Servant of God Maria Esperanza Bianchini’s Speech. Lowell Memorial Auditorium. Lowell, Massachusetts, USA

Sunday, April 25, 1993

In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Good afternoon to everyone. Let us pray the Angelus to Our Mother.

The Angelus.

Glory Be.

Come, Holy Spirit and send us from heaven a ray of your light. May the fire and love, the living flame of Jesus Christ fully enter in our hearts to strengthen us so we may receive the Word of evangelization that Jesus has come to renew in these times, to strengthen us and truly give us the knowledge of how to come together, and holding hands may we look for all our divided brothers. Amen.

Brothers, friends, and very beloved children of the Heart of Our Heavenly Mother, we are here to come together with an open heart to receive the fire and flame of Jesus. I have already told you: Jesus wants to fully enter into our hearts because Mary, our sweet Mother, the flower of Mount Carmel, the wild violet of Nazareth and the humble woman of Calvary wants us all to live in brotherhood so we may prepare ourselves for evangelization.

Yes, our Catholic, holy, apostolic, Roman and universal Church is working tirelessly. You can see this, you are part of her and you are here looking for the light and truth, the truth from within we wish to understand. What do we want, Lord? We want so many things, but there is something very important that we must know. To give, give and give we have to receive the graces of the Holy Spirit. Graces that blow over us enlightening our minds, strengthening our hearts and giving us the word of that great and beautiful commandment that Jesus bequeathed us so we could live according to his doctrine: Love one another as He loved us.

So we are here to understand one another, to comprehend one another, to consolidate in every sense ideas of spiritual development with generosity in our hearts, filled with living faith and aware of why we are truly here. Yes, let us bring this to heart; let us see why this poor woman is here? It has been my Mother. She has urged me to do so and given me the strength to come and look for you. You have invited me through Sister, a great woman who is endowed with spiritual graces and wonderful gifts, which she silently keeps in her heart to open routes and paths for those who are seeking the Lord.
So, let us prepare ourselves today in a very special way thinking in Medugorje, thinking in war, a war that has to come to its end, it has to be completely eradicated. Permitting all of you who go there to contemplate the Blessed Mother, to meet with her to feel the outpouring of her motherly Heart. Yes, my children you will go back there and you will feel joyful and content. You may ask me, “Madam, how is this war going to come to an end? Our Lord’s paths are unfathomable… so much so that many times man cannot understand. The mind of an almighty, omnipotent and wonderful God is so intricate. So think and meditate: Everything will be ordered according to divine will. I cannot say tomorrow or in a month, but let us see what happens after one, two or three months elapse because God in his divine omnipotence is great, wonderful and splendid.
Yes, my Lord and my God, you are so good. You call your creatures to meditate. You fully enter to come to know who is in order of ideas and who is not, so You can then call us and make us understand so many things. Only You as Father can make us understand these things so we can truly be part of the Holy Church of Jesus Christ. He wishes for all of us to love one another, as I said yesterday, to bear one another, to aid one another without regard of one’s race or religion.

We are one in God. We must break that ice, that coldness, that muteness that man holds inside with his selfishness. No, the Lord does not want us like this. The Lord wants us placid, understanding, human, loving, and giving the best of ourselves. The best comes from Him and He helps us in our life’s pilgrimage, a life that He granted us full of beauty, splendor and graces.

Let us take advantage of the moments, of the grace we all are receiving to think in Mary the Holy Mother, in Mary Virgin and Mother of the Church whom I love so much, in Mary Virgin and Mother Reconciler of People and in Mary Virgin and Mother of Peace. We are in need of peace for our families, peace for our homes and peace in the whole world. So, let us collect our thoughts for a second.
Well, my Mother is inspiring me and telling me, “My little children, I gave you my Heart, I am giving you my Heart and I will continue to give you my Heart forever. My children, walk hastily, do not stop on your way. There are thorns that can hurt your feet, and your steps. May nothing ever harm you, on the contrary forge ahead filled with living faith and with the hope of meeting this Mother. It shall be a reunion filled with the grace of the Father, of the Holy Spirit and all this with my Divine Son Jesus who loves you. Once again Jesus is coming to look for you, to renew the consciences of all men, to enter into all your homes, your houses. You shall feel Him. His coming is near. Prepare yourselves, form an army, become the great reality of a Mother who has come to gather all of you, to sooth your sicknesses, your tribulations, your anguish, your sorrow and grief.”
Children, I have come with my scepter in my hand, a scepter of light of the Son of God who went to a Cross to help you, and save you and offer you to this Mother by saying, ‘Come, my little ones, you all fit in my Heart. Come, for I am here to lift your burden, to comfort you and above all to tell all my rebellious ones to trust in a Mother who is giving of herself and continues to give of herself at the foot of the Cross to soothe your grief and do away with sadness.’”
Do not fear what the world may feel. Children, do not feel troubled, for everything is in a system. You are all my children and all of you shall receive the grace of the Holy Spirit reaffirming the fact that the Words of my Son shall never pass.”
Yes, my children try to ponder those Words; ‘My Words shall never pass for I shall be with you forever with my Father, my Mother and the Apostles who followed me.’

Behold, then, make fast to the Master of masters with his staff as Shepherd of souls. Follow him and make fast to his Heart and in mine. I keep you, my little ones I keep you. Abide here next to me.”

Well, my brothers I often feel embarrassed of having to say these things in this way because I do not know what people may think. However, I say that I will do whatever the Lord wants me to. Lord, I will do as You wish; I will go wherever You want me to go. Make use of me. I am nothing; it is You my Lord together with your Mother. I am a little daughter who has the yearning of bringing the truth to the hearts of men. The only truth is love, without love how can any deeds be accomplished, how can men work. If there is selfishness, betrayal, and pride man cannot improve his attitude towards life. Man truly has to come to know himself and cleanse what harms him in order to receive the grace of the Holy Spirit.

So, brothers, thank you for listening because maybe each one has his own way of thinking or his own way of living, but the Lord and his Mother want to tell you that the time to rectify has come, to rectify by all means. Rectification to truly live the Gospel, to live the apostolate of prayer, to evangelize, to give of oneself constantly without complaining that others are bothering us.

From morning to sunset, we must be standing firmly like the soldiers of Christ, like the apostles who offered their lives, like Saint Peter apostle who followed Him. He had his moment of weakness, but he recovered and offered his life in Rome. In “Quo Vadis” in Rome, when again he wanted to flee out of weakness, the Lord made use of a child to tell him that he would be condemned and murdered, “I shall return to Rome and let them crucify me.” Immediately Peter reacted and returned to Rome to be crucified, but with his head to the floor and his feet up high. This was how he proved the faith his Master had left in his heart, the faith of a risen Christ, Savior of the world, new life for all creatures on earth.
These are the great days in which Jesus with his Mother, both are united and are making themselves felt in the hearts throughout the world.

You must know that the earth will shudder, we will suffer, but we will make it. These are little touches of the love of the Lord to call his children. These little touches hurt, but at the same time we recover when we see that they are lessons of love to make us understand that we are not fully well. We are failing weakened by a world of sin, by a world eager for power, leadership and riches. The power of being outstanding. No, no sir. Lord, I wish I could hide in the grotto of my Mother in Betania and forget the world, but You have brought me here and what can I do? Only You have the answer. Sometimes I think that I do not have much time and I wish I could once and for all, fulfill all the things You requested since I was a child.

Many have asked me, “Why don’t you talk about yourself? The Lord did not talk about himself; the Lord was simple, noble, generous, compassionate and extremely wonderful. He was the great Son of God, the Eternal Father of heaven. The one chosen to save us all, therefore we are in the era of salvation.

This century is agonizing, but this century is winning many souls, although some are being lost due to many things. There are men seeking the truth, seeking things, they do not know what they are looking for, but they go on in their quest. The day will come in which they will find their truth… Jesus, Jesus the Master, Jesus the great prophet of all times, Jesus the Great Master of all the existing times and all the days that may exist for evermore.
Well, brothers, I hope that you have enjoyed the things that my Mother has wanted you to know, communicating what she wants from all of you.

And now, I think I will… although I didn’t want to because a person shouldn’t speak of herself. But I am going to tell you something very beautiful from when I was five years old. My mother had turned a widow with five small children when I was only two. At the age of five, my mother had to travel to Trinidad, Puerto Espana because the family had business with the island in the area of trading. She also had to travel along Guayana and the Orinoco River. This time she had to go to Trinidad, she was about to board the boat and all the family was there to bid her goodbye. It all seems like a dream. Then, I moved aside a little bit because I was scared of people and my sister started to scream, “Why do you have to go, mommy?

I was staring at the Orinoco River! My great Orinoco, I cherish it so much. It is such a beautiful river that it touches your heart. Afternoons are beautiful there when the sun sets and we see the great and wonderful work of God in its entire splendor. I started watching the waves in the river and all of a sudden… I was very fond of Saint Therese of the Child Jesus, I loved her so much and my Mother of Mount Carmel… when I see her emerge from the waters. O Lord! She had a rose and she threw it to me, I tried to catch it, but it fell. Then I picked it up from the ground and she smiled at me. She didn’t say anything; she only gave me the rose. Then, I went to my mommy and I told her, Mommy, Saint Therese brought me this rose. And she said, “Daughter, it is because you are such a good girl.”

These are the things that sometimes one cannot even speak about because they are hard to understand, but this rose has always kept us company. So, what can I say? I poor child who begins to open her eyes and has to have these experiences and so many other beautiful ones. They have been beautiful because they comfort the heart, but at the same time they build a great responsibility in front of the souls that she has near her.
So, in my house with my brothers, cousins and family I grew with love. And it is love what I feel in this moment for you as if I had known you forever. This is because my Mother has wanted it to be. It is she, I am nothing, I am a poor woman with flaws, many flaws, but there are qualities too, the quality of loving and serving everyone with kindness. It is my Mother, it isn’t me, it isn’t me.

Every day I pray: Lord, humility, humility, humility. Often when I have to get dressed, to dress up and go out, I say: Lord, they are going to say that I like to dress up. No, I would like to wear only a white tunic with a white veil and sandals, and hide myself away from the world. Lord, to love You, to venerate You, to adore You and to have all your children love You and acknowledge You as Christ the King, Savior of the world, Son of God and of Mary, Virgin and Mother of the Church, Mother of God and Mother of mankind.

Thus, I love all of you.

There have been so many things I have gone through. When I was twelve years old I became so sick that I told the Lord: I offer You my life, Lord. May I bring comfort to others. How? I do not know, but You will know what to do with me. Take me by the hand, Jesus, I want You to. It has been so special.

And when I went to the nuns I wanted so many things, but He said, “No, daughter, this is not your path”. Saint Therese came and something beautiful, something great happened, something very long to tell. Then, I met my husband. Saint Giovanni Bosco had already told me four years earlier, “Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament has asked me to tell you…” and he gave me the day, the date, everything. So, my fiancé, at that time would tell me, “You want to marry me, but you don’t love me, you don’t give me a baci.” And I answered that I couldn’t, that only God could understand and those that already knew me. It is hard to have such a big love for God and have to share it with a husband, children and all those who come.

Image, it is hard, and it makes me feel embarrassed to talk about this but I had to. One day you will come to know everything, especially about Betania. The way the Lord offered it to me and said, “My daughter, the Promised Land shall come, it shall be placed in your hands. You will purchase it with two other people that I will introduce to you.” And the day came, they offered me the land, we signed the papers and we had to move to Rome because the mother of Geo was in a delicate condition. We spent two years in Rome without going to Venezuela. I was desperate that I had to leave everything in the hands of others.
But then, after some time, Our Lady told me, “My daughter, go back to Venezuela. The old lady is better, the nonna. I am telling you this because the land you have bought is the Promised Land. I told you the land had sugar cane, fruits, and other details. Now I am telling you this is the land. Prepare yourself because for March 25 – in 1976 as many already know – I shall come. I shall let myself be seen by you, and for the smaller ones the shinning sun of my Divine Son.”
All shall fall on their knees looking at such a great and wonderful light. I shall come from the grotto; from the foliage, all covered in white that is the pureness of the woman, and the simplicity of the young girl. Thus, I shall let myself be known as I am. I am a child; I continue to be a child in heaven. This is why you frequently see me as a youngster.”

Her words were, “You see these hands with luminous sparks and lights, it is light what I offer my children so all may come to my arms and rest. But pray the Rosary. It is prayer the loving invitation that this Mother is offering you.” It was so beautiful. It was the very day she appeared at 4:00 in the morning before leaving to Betania. She gave me such a beautiful, and splendid message that has all been consummated. Everything has taken place: wars, earthquakes, crying, and the affliction of so many people in Africa. She also told me she would appear there and in Korea too, and so many other beautiful things. She told me that the United States was the strongest of all nations. Maybe I shouldn’t say this, but I trust.

They have invited me elsewhere, but I believed I first had to come here, even cherishing Italy so much. I owe Rome so much; I cherish that place as if it were my own fatherland because I met my husband there. He is a good and faithful man and an excellent father. I thank him so much for being so patient with me, for seeing in me a wife, a mother to his children, yes, but something more spiritual too and this is why there has been love and true understanding. I thank you so much for listening to me.

I am going to tell you something else: Pray, pray very much. Pray for the children, for the innocent ones, for the youth that is rising because they are the ones who will spread the message of a Mother. It is the message of Mary in all the nations of the world. This is why she is appearing to tune up the hearts of her children and give them warmth with her mantle by covering them, teaching them to walk, walk, walk without fatigue, without stopping. Let us drink a little bit of water, only water and then let us go on. Let us do a lot of prayer, meditation and penance, penance, penance. Penance reestablishes order in the human organism, it strengthens the heart, it gives light and intelligence to the mind, and it grants peace, security, energy and supernatural life.

Every day I ask my Lord: Give me supernatural life, Lord, because how could I live? How could I do so many things at the same time: family, children, the sick, and the sad? Sometimes I ask myself: Can I do this by myself? I am nothing, and my Mother tells me, “Unlimited trust in the Heart of my Divine Son is the prime base of all the beautiful luminaries in the eternal heaven of Our Celestial Father.”
Well, thank you. I am touched. Maybe today I went a little bit too far with my emotions; maybe I talked too much. But I had to vent the feelings of my heart because I know that many, maybe cannot understand me, cannot comprehend how someone can serve the world in all its extension silently and in the midst of its noise, in the streets, in the hospitals. There have been so many circumstances, so many sick people, innocent children, mothers, families that are falling apart, couples, divorces, Lord. Lord, quench the thirst of men and women, grant them stability, love in their hearts, and bring them together, Lord. May they bear one another, love one another, cherish one another, and enjoy the graces and the wonders that are offered to us every day at daybreak.
I wish you could follow me with a prayer that the Lord gave me. Our Father in heaven will hear us. I am going to begin the prayer now:

In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Father, I raise my eyes to heaven, and I do nothing but gaze at you and feel your presence among us. Here in this new day of your dawn, we consecrate ourselves to You in Jesus, Mary and Joseph of Nazareth, glory of the Most Holy Trinity in heaven, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit comforter. Look after your grand family, humanity of man, woman and child. Bless us, Lord. Amen.

And now I must say goodbye. I am leaving with my heart filled with faith. My faith has increased. My faith continues to be firm. My faith has given me warmth. And that flame that Jesus and his Mother lit in my heart is burning like a votive lamp that shall never fade. The United States and Sister Margaret with her humility, love and the skill of an honest and worthy women have wanted to invite me to give glory to Our Heavenly Mother Mary, Mary of Peace of Medjugorje, Mary Mother Reconciler of all People, Mary Mother of Coromoto and Mary under all the titles of all the nations, the Virgin, Mother of God and Our Mother.

Today, let us gather all the souls who are sick, sad, desperate, who do not have faith, those who are wandering about the streets, so they may suffer no longer, so they may feel they have a peaceful home, so they may find support, an outstretched hand, someone who may watch over them, who will not leave them. Charity, charity, abundant charity. It doesn’t matter. When you give, you have the right to receive a glance, a brotherly embrace, a shaking of hands every day. The thing is to give, give constantly without complaining that others are bothering us, as I told you earlier. It cannot be bothersome to try to win a brother for Jesus, to win a son for the Virgin, to win a son for God. We all are going to win them.

Well, I have to say something I believe is important: We are all going to the same source in different vessels, but we are going to God. It is God who is calling us, it is God who loves us, it is God who is coming. Each one has to respect his one belief, of course, Jesus is the Son of God and we have to acknowledge him, but let us not despise the rest of the people. Let us help them so they may reach the sheepfold of Jesus where there is water, wonderful fountains, green and hope. It is so beautiful there, Lord! Let us be fed with its green grass, with its water, refresh your souls and be happy with Our Mother. I love you. It is love what I feel in my heart, it is love what has been impelled by someone beautiful, by a sweet Mother, Mary Our Mother.

Let us come together, let us comfort each other and reaffirm our faith, the faith that Jesus transmitted to his apostles and has been constantly transmitted during all the eras of mankind.

Jesus will give us a great teaching, especially in these five years in order to understand that He is living with us in the tabernacle, and that He is waiting for all of us. But at the same time, as a man of his people He will make himself felt in each creature, in each human being with a divine spark, with a shinning light, with something new. Man needs something to touch his heart, to enkindle it with warmth, a lot of joy, faith, trust, serenity and peace.

Peace. The Peace of Mary of Medjugorje is so beautiful! She spoke to me the day before I came. I have a picture in my room that is so beautiful. A priest in Betania took it and he sent it to me. It is a secret that I’ve kept. When I first saw it I asked myself how can the Virgin of Medjugorje be in Betania? I do not know why I am telling you this. I have had it for three years now, and I also asked her, “Mother, when are you going to do the miracle of renewing the souls of these men that are against your blessed land, so they leave and let your children, your priests, your boys and girls, the youth you chose spread the message?”

They had told me something about a priest who was a very good man. Yesterday I met him with his humility, with his tenderness, with his way of speaking. He truly has special charismas. He has moved me. They had told me about him, and they gave me many books, but my life is the life of a housewife, I have fourteen grandchildren, seven children, seven in-laws and all the Godchildren. You can imagine that I do not have much time left.
So I must tell you that I don’t know if I can go. Right now, there have been so many obstacles to do so: Some who have passed away, others who are sick and if they pass away and I am not there… A friend of ours died, General Tarre-Mursi. He was a very good friend of ours. He gave his affidavits of the apparition to the Bishop. We all saw her; we were one hundred and eight people. His widow, Margarita, wanted to come, but it was not possible.

So, I told my Mother: Well, what do I do? And she answered, “You must go, daughter. It has been a sincere invitation and my wish is for Medjugorje to grow and for Betania to grow too, and for all to be united. I want no division, daughter. Be very humble and generous, and give them my message that very soon that country shall be free so they may sing: Glory to God.

Our Lady is one Mother. She is Mary. The thing is that we get used to our own Virgin. When I was a child I venerated Our Lady of Mount Carmel, my love was so great to her that my dream was to go to Jerusalem. God granted my wish. I have been there nine times, each time I was pregnant I would go. God granted me this special grace. I have no means to thank my Jesus.

Thus, silently I have gone to nations getting to know the people. I went to New York when I was young around 17 or 18 years old. Three years ago, I came to Boston because one of my daughters was studying here. Then, I went to New York because another daughter was living there for a year.

I have been looking at the people and I have seen sensitivity, heartfelt humanity, faith and trust. It is often said that the people are indifferent and cold, but no. There are human conditions and because of this love to God in your hearts is why I am here to serve you, love you and make you, the United States, be acknowledged by all people and nations as a country that has been called.
Thank you. May God keep you and bless you.

Often silence says many things. I thank all of you. Blessed be God and my Mother. And blessed be Sister Margaret for I know she is going to struggle a lot.