Servant of God Maria Esperanza Bianchini’s Words. Etnia Guajira Community. Maracaibo, Zulia, Venezuela

Thursday, October 24, 1991

Love heals all good souls, and the Mother of God is with all of you, and she has come to look for you, and to heal us from all our physical and spiritual illnesses.

[…] to truly live united as you live here with humility and simpleness, but with God, with the love to his Mother who comes to teach us, to evangelize us, so the youth that are growing may develop – the innocent children – so all may unite as small chicks do beside their mother.

With this I mean that humility is the greatest treasure, there is nothing else, humility, simpleness, to be spontaneous and natural. This is how Mary wants us to be just the way we are, with our qualities and our flaws, but trying to improve our inner life, what we bear within.

We all have a flame, a fire; this flame and fire has to grow as brothers do because of the Blessed Mother of Jesus Christ.

Behold his Mother, the Mother of heaven who comes searching for us to feed us with her word, with her generosity, with her kindness, tenderness, and simpleness, because simpleness is what the Mother wants.

Perhaps, you see me and may say, “Regarding this lady, for me it is hard to…” I do not like colors, I always dress in white. I wish I could dress humbly like the women of your houses: good and generous Indians, Indians who fought and defeated battles united to the fathers of the country during our independence.

Behold, then, thank you, Mother; thank you, Mary.

(Addressing a sick boy.)

Love heals the good souls like yours.

May God keep you, my love. Be happy, do not feel sad, because the Mother of God has come to help you, so you may feel well, and may have a heart full of love for your Mother.

(Then, she spoke to all the sick children.)

May the light and the grace of the Holy Spirit be with all of you, so all may be healed, strengthened, filled with charity, love, human solidarity, and of the capacity to understand your brothers.

No more faces, no more wrongdoings, and those things that can harm the community. The honest, worthy, praiseworthy, the truly good are going to live here. The evil will be thrown out because the Lord has planned it so.

So, children, go on convinced that Mary is settling here, at this site, with her Divine Son to secure your faith, so tomorrow you may rise as a battalion of firm soldiers of Christ ready to defend your rights.

May God keep you all.