Servant of God Maria Esperanza Bianchini’s Speech. Lowell Memorial Auditorium. Lowell, Massachusetts, USA

Saturday, April 24, 1993 3:40 p.m.

Good evening to everyone. We are going to pray three Hail Mary’s to Our Mother.

In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The Angelus.

Glory Be.Reverend priests and religious sisters, together with all this People of God, a people who sing to the Blessed Mother, spreading her message of love as hope to all those who need her assistance. She is the refuge of all Christians of the world and of all those who are waiting at the portal of the temple for the gates to open to enter and adore their Lord, Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, Jesus, our daily nourishment, Jesus, who gave himself on the Cross to save us, redeem us, sanctify us with his holy, blessed and beloved Blood. This is so for those who feel him and wish to receive him, to feel as joyful as the innocent children do, running next to their parents seeking warmth and protection.

O people of Boston! O people of North America! O blessed people called to bring all their brothers to conversion! There are no rich or poor, ugly or pretty, black or white, or people from other religions. We all have to reach the sheepfold of the Lord to drink from its fountain, from the holy waters of a Mother who called us to Lourdes, who is calling us to Betania of the holy waters and who has made herself felt in Medjugorje with so much love. She has made the enkindled flame of Jesus come forth from the heart of her children so they could go from one place to another spreading the Word: “Love one another.”

This is why it is necessary for all of us to prepare ourselves. Difficult times are near and it is necessary to fully convert. It has to be a true conversion that will make our divided brothers see that we are giving the best of our hearts so they may feel the divine breath of Jesus, of his Mother, and the Holy Spirit blowing upon their souls. Then, they will be taken before Our Lord Jesus who is waiting for them.

Jesus is everywhere, in all the Churches of the world waiting for his children. No one should be left without following him because He is the Son of God, the protector of mankind. He gave himself, and He continues to give of himself to all who are seeking, who come humbly, with simplicity, with self-donation, with sacrifice, and with the holy fear of God. It is not the fear that God is going to punish us because of our sins, no. It is the fear of offending him, of not making him suffer because He wants all of us to truly fulfill the commandments. He wants us to especially fulfill the great commandment the Lord left us, “Love one another as I have loved you.” These are words that are so beautiful, the words of my Divine Lord Jesus!

So then, let us all unite in this afternoon of sun and of light. Let us all rejoice, be happy, and be content that we all have gathered in one heart beating in the Heart of Jesus, in the Immaculate Heart of May, Our Mother, who has come to save us, to prepare us, to help us so we may truly spread the Word of God.

“Come to Me all those who are suffering, those who are grieving. I am here as Shepherd of Souls to continue leading you to give you my nourishment.”

Brothers, beloved of my heart for the Heart of my Mother, I am so grateful to all of you. You have such a special soul in Sister Margaret, as well as in the Father that came from Medjugorje, what a special soul, what a giant heart, and what a devoted soul to Jesus. He had to be Franciscan. I love Franciscans so much!

I am of the third order of the Franciscans. When I turned 14 years old I consecrated myself to my Seraphic Father Saint Francis. I entered the Franciscan Congregation in Merida, Venezuela, but the Lord wanted me in the world so he led me to Rome where He told me, “My daughter, the time has come, you must be strong, the world is waiting for you. You will go throughout the world spreading the word of love, love in full hands, love in abundance. Nothing must stop you, daughter.”

This is why you have me here. I wish you could understand that you have also been called to spread the word, especially to the young ones who are growing, who long for the truth. Children, seek for the truth in Jesus and in his Mother. Mary is the holy Mother; the good, honest, generous, the purest Mother among women, the only pure and holy Mother who has come to reconcile us with the peace of the just ones.

It is peace what Jesus is asking from us. Peace in our families, peace in our homes, peace wherever we go… peace and joy. Let us always be happy because the Blessed Mother becomes happy watching us when we are trying to please her, bearing our loads with serenity and with the desire to assay the faith of our brothers.

Well, the Lord lives among us, and his Blessed Mother, the Virgin Mary and Mother of the Church, Mother of Peace, Mother Reconciler of all People, the same Mother under different titles. She is the Mother of God whom we have to follow in order to receive her advice and above all to follow her steps as Mary of Nazareth, the humble wild violet, the white rose of the gardens of heaven, the Mother of Mount Carmel.

O Mother of mine, here are your people crying out for justice, mercy and, above all, for comprehension! We must think about comprehension, because if we are understanding with our brothers they also will be so with us.

Our Mother is asking us to come together as the waves of the sea do when they reach the shore, when they reach the sand to rest there. Our Mother wants us to resemble this, to be united in all the seas of the world, in all the lands of the world, the world that is going to be saved from a war that could be waged from one moment to another, with our prayer, our plea, our desire to give of ourselves the best.

God gives his best, maybe we do not consider this, but He gives us the best so we may offer it in abundance to our brothers in order to share together with them enkindling our faith. It is the living faith of each day, it is the hope of having a dream of a better tomorrow, and it is the ardent charity for the love of Jesus, Jesus who with his Heart gave of himself and continues to give of himself to all his children.

Once again in these times He presents to us his Mother by telling us, “Here is my Mother. She has come to reconcile you, help you love one another, bear one another, aid one another, in short, to help you lead a life in harmony and reconciliation. Reconciliation has to help us truly live the Gospel.” Let us live the Gospel with the grace that the Lord is pouring over us at this very moment.

And now, I truly want to invite you to Betania. It is a small poor village where people of little means live. But there is love and humility in these people. I live in Caracas, yes, it is true, but we visit weekly. I wish I could live there and transform my life into a life completely surrendered in the arms of my Mother to help so many sad and destitute ones who cross by this site.

I invite you to go to Betania because it truly is a teaching about how a task begins and then how it is carried out. You can see this in Medjugorje. So much has been done in Medjugorje, so many beautiful things because my Mother has wanted it to be. It has been Our Holy Mother of Peace, of guidance to her children, of love, of value beyond measure to all her priests, to all her religious, to the children, the young men and women who saw her, and who she communicated with.

At night, I have thought about Medjugorje for so many times and I ask my Mother: For how long do these people, does this nation have to suffer? I know you will do something. Something very special is going to happen from one moment to another. You will be surprised. I am sure that because of our gathering today all the bells in the West, in the East are going to ring because Medjugorje will be freed. This is why you see me here.

And I promise that very soon I will go there, despite war. The Lord is so merciful and great that He will put and end to this. Right now many correct decisions will be made, not only regarding Medjugorje, but also regarding so many other nations that are living in war where poverty is dragging them to the evil executioner, our enemy, the unfaithful one that intends to win the weak and feeble hearts.

Behold, It has been enough Satan, walk back! The nation of the United States is strong, robust, firm, decided and when it takes a position they are like soldiers of Christ that come to free the world.

His Holiness, John Paul II is so precious. He has done so much spreading the Word of the Lord from one place to another with so much humility. It is the humility of the shepherd who loves his sheep, who does not want to lose them, who wants to win them all for Christ, and for Mary. He loves Mary, he feels her like many of us do. Let us pray for his life to be extended because we need him.

Our Church is the Church where the Lord placed firm and profound foundations so we could all lean on her. Let us defend this Church, let us love our priests, let us love our Religious, let us love our families, let us love our friends, let us love our enemies, let us love everyone. And let us forgive in a heartfelt way in order to begin a new live full of freedom so we may conquer heaven.

It is so hard to go to heaven, but we must try to do so with the small things of our daily life, we, mothers in our house, our husbands in their jobs, our children learning in school and at home good manners and the small details of life.

The family of God is so beautiful! We are family of God, we are families that love and feel the warmth of the Mother, of Mary of Nazareth, of Mary Mother of Mercy, of Mary Heart of gold, of Mary humble Heart, of Mary the simple Mother of Jesus and our Mother.
I hope that when you go back home you may feel the presence of my Mother through her roses with their delicate perfumed scents and with a caress. I also hope you may feel the blowing of the Holy Spirit enlightening you. It is a soft breeze that touches us and makes us feel the desire to fly throughout the world saying, Lord, You live among us with your Mother. What else do we want, Lord? If You are here we feel you in the flowers, in an innocent child, in the water, in the rivers, in the valleys, in the mountains. You are everywhere and You are waiting for us in the tabernacle.”
So, what else do we want, brothers, if He is with us because Our Heavenly Father wants this to be? We do not see him, but I know that many souls like mine deeply feel him. It all depends on our faith, on the life we have led and on many other things. Therefore, we must not hound those who have gone astray. Let us help them leave the life without justice that they are leading, let us pray for them, especially for the youth that are in drugs, and for those who are leading a double life. My poor children, may God help them.

This is why we parents must be strong. We must be very loving, but strong at the same time so the child will not choose the path that will lead him wrongly. We must help them by following them. Let us not leave them on their own. We must follow them and control them so these children may grow as green plants do, developing many flowers that will be offered to Mary Our Mother and to her Son Jesus with the Father and the Holy Spirit, glory of the most Holy Trinity.

I want to thank Sister Margaret once again because she has truly made me happy. For now, I was not thinking of appearing before a great audience like this one so beautiful, splendid, and enlightened with graces and the charisma of the Holy Spirit. There is a lot of charisma here, many special souls, many good people, many generous people, and many understanding people. Therefore, I congratulate you because you have been patient with this poor woman who has come to this nation to bring the roses of a Mother, a Mother that is opening the gates for you and is saying, “Come in, my small children. Do you wish to have a refreshment? Take it, have it, for here I am.”

So, my beloved audience, do not expect great prepared talks from me, no. I could not do that. I am as I am, as my Mother wants me to be, free from all prejudices, from things that do not let me… I love, I love through her, I love all that contains life of God, I love creatures, I love roses, flowers, lilies, the sick in the hospitals where they are suffering so much, and those in jail. There is so much to do, there are so many to help, but it is needed to be dedicated, to pray, to meditate, to do penance and to receive the Eucharist.

The Eucharist is our nourishment, it must be our food, not only on Sundays, but every day if it is possible. Have a little for the Lord, because that Lord in the tabernacle is waiting for us to receive him to feed us and make us submissive to the grace.
Well, I think that it is enough for today. You have things to do, to meet with your family.
What else can I tell you? I could tell you: Pray. Prayer is the pillar that helps us softly lay down confirming that this pillar, this prayer is going to constantly help us without suffering. We often believe that because of sorrow due to sickness or any other hardship, the loss of our job or persecution, so many things, that we might not have the courage to resist. But if we turn to prayer as our pillar, as our strength we can lean on it. Nothing or no one can come against us, because prayer soothes, comforts, and makes us happy, for Jesus and Mary are there. They are the ones who call us to prayer. Let us listen to his voice and let us respond by saying: Here we are, Lord. I wish to continue praying and persevering in a path of faith, in the unlimited trust in your Sacred Heart and above all, so I may lead a Eucharistic life.

I spoke about the Eucharist because I believe that it is the most important thing in the life of a human being, of a true Catholic who fulfills his duties. It is the Body of Jesus. When the priest comes to that moment… it transforms itself, it is Jesus who is there, it is his Body that He is offering us, it is his life that He is giving us with supernatural life, authentic life, a life lived with love to divine knowledge.

Well, now is the time. May God keep you. May God bless you, may He strengthen your families, and your homes. May the sick that are here be completely healed, strengthened, and filled with love. Love, surrendering, and especially humility. We need humility, to grow humble, to live humbly thinking that the Lord was so very humble, and Our Mother, the Woman of Calvary suffered so much that her humility is our hope.

Now, let us collect our thoughts for a minute and let us think that the Lord and Mary, Our Mother, Mother of the Church, Mother of Peace, Mother Reconciler of People and Nations are here. Let us leave them our thoughts, needs, intentions, all the things we bear inside.

Well, we are in peace and in harmony with the whole world. We are living a reunion with the Lord. This morning we lived this with the Father; we also lived this with the little girl playing the guitar, she played and sang so beautifully; and with the man who was a protestant and became a preacher: “I must announce our Catholic, apostolic, Roman and universal Church.” What else do we want? This is so beautiful.

Silence reaffirms our faith and assays our hearts so we may live in harmony with God, Our Lord and our brothers. Let us assay this faith trusting that Jesus and Mary will answer for us if we truly live according to the commandments of the Law of God.

Thank you, brothers. May the Lord bless you. May the Lord keep you in his Heart and protect you.

In the Name of my Father, I bless you, my children,

in the name of my Mother, I heal you in the body and in the soul

and I will keep you here in my Heart. I will keep you, I will keep you here in my Heart from today on and forever.

May peace be with you and may the light of the Holy Spirit enlighten you. You are in peace and in harmony with the whole world. May God keep us all.