Servant of God Maria Esperanza Bianchini’s speech. Memorial Auditorium. Lowell, Massachusetts, USA

Sunday, september 19, 1993
My brothers and sisters, holy priests who are here, sisters who are the pupils of my Holy Mother, here I am among you with a beautiful, splendid and flourished audience. Each one has the dream of feeling in his heart the call of Jesus telling you: “Come to Me, all of you who are weary, tired, sad and troubled, for I will give you the consolation you desire.”

It is so beautiful to feel comforted by Jesus when we are sad, depressed or sick on a bed without being able to get up to walk. He comes to us to help us, to comfort us in our affliction; and we see Mary at his side with the humility of the Servant of God looking deep into our eyes, telling us in that look: “My little children, trust in my Divine Jesus. He is the one who heals the wounds of the sinner. He is the one who relieves the tribulation of a family when it is undergoing great difficulties. He is the one who helps the person walk better as Shepherd of Souls because Jesus, my Divine Son, is the Shepherd who leads you through beautiful paths with fruit trees, and on the way, in those trees, you will find small birds that sing to make your heart rejoice, reaching the still waters where Jesus comes again to give you a renewing Baptism.”

It is so beautiful to feel upon our soul, upon on our head the dew of pure, wonderful and clear water, as that of the fountains of Betania and that river, the Jordan River, and of a Mother of Lourdes where Bernadette found the grotto of prayer to convert so many sinners. So many souls have been saved going to Lourdes. So many conversions. So many souls have been called to prayer, one that has led them to their true vocation. This is all so beautiful. It is a compendium of new life and of human life fulfillment.

Well, brothers and sisters, this morning there have been talks about so many things. My children, perhaps because of the love they have for me, have tried to introduce me as something very special. This is not so. I also have my human things: I often rebel against those who try to disorient the youth; as when I see an unbeliever trying to overshadow the great truth of our Holy Church, a Church that I love so much; and also when I see men and women who are following paths that are not the righteous ones. All this puzzles me, this is perhaps my sin, to rebel against things that are not in order.

So, forgive me. Forgive me, Jesus. I want to be meek and humble. Humility, humility and always humility until I lose consciousness and live only for You, Lord, and for Mary. Of course, I love my family, I love it. They are so good: my husband, my children, my relatives, my friends, the People of God that pamper me at the sacred altars, in order to leave the Word of the Lord, Jesus.

A Word that I love is a great commandment, that I carry in my heart, when He said: “Love one another as I have loved you.” If we love each other we will be able to fulfill the Good News of these times: The light of the new dawn of Jesus, Jesus refulgent of light, with the vigor and energy of those days when He walked around Palestine spreading his message of love, his wonderful doctrine, the only doctrine in the history of mankind. Of course, Moses received the commandments of the Law of God, but who was able to fulfill them but Jesus Christ. That is the greatest thing. He who followed the Heavenly Father’s Laws.

So, I wish to call you to a meditate upon something: We have to explore the depths of our hearts: How are we within? What is our heart, our soul, our spirit, our mind asking for? What does this body want? Where do you want to belong, in order to live in a particular way with your God, our God, the sacraments, the Eucharist and the moral values ​​of a man who today must be readjusted in order to serve his brother? Our brothers are crying out for justice and at the same time for love, love of the just because, we are all filled with tribulation, because the world and man are going astray. How many people are lost? How many people are going through difficult times because they did not listen to the voice of the Lord, the voice of their parents, the voice of their good friends? Behold, the great evil that is scourging peoples and nations; moral and spiritual unbalance.

So, today, I will not talk about myself. What for? The Lord is who does that. What I do want you to understand and to know is that now is when I have begun to go from place to place, to spread the message. For many years, I was hidden from the eyes of man. I would go from one place to another, to almost all the nations of the world, to see and observe what was happening in each country: their customs, how they lived, what they did and thus obtain judgment and logical criterion of their lives, but today I am in front of an audience that is not from my country, most of you are not from my country. It is truly so difficult that in another country, that is not yours, people can come to understand you and understand the truth of the facts that have occurred in the days of the life of a human being.

But right now, this human being is in front of you and tells you: Trust, trust unlimitedly, trust in the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Jesus who with his Heart and his burning flame with tiny sparks of colors opens his Heart, so that you may enter, on this great day.

I say: great day, because I feel in my Heart infinite emotion, tenderness, something soft and delicate that touches me, that touches me slightly and this something is your hearts, those who have opened the window of your souls to reach the Heart of my Mother. It is not my heart, it is hers. Therefore, I want you to answer Mary because you have seen how she came to Medjugorje. So many conversions. So many of you have raised to serve her! You must have suffered very much seeing that beautiful country, that was full of joy, of good and innocent young people who gave themselves to that Mother with warmth and devotion, now suffering war.



So let us join, as I once said here, as the waves of the sea to rest. Let us rest on all the shores, the beaches of the whole world today on this day, so that the ocean of the world, of all the worlds in a single world, in a single earth all unite in a single ideal: Living the Gospel Because it is evangelization that will save us. We all really want to be able to carry the message of the Mother because it is Mary, as I said yesterday, that everywhere, in almost everyone, in the nations is touching the hearts of all their little ones so that they carry everywhere the message Of Mary, our Mother, she Mary, the Flower of Carmel, she Mary, the Mother of Medjugorje of Peace and she Mary, Virgin and Mother of the Church as Reconciler of the Peoples who comes to reconcile us.
I wish first of all to let you know that the time has come for all of us to enter into an order of ideas and to reflect on the steps and life of Jesus with his Mother in Nazareth and with Joseph of Nazareth, Patriarch St. Joseph, the adopted father of Jesus: Sacred Family. Because only the family will achieve the stability of all peoples, all nations. It is the family that has to really exercise the principles of a doctrine, the doctrine that Jesus has given us.
So let’s practice that doctrine. Holy Mass on Sundays, it is not necessary to tell them because I know that the majority here does, but there are many who may not practice it with due devotion. The Holy Mass is to live the Passion of Jesus, it is His Holy Body that is offered, it is His Blood that spills to call us to His Heart to purify us, to cleanse us, to purify us and to hold us to His loving breast of Son of God.
Let us all think that Holy Mass should be our best food, because there is the delicacy in that Santa Mesa; It is Jesus, Jesus waiting for us. Jesus calling us in one form or another, but looking for us to help us change our attitude towards life, improving our lives. The Mass is the most beautiful meditation we can do: the Holy Mass, the Eucharist. Our love of love in Jesus because Jesus is our love, the love of all men on earth because He came to save us, to sanctify us, to improve our life and give us impetus to go from place to place to carry the Word, like those apostles who gave themselves completely when He went to heaven and from one place to another went preaching and carrying the message of the Lord.

In these times we have to repeat it as never before in previous years it may have been done. It is now, in this age, at the end of the century because this century is dying and we all need each other as apostles of the Immaculate Heart of Mary because it is Mary who is offering herself. She with her Son, her Son in her with us all there on the altar, there in our whole family, in our houses, our homes and there looking at the sky. Blessed be my heaven, when will my departure be to meet my Lord and my Mother?
That is why, let us unite with all our hearts without suspicion, without distrust, without fear, without worries of thinking: “Can I do this? Will all this be true? What does the Lord want from us? The Lord wants from us all the best. To save ourselves, to re-educate ourselves and to help us with the burden with His Blessed Mother to live better. And why is that better to live better? Daily experiences with our families, with our loved ones, with our friends and even with all our enemies who do not love us, but if we love them, what can offend us then because that love inside comes from Jesus and comes from Mary who really calls us and impels us to deeply feel the Gospel that gives love; Love is born; Reaffirms love; Awareness of our ideas, our thoughts, our way of being, how we should live and how we should behave when someone really comes to meet us to help us look up thinking: The Lord wants it that way and wants it, wants it so that we We can really find the primordial basis of love with the faith lived every day and with the hope that is the illusion of every human being to grow spiritually and with charity, the ardent charity that is vivifying the spirit, and consolidates our Heart with all our brothers.
I would like to tell you something that has come to my heart: A great woman you have here, Sister Margaret Sims, generous for the love of Jesus and Mary who awakens human values ​​and reaffirms the faith of many souls. There, the growth of a work that you are doing most of those who are here: Messengers of Medjugorje. What a beautiful work they are doing. I’ve been following them. Do not believe, I observe, I see every face, every being and I look forward to work, to help and to raise their houses that are the houses of the Lord, the houses of Mary and our religious are stone and foundation Of that Holy Church.
So I want to say to Sister: Sister count on our prayer because it is prayer that makes realize the impossible desires of souls who want to find the true path to follow.
How many souls here want to find their truth? It’s me? What do I serve? Where am I standing? How do you get into Faith, trust in God? I want to trust Him but there is something missing and I can not find. I am going to tell you something: Let yourself be led like innocent children because it is in the child where the Lord can enter, releasing him from the bonds of sin, mistrust and fear.
So, I thank Sister a lot for her invitation and especially with my children. My children are small creatures, although they look great and have grown up and have their children, their homes and their families, but I still think that they are still my little ones that I cradled in my arms, like a bear in these days and especially in these trips to my Children, the little ones who are my grandchildren. It is said that the love of mother is something very great, but I would also tell you the love of the grandmothers is something immense, immense.

So, I call on all mothers to give their children much love, to correct them yes, but with great discretion, with much love. It is in love where they can find the lights of faith and the grace that the Holy Spirit gives.
That is why, on this day the Holy Spirit is going to blow here for all the almitas. He will be felt in your souls, in your minds, in your bodies healing, strengthening, helping them to grow spiritually and to feel, firm, strong strengthened by a wonderful faith and more than all with a great inner harmony because when we are harmonized with Our Lord And with our Holy Spirit we are also harmonized with our brothers because there the darkness can not fit, the shadows can not fit, the negativity I could not find. Everything is clear like those waters of which I spoke to him of the waterfalls of Lourdes, of the waterfalls of Bethany and of the light of Medjugorje with that Cross in high seeing the horizon, looking away there where the Lord called the children and calls us to all. There is the Lord and He is here among us.
It is not necessary to say: I have to have faith, I have to go to that part that I was told. No, your faith has to be searched within yourself. What are your conditions as a woman, a man, a child? How do you live? Where do you feel good? Where do you feel bad? Where can you fit and where can not fit? You have to know for yourself what it is that longs for your heart, your mind, your life … where it is.
Then I would like to tell you something else, and that you will go on firmly convinced that God lives among you, that nothing and no one will stop your walking, nor your long pilgrimage through life because the works of the Lord are perfect. We as humans are imperfect, but the works of the Lord decreed by Divine Law are perfect.
Then, if we have a Church so beautiful and so great, a stone and foundation where I have been able to live, where I married there in San Pietro in Rome. If we have that stone and foundation and there is a Holy Father the Pope, a humble, generous and compassionate man with all of us his People, People of God; Then, we have to camp there with our thoughts, with our acts of daily living, with our dedication to the beings that need us and, finally, in everything we undertake: Those who write books, those who are truly journalists, characters writers ; Doctors; Wise men; The humble carpenter; The one that gives us the light, that of electricity; The one who takes us to our house the water, the one who works there. We need all the hands of the world, we are all one character represented in Christ, represented in the Pope.
Let us now turn to the stone of San Pietro in this hour, in this hour, in these minutes and in these seconds, so that we may rest a little and may say: Lord Jesus, we come to Rome to seek the faith of The apostles. Here we are, St. Peter, you are the foundation stone and help us to be strong and firm in our decisions of life so that we can understand that the Lord is calling us for a continuous service with a labor of love, human solidarity and exact conscience of our duties.
Let us meditate a little.
Silence is the positive force that reaffirms man in his rights because in silence is the most beautiful secret. There is Jesus in the enclosed tabernacle waiting for us. And there we can talk to you and say how much we need you and how much we want to change and improve our inner life to serve you, love you and make you recognize all of your children.

So we came back. A beautiful return that with the days is when we are going to begin to realize that the stone and foundation of that Church is untouchable because it is perfect because it was Jesus, the Christ, the Savior of the world who put his bases and bases there every day To be strengthened. They will be stronger and firmer because man will understand that there is his great truth, the truth of all times: That Jesus is the Son of God and that he came to rescue us from sin.
And now, brethren, I would like to speak many things: From the appearances of my Mother in Bethany, the beauties we have seen … show the sun of all colors beautiful color: Green, yellow, blue, gold, silver … Turn and come almost touching the trees in the grotto of my Mother, and look at the grotto and see her leave spontaneously and naturally from one tree to another bouncing like an innocent, smiling girl with us.
These are the apparitions of Bethany! A Mother, a Mother-Child who is made to feel for her children, for the young, for the adults and for the elderly, makes everyone feel.
And when I remember the first time I saw her … It has remained in my soul sown forever and all my family and all my friends. Here are many of them who have seen it too, of those who accompanied me to the trip. Many of them can give their testimonies, they all know of Mary, how that sweet Mother Mary came under the invocation of beautiful Lourdes, with her white mantle and blue ribbon, with her hands here and her rosary hanging … like The Miraculous with its luminous rays that illuminated our souls dressed in beautiful white, beautiful and Santa Catalina de Laboré kneels in front of her. The beautiful Guadalupana Mother with its luminous rays.
Mother of Guadalupe, how great is your beauty and how beautiful you are, Mother, that is why you dazzled Diego, that poor man, poor good Indian whom you chose to take the message to the Bishop. How much he had to suffer as well, but you presented yourself with the roses in that mantle so that you could see that they were fresh and your image was engraved there. How beautiful you are! How beautiful is Mexico and how great are their hearts of all Mexicans.
And also my Mother appeared and presented herself and continues to present herself as Maria Orante on her knees praying for us all dressed in white like a nun.
Mary appeared in Bethany as the Sorrowful woman with her black veil and her hands like that … asking for mercy for the People of God, for all, so that we could pray and that we might see, so that there would be no more Christs. Enough of Christ, souls who kill them, who destroy them. Those who die like this are other Christs, and she does not want to see her children suffer as her little Son, the Son of God, suffered.
There the Mother appeared as Mary Help of the Christians of pink and blue with her little Son, with her scepter telling us: “Little children, go on, go on forever. Do not look back, do not distrust. My help you will have it, my help will save you, my help will always have, always. ”
There Mary has appeared as the Mother, the Immaculate Conception all dressed in white and blue with two heavenly angels at her feet, with their hands blessed together and for now has raised her arms and left as flying as when leaving the world: Assumption of our Lady to the heavens.

How beautiful we have seen Mary dropping her roses like that … and left us the Petals. This is Bethany’s secret, the falling Petals of the Mother. Where do they come from, who throws them, what happens, Lord? It is Mary, my God. Do you know what that is?
Now you will think. Think how we all would have been happy, but sad at the same time because the persecution is never lacking and they say: “They are crazy.” But never mind Jesus was the most beautiful and beautiful crazy in the world, his madness of love for us Was to save us and what we can do in these times but to commit that madness of loving it and feeling it by seeing its Mother who comes to collect us to save us.
That is why, I wish that little by little they have assimilated the message, little by little. And when they sit down and when they wish to have an encounter with my Mother go to Bethany, go to Medjugorje. Do not leave Medjugorje, Medjugorje needs you, all those who met the Holy Mother, all those who received miracles from the Mother, all those who really felt in their hearts that Mary was with them and that those children were honest and Worthy of the love of that Holy Mother.
Then, look for Mary. Seek her that you will find her, wherever you go you will find her because she is made to feel with her roses, with her blessed fragrance and her wonderful light that makes her notice us in ourselves, in our change of life, in our acting, and in our feeling By the things of heaven, all things of God, by Christ his Son and by that beloved Church that will bequeath us to a better tomorrow.
That better tomorrow is near, it is our encounter with the Lord. Many say, “They are crazy.” Jesus is approaching.
All the ground movements, all this amount of cyclones, of things that are happening is like a world order. But no, the world is going to follow its cause, it follows that world a long, very long way through centuries and more centuries. It’s not that it’s going to end, no, not now. There is no need to think about that we must think about the renewal of our souls, the renewal of those children who grow up to be truly chosen ones to practice good and truth.

It is good, it is the truth that the Lord desires of us and for that we have to inject to our children that grow, the truth of a God in perfection; The truth of a Son of God, Jesus, his Divine Son who came to save us; And from the Heart of a Mother, the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The Mother of Jesus and our Mother who comes to collect us and to tell us: “Come, my little ones, for I will lead you.” And how sweet Mary is, how soft she is, what feelings.
O Mary Mother, help me, help our brothers and sisters to grow spiritually so that we can meet your Divine Son face to face. Perhaps we are not worthy, but as He is so good, He will perform the great miracle from His coming in all ages and from this age: His coming; The miracle of the multiplication, the miracle of the wedding of Cana, the miracle of the Lake of Tiberias where the boat sank and there he said to them: “Men, rise up, have faith.”
So, let’s think the Lord is coming. We have the right to prepare ourselves to really deserve their arrival, but we may have to suffer a little. We will suffer, but we will succeed in meeting Him on a clear morning, all full of light and all nations will shudder. Not saying, “There comes war, there’s war they’re going to kill us.” Not saying, “Here comes the Savior of the World who rises again to take us with Him freed from all guilt of sin.”

So, I beg all of you to listen to this poor woman. She knows nothing, she is only a woman who loves and feels her people and who feels the creatures in her heart, but all this I owe to my Mother, to Mary, to her my sweet Mother.
And now: “My little children, my Heart I gave you, my Heart I give you and my Heart I will continue giving you forever. My little ones, revive your faith and seek my Heart. My Heart is overflowing with joy because you are here to hear the voice of your Mother. Do you understand what I mean by that? That I will enter your hearts and feel me in your homes, you will feel me in your families. What joy, there will be no more sorrow, there will be no fear, there will be no pain because everything, everything, absolutely everything will be temporary and that passage of your lives will be imprinted in my eyes so that you can shine like the stars that light up the world.

Brothers, I feel moved and I do not want these things to happen, I feel … I have no words, but I do know how to say something very important: Receive the Heart of my Mother with much love and with much docility. It is love that will save us because Mary has taken the initiative to seek all her children of the Earth using their souls, using all the people whom she can model and can lead by hand. Let us not be rebellious, we believe that God exists and that those things that we can not conceive for the Lord are so easy to do, for the Lord are so natural. Mary is so natural, so spontaneous, so sweet and loves us so much that she is able to come to her homes and give medicine to her children who are sick, to the one in a wheel chair go and say, “Walk, son” And rise, and she also as Jesus does miracles. This is the era of Mary, the era of the Mother of God because Jesus said to her: “Let us walk, Mother, together; We are going to save our people who are in need of us, lest our commandments be adulterated. “” Your doctrine, my son. ”
And so Mary and Jesus, united as a patriarch following them like this … will gently enter their homes to visit them. You will have the visit. I do not know where Mary will go, I do not know where Mary will go with Jesus, but I can tell you something serious and certain by the grace of the Holy Spirit who will visit you, you will feel … something so Great and wonderful that will say: “We are crazy. “They are not fantasies, they are truths, eternal truths because eternity has no end and this is decreed by the Father, it is he who in his decrees said:” I want to give man a Great opportunity to be saved. Let us again send Jesus to Mary invisible. ”

Jesus has remained in the tabernacle, there he lives waiting for us and the man has left him alone. Most seek in the world what they can not there because they have materialized. It is the hour of the awakening, and now Mary and Jesus will go around the world using their little ones to carry the message of love of a Mother who comes to seek them to shelter them all around her. Come in, come in.
Well, thank you all. I have been very touched today. I have lived many things from this morning to this moment, or rather, these three days, but today it has been strong. Strong, but beautiful; Crude but beautiful; And painful, but gentle. A soft, sweet pain like that of Mary when her Son was born and she had no diapers to wrap it around; However, the shepherds came, the beasts by their side, the sheep as well as the lambs accompanied them.
How beautiful it is to feel the Family of Nazareth in the Portal of Bethlehem. There we stayed in Bethlehem. A new birth for us … new life, hopes that will be realized and reasons that will lead us to that change because humanity has to change. It will change not in a long time, it is near already, justice is coming, but to be light and soft prayer is necessary because I do not conceive of my punishing Lord, no. He is good, generous and compassionate, and He comes to help us for it, sends us Jesus and his Mother. We are going to receive them with a great applause, the applause of Jesus and Mary that enter there giving us the motivation to move on to live the Gospel.
Thank you all and may God keep us.
In the Name of my Father I bless you, my children,
In the name of my Mother I the healings of body and soul
And I keep you here in my Heart, I will keep you, I will keep you,
I will keep you here in my Heart from today and forever. Amen.
May peace be with you and may the light of the Holy Spirit enlighten your souls. They are at peace and in harmony with the whole world. The sick will be healed but today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, but soon they will be healed and there will not be one that is not healed.
May God keep them, because God is, live among us.
Thank you.