Servant of God Maria Esperanza Bianchini’s Speech. Betania II. Medway, Massachusetts, USA

Monday, April 26, 1993

“… so the fruits and the flowers you have may grow green once again. That is to say, with the faith you have, the hope to live better days, and the charity that is the love that my Jesus gave us. You have his Heart here. I keep you, my little ones. God bless you.”

So, now you know the Lord and his Mother live among us. What else can we ask for? And this is attained with humility, patience, prayer, meditation, penance, and Eucharist. Let us love the Lord and carry Him in our hearts this very moment.

May God keep all of you.

I am leaving, but my soul stays here, uniting this Betania with Betania in Venezuela. A Betania of your Monastery, of your Mother, and Betania in Venezuela. One Betania, one Medjugorje, one life, one heart that is beating.

(Everyone sang the Ave Maria of Finca Betania.)