Servant of God Maria Esperanza Bianchini’s Words. Center of Investigation of the Liga Anticancerosa. Maracaibo, Zulia, Venezuela

Wednesday, October 23, 1991

(Mrs. Maria Esperanza addressing a lady who came to her crying.)

Be calm, be calm, and now, you must leave it all to my Mother, it is her love and her desire of truly being able to make herself felt in the heart of the children, the innocent, the youth, the adults, and the elderly stooped by age. We must give ourselves without feeling tired, we must not say: They are bothering me; no. Always smile and go on serving well human society.

May God keep you.

(Then she spoke to a group of nurses and doctors.)

It is constant, continual perseverance… you are soldiers, very generous soldiers, because many times one gets sick, however, one rises and goes to his work firmly.

I always tell the Lord: Lord, may I die standing like a soldier. And I want the majority of the people to not feel tired when they have work to do. Do not feel tired because you feel bad or sick. Think that the Lord gives you strength; think that Our Lady is with us.

It is Mary in these times of great calamity who is coming, who has come to meet us and soothe our burden, because they are many.

Well, the assistance will come. I am no one, I am a poor woman but I have a heart that has great love of all that contains the life of the Lord, because He is a spring of love.

(She addresses another group.)

Think about the spring of new life that has overflowed upon us, that is to say, the water of life… it is new life, a new formula, it is something new that you are receiving right now.

Faith is something that is born – it is not made – spontaneous, natural, it grows everyday and we begin to entrust ourselves to the will of God, for whatever He needs us, wherever He needs us, wherever, it does not matter. It is He who works in his children and his Mother is who guides us.