strengthen us.

Thus, you have me here, a simple woman as any one of you with a home, family, and children who are growing. I have seven children, and now I am grandmother of fourteen grandchildren that make my heart rejoice and make me happy together with my husband. Therefore, I invite you and your families to think that if we imitate the family of Nazareth by sharing at the table, praying the rosary daily and meditating the steps of this Sacred Family. I am sure you all will feel the joy of living the Gospel. We must try to hand on the Gospel to our brothers, but for this we must prepare ourselves and live an honest and worthy life.

A month ago, my Blessed Mother gave me a message that said, “My little daughter, prepare yourself, you shall go to Canada and you shall find me with my arms outstretched as the Guadalupean Mother.” Thus, I am so touched and excited because she touched my heart.

Mary is so beautiful, modest and simple! Her smile and her humble personality as Mother of the Savior of the World reach our heart. It is beautiful to feel our Mother deep down in our heart! Spontaneously and naturally she makes herself felt as the honest and good maiden who brings us her message of love. Our Blessed Mother has come to look for us, to teach us and prepare us for evangelizing; because this is the greatest time and hour that mankind is living. Therefore, we must all unite in one heart, hold hands silently to walk hastily and put ourselves under the tutelage of Mary so she can teach us how to walk better.

Behold, Our Lady is asking me to tell you tonight, “My little children, I gave you my Heart, I am giving it to you and I shall continue to do so forever. My little ones it is the time of the awakening of consciences so all may receive my message. It is a message of love that you must spread out to your brothers. It is a message for everyone: rich and poor, ugly and pretty, black and white, and of all ideologies too. It is love what I am asking from you, to love is the condition of being able to feel in your heart the ringing of bells, to leave your homes to spread the message of this Mother, because only by holding hands with one another and keeping a straight line in regard to your duties, shall you be able to attain peace.”

You can see how the world is asking for peace. Therefore, I come under the title of Reconciler of all People and Nations to open routes and paths for those who are coming, the young ones who are standing because they are longing for wisdom, understanding and willpower. All must come together as the waves in the sea do when they reach the shore to rest. You shall rest with your mind open to the grace with the willpower of serving one another, aiding one another and especially receiving your divided brothers regardless of how the come or where they come from. What is important is to open your arms and help them walk better, and appreciate the fact that they are brothers, that there should be no resentment whatsoever. Behold, let us unite.”

Our Mother is telling us that we all should come together so this world of temptations can go back to the commandment that Jesus left us: “Love one another as I have loved you”. It is the time to awaken, to reconcile because without reconciliation we cannot attain peace. Thus, all families, men, human creatures must stand up like soldiers to defend their rights of social justice, and freedom to speak and to acknowledge Jesus, Savior of the World who has come again in these times to save us. He has remained in the tabernacle waiting for all his children to receive Him. Many have come, but many others are not here and have not made an effort to renew their lives meeting with Him.

Behold, let us be firmly convinced that Jesus lives among us, and that his Mother lives in our homes to help us lift our burden, so those who are sick, sad and are troubled due to their circumstances may stand up, walk, praise the Name of the Lord who is in heaven, and be willing to take their cross and love it. The cross will save us.

Apostolate work is the strength that balances the soul and helps it reconcile with its brother. Therefore, reconcile and unite so the fire, flame and warmth of the Son of God may augment. The Son of God who gave everything and still does unconditionally to save the People of God that is now receiving the grace from the Heavenly Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit who comforts to enlighten their souls and make them grow strong and firm. All this, to fight for a better world, a new world where hatred, resentment and social discrimination battles, and where wars will not exist. The only battles that will take place are battles of love, of constant and infinite love to the heart of the brother in order to work together in the vineyard of the Lord.

Behold, hold hands, keep your hearts fresh and luxuriant, and your mind open to receive the grace of the Holy Spirit. This is the era of the Holy Spirit that blows with its loving, soft and delicate yoke.

Behold, this woman that is here could tell you many beautiful things. She bears in her heart a flame that burns. It is the fire of my Jesus, it is Jesus that makes Himself felt in this poor heart to tell you, “I love you all, I love all the children that are in a pilgrimage on Earth. I love you with my Mother who is next to me helping me and helping you with the burden of a People who long for justice, peace, harmony, love and truth.”

Therefore, Our Lady is asking all priests to continue to work helping the People of God, a People that wishes for love, comprehension, true teachings in order to be at the disposal of those priests to help them with the burden. Therefore, defend priesthood and the Church so it may be delivered from all contamination of the world of sin, and from the negative currents of men who seek truth in darkness, in the shadows.

It is the time to gather all parishioners, all the People of God so they may come to understand that the Church is the rock and foundation of Christ the King with the Holy Father, the Pope. We must follow him, we must take shelter in him, in the heart of this reigning Pope who is suffering so much, helping everyone and looking for all his brothers so they may come and help with the burden of a People that wishes to find help, protection, culture, education and so many necessary rules that are needed to spread the message of our Church. Our Lady is saying, “Come, that the Mother of Jesus, Mary of Nazareth lives among you and has come to help you fashion the People, a People of love, forgiveness and mercy.”

It is mercy what we cry out for. We can find mercy in the Mother of God. Mary is making herself felt in all her apparitions throughout the world. She is calling her People, her little children, her youth, adults and the elderly crouched down by age. But she is calling everyone with her priests, and with her Church renewing the cells of all men on Earth despite persecution. Jesus was persecuted and He continues to be so because many still deny Him. However, He continues to wait trusting that all his children will come to his presence seeking the nourishment of such wonderful and great doctrine that delivers us from sin.

Brothers, especially the priests, I am truly touched. I have felt silence in your souls from which one can appreciate adoration, love and respect to your Mother. Therefore, I thank you. Thank you for receiving this poor woman who has come with the humility of a servant who answers the call of her Blessed Mother. It is Mary, the Flower of Mount Carmel, the wild violet of Nazareth the one who is worthy of all applauses on Earth, of all the love of her children so all the currents of the Rivers and Oceans of the world may kneel before the Lord. It is the Lord of lords, our Heavenly Father who governs the world and wishes for this world to save itself from what is making it shake right now: incurable diseases, the ailment we all know and drugs.

It is time to leave behind our weaknesses, and the mental deformation of the feeble. Therefore, let us help them with our sacrifice, penance and with the Eucharist. To me, this is the most beautiful and perfect thing we have. The Eucharist, the Blessed Sacrament, the Holy Mass. Holy Mass is waiting for us every day so our holy priests may hoist the Eucharist in order to tell the People of God that Jesus is alive and lives among us, so graces may descend and we may be saved from our mistakes and from falling.

And now, before I say good-bye, I wish that everyone: Priests, adults and the elderly could lift a prayer for the People of God to come together in one heart in order to confirm that Jesus Christ and his Mother live among us and that we are going to be saved because we must. All mankind has to be saved. Temptation and sin leave us because God lives among us, He has stayed with us, He will not leave us feeling alone and sad. No more war, sin, fear or persecution. You have seen how Medjugorje has suffered so much.

Therefore, let us pray every day gathering our families together in our homes holding the rosary in our hands. By doing this our children will see us and will grow to love the rosary. And with our neighbors and friends we will fashion a great family, the family of God that will be able to say tomorrow, “We are free from the bonds of sin because the Lord with his Blessed Mother have come to gather us so we could live with them and save our souls”.

I thank you all. Blessed be all of you who have given me the opportunity to open my heart to you. Do not expect that I have a great preparation or culture, no. I have, with my Mother, the simpleness of a woman from a town who loves and feels her family and all the families of the world, as well as her Church, her priests, and the Father in Rome, the Holy Father.

Let us pray for the Holy Father, may God extend his life. May we all be united in one heart, may there be no division or disagreements. May we all be joined with the light of the New Dawn of Jesus because He is coming. He is here. We cannot see Him, but we feel Him. Soon, there will be a great miracle in the world; something so big the world will shudder. We will be delivered from sin and disbelief.

May God keep us all and may He grant us his holy blessing with his scepter that is leading and helping us.

I thank all of you. Amen.