Servant of God Maria Esperanza Medrano Bianchini’s Speech. Lowell Memorial Auditorium. Lowell, Massachusetts, United States of America

Saturday, September 18, 1993

  • In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
  • The Angelus.
  • Glory Be.

Brothers, we are here to celebrate a great event and this event is related to the land of Betania II. Sister Margaret has been the chosen soul to place her feet on this blessed land and reaffirm her steps in Mary, Virgin and Mother of the Church, Mother of Peace of Medjugorje, and also under our title of Mary, Virgin and Mother Reconciler of all People and Nations of Betania of the holy waters. It is Mary the Mother of God under different titles, but she is only one because Mary is multiple, she is the Mother of all times, the little girl of Nazareth, Mary the humble wild violet of the fields of Jerusalem, and Mary the sorrowful Mother at the foot of the Cross with her Divine Son that was brought down from the Cross and placed in her blessed arms. Mary is the hope of all people and nations.

We are all here to open routes and ways for those who are coming behind us, for the children who are growing turning into youngsters, adults, entrepreneur men, professional men, men who are willing to fight against the negative current of the shadows that cover our eternal heaven and make it confusing, because these men have changed, many have turned into men that are deprived of the faith that Jesus Christ, our Lord left us with the commandments of the Law of God.

Therefore, let us call all our brothers of all races, of all peoples and nations, the rich and poor, the ugly and pretty, everyone, because for the Lord all his children are equal. Of course, the Lord draws near those who fulfill their duties and lead an honest and worthy life helping them go and conquer their brothers to spread his Word, his wonderful doctrine that is the key of the Christian, to truly renew and save himself.

I wish I could tell you so many things I bare in my mind and in my heart. It is the yearning of heaven, of an immense open blue sky that allows the shinning rays of Jesus, as sun of truth and justice penetrate all the consciences of men so all may rise to live the Gospel.

These times, I would say apocalyptic times, cry out for the Gospel. There is a lot of noise in the world, guerilla, oppression, hunger, misery, spiritual nakedness, and so many other things that throw off balance the climate of peace that should surround us. The moment in which men in the midst of this noise, cry out screaming, “Stand like a soldier to go to battle” we lose our tune. But there is another soft, delicate and peaceful voice, it is the voice of the Mother of Jesus, of Mary who has come to prepare us, reeducate us and teach us how to live in these days of social injustice.

Mary wishes social justice among her children, especially among those who are suffering great calamities as those in Africa, in Medjugorje with the war. So many children have had to leave, so many have stayed and are hoping war will come to an end. O my Lord and my God! When I came in April I said that in more or less three months, things in Medjugorje would improve reaching an important treaty to put an end to war. The time is due, but I believe it is now when a halt will take place. No more war! No more betrayal! No more spiritual decay in the souls! Let us pray for Medjugorje today.

May peace be with you. Thank you.

Well, now let us talk about our Betania of the holy waters. The Lord in his infinite and great wisdom knows what He is doing and why He is doing this. He is choosing his places in the world with the apparitions of Mary so all nations may hold hands because it is Mary, the Mother of Jesus, our Mother who is coming to save us. As I have said in other opportunities, Jesus has told his Mother, “Mother, take the scepter, hold it firmly and help me save all my young brothers.” And Mary with the humility, simpleness and sweetness of a Mother has taken the scepter and is willing to save all men on Earth.

You may say, “But the world is confused.” I believe so too. Man does not want to understand the call. How many times has the Holy Father gone from one place to another, our wonderful Pontiff to give his word and help mankind to reconcile and unite? However, man is still halted in the middle of the path. So, I must tell you, when the People do not obey the highest authority of the Church it suffers very much, everyone suffers: priests, nuns and the People of God.

Therefore, Mary is living among us because only Mary as a Mother who loves and feels her children deep in her Heart is capable of all the wonders she can give them by touching their hearts. It is Mary who is going to touch the hearts, no matter how they come. The prime base is that she is opening her arms and is saying, “My little ones, come to me for I shall comfort you, just as my Divine Son comforted the sick and the sad, and made them stand so they could walk following Him, the Son of God.” How many healings all over Palestine, the Sea of Galilee, Capernaum? What my Jesus did was such a beautiful prodigy.

We have come to these times and many men still deny his coming. Yes, men are rebellious and are trying to cover the great truth we have in front of us: A strong Church that has been fortified with the precious gems that were the price of the Blood of Jesus. It is Jesus who every Friday is crucified once again revealing his wounds, the Blood that runs from his side, drawing his last breath, and saying, “I thirst. I thirst for souls. I desire souls to save them all, so they can embrace in the arms of my Mother. Because it is Mary, my sweet Mother who has come to gather you all.”

Behold, the foundations of a perfect Church, because the work of the Lord is perfect. The Church is perfect, only that men grow weak and try to cover the great truth we have in front of us. Therefore, we have to defend her by all means. We who are Catholics who love and feel our Church, we must pray for our priests, nuns, our divided brothers and for all mankind because only then can we prevent a schism from occurring. We can already see decay in some people who intend to change some rules and teachings. This cannot change.

I must say, the priest is the wonderful source in which Jesus comes every day to the altar, to the consecration. Priests are the only ones who have the right to absolve our sins and to hoist up high Jesus offering us his Mystic Body and his Blood shed on the Cross. Therefore I beg you to pray and to do penance on Friday, especially the prayer of the holy rosary. The rosary is our salvation, the hope of the people, it is new life for men, and it represents the Immaculate Heart of Mary that gave itself in Fatima to the small shepherds. There she is trying to avoid more tears shed because of the lack of trust of the People of God and of our priests.

Priests have touched my heart. I feel something that is born from within, deep down inside that tells me: Pray for your priests, save them by all means, let them not feel depressed, let them not feel cornered by sin, or the passion of the world, or the torments that surround them because they are our salvation. What could we do without our holy priests? Where would we go to confession? Who would give us Communion? Who is going to give us the advice of a pastor? My Mother suffers so much! Mary cries, she is crying because she sees danger, but she is so good, sweet and wise, that she is calling all of them and saying, “Sons, trust in the Heart of my Beloved Son and trust in the Heart of this Mother.”

Mary is our hope. It has been Mary who has appeared to us in Betania on several occasions. She is calling the people to reconcile to achieve peace, the peace of Medjugorje, the peace of the world. It is peace what we need and without reconciliation we cannot reach peace. It is peace what we need, the peace of the People of God, the peace of everyone.

And now I want to tell you something very important to me that is very important to you too: Pray for our Holy Father, John Paul II, our generous and compassionate Pontiff. He is suffering very much, especially regarding his health. Let us pray for his health, may the Lord continue to extend his life. We need him more than ever because he is the one who represents my Lord in the Chair of Peter. Having him there is like having a father, the father of all the Catholics of the world who love and feel their Church as the promised hope of all times, when Jesus said, “I shall come among you and few shall recognize me. I shall come, I shall continue to come constantly, I shall use my souls, the people who follow me and truly understand what evangelization means.”

It is evangelization what we need. To spread the word to all people and nations despite our lack of culture, or high education, it is enough to have an open heart that loves and feels its brothers, that loves the one who suffers, who grieves, who is in pain, who has an affliction, who is sick. God is in the one who loves.

Therefore, let us love our brothers, all who persecute us, all who are going astray. Let us give them a word of hope and of something to look forward to. Let us call them to meet with us because it is through dialogue that two people can come to understand what it means that God is among us, because He is, and Jesus lives among us.

You must know that all the saints that gave themselves for love are willing to watch over us here on Earth. And you may ask, “Is this possible?” Well, yes it is. Our devotions, our love, our saints are with us, like Saint Peter the apostle whom I love so much, my Seraphic Father Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint John the Baptist and so many others who gave of themselves for love to God. They make themselves present with our prayers, our pleas, our self-donation, when we share with the poor, humble, needy, with the sick in the hospitals, with those who live in the poorest slums, or where there is that great problem that is scourging the people, you know I mean Aids.

Let us pray for these youngsters, for those mothers, for all those people who are suffering, like those in drugs. It was because of their weakness, yes, but it was also because they did not know how to choose the right friends at times and they went astray. But no one is lost they can be rescued with the love of their parents, family, friends, hospital personal, doctors, and scientists. This is why we have scientists; doctors heal with their medicine.

But I know another kind of medicine, the medicine of Jesus and his Mother. The Mother and the Son are determined to save the world that is going astray, a world that is anesthetized by the poisonous virus of passion. It is passion what has led man to their perdition. It is not that we all are lost, no. The world can be saved, but it is the time to rise with our prayer, meditation, penance and Eucharist.

The Eucharist should be our daily nourishment, not only on Sundays. We should become pious, generous, and compassionate souls that wake up each morning to receive the Lord. If we cannot receive Him in the morning, we should go during the afternoon. These souls are doing so much and they can do even more. We should receive the Lord who feeds us, strengthens us, fills us with hope, and with dreams to look forward to in order to forge ahead. We must be firmly convinced that Mary is by our side helping us share with our brothers the vicissitudes of life and pleasant times too; as for example, when we share our bread at the table with our brothers all united in one heart.

Now, brothers, I congratulate you because you have come seeking the promised hope that will soothe the hearts of the sick, sad, battered, also of our religious sisters, of their congregations, priests, parents, fathers, mothers and of all those who are sharing with each other in the place where the Word of God has made itself felt in our hearts.

I must be brief because now a great man is going to speak. He has great writings, especially his splendid book, “The Final Hour” in which he calls us to reflect upon different issues and to come to know the world even more. He is going to address you all and in his talk you will notice there are men with great moral and spiritual values who can help us with the burden.

Thank you, Sister Margaret, for all the moments we have shared together here in Lowell and in Betania II. I felt the joy of a small child when we walked around the land and saw all the green that was full of hope in the future. Many souls will come out of that land to preach and evangelize. They will be good and generous souls, and will cooperate with you to help you with the burden, to help Medjugorje, and all this family that is willing to live the Gospel.

I thank you all. And blessed be my Lord for bringing me here. Please, excuse me because I have not felt so well these last few days. Say a little prayer for me. Sometimes I believe I am going to leave soon, I do not know why. Excuse me for saying this, but sometimes I feel my Mother walking around this area next to me in order to leave her footsteps. It is the Mother of Peace here in Lowell in the United States. She is here and everywhere. And my Mother Reconciler is here too. It is one Mother, the Mother of God under different titles, but it is Mary the Blessed Mother, the Sorrowful Mother of the Calvary and Mary of Nazareth the innocent, good, generous, and compassionate girl who has come to save us. Let us all be saved.

Let us pray. We should pray, we should share, and we should do spiritual exercises because in doing this we find a wonderful range of teachings for our souls.

Let us come together in one heart and say:

Our Father.

I thank you all. Blessed be Mary who has come to save us. I thank all of you and I keep you here in my heart.

In the Name of my Father, I bless you, my children,

in the name of my Mother, I heal you in the body and in the soul

and I will keep you here in my Heart. I will keep you,

I will keep you here in my Heart from today on and forever.

May peace be with you and may the light of the Holy Spirit enlighten your souls. You are in peace and in harmony with the whole world.

Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.

Thank you.