Servant of God Maria Esperanza Bianchini’s Speech. Saint Joseph’s Convent. Framingham, Massachusetts, USA

Monday, April 26, 1993

Good afternoon to everyone.

In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The Angelus.

Glory Be.

May the Lord and his Blessed Mother live with us eternally.

Sisters, Mother Superior, Principal and all the religious who are here and have consecrated to my Lord and to his Blessed Mother, so the warmth and the flame of those blessed Hearts penetrate yours and the heart of all men on Earth saving this century that is agonizing. Thus, I am so deeply moved within my heart.

I feel so pleased that I was able to come here and go to Betania II, such a beautiful and splendid place. And I am sure that you can help me with the burden, with your prayers, your nobility and with the generosity you have shown, by bringing me here to share these moments with you.

I thank all of you, I thank the Mother Superior, the Principal and all of you small maidens of Jesus who are at the disposal of your brothers with your prayers, and above all with a total surrender and withdrawal from the world and its pleasures. You have devoted yourselves to the well-being of your community, of communities that need prayer, and of all those who wish to come together in ideas of spiritual development. All of them are united to your hearts and to the hearts of Our Lady and of Jesus, and are also united to this poor heart of a mother, a mother who loves and feels all of you in her own heart because of Mary, Our Heavenly Mother, the sweet maiden who offered herself for the incarnation of the Son of God, He whom all generations were waiting for, through the work and grace of the Holy Spirit.

I thank everyone. Thank you, Sister. I thank all those who came with me on this great mission. It has been a mission for it is beginning to receive the fruits of the Heart of Jesus. But children, we have to work so much contributing with the growth of the souls, and handing on that little flame that Jesus lights in the hearts through the love to his Father, the love to Mary, to the Holy Spirit and to our Patriarch Saint Joseph, protector of families, protector in the hour of death, and especially protector of all the workers of the world, and of all parents. For it is in the family that the education of man and his growth depends, so he may also learn to walk the paths of the Lord together with his brothers.

Thank you. And may all of you be blessed, may the Lord keep you and bless you forever. Amen.

May God bless you.