Servant of God Maria Esperanza Bianchini’s Speech. Our Lady of Chiquinquira Basilic. Maracaibo, Zulia, Venezuela

Tuesday, October 22, 1991  7:50 p.m.

My greetings to this great and humble town. First of all, I thank your Bishop, Monsignor Domingo Roa Perez.

My infinite gratitude for giving us this wonderful delicacy with your words that touched all our hearts. Yours is a beautiful sacrament for this town, and for all the nations of the world.

I thank my Heavenly Mother Mary for bringing me here. Yes, Mother it was you. You have done everything; you are the one who does it all. The blessed glory your Divine Son has wanted to give to you is truly yours. Therefore, we thank you for the benefits given to our souls.

Now, people of Zulia, thank you for assisting in this Holy Mass that has withdrawn us into prayer, while receiving the mystic Bread, the food of Jesus that will fill us with fortitude forever. Because He is the nourishment that helps us go on firmly, and convinced that our Catholic, apostolic, Roman and universal Church is the Church of all the Christians of the world, she is the Church that teaches us and helps us walk through clear and cleansed paths, cleansed with the sun of truth of Jesus, Our Lord Jesus Christ.

My Mother promised me today that she would visit all your homes, and that those who had been sick for several years, laying on a bed, would rise. She is going to make herself felt, not only here in Maracaibo, but throughout the country. Let us hope that everyone – from all the corners of Venezuela, and those souls who have known of the visit of my Blessed Mother to Maracaibo – may receive the grace and the health they need so very much.

Thank you, brothers.

Thank you, Blessed Mother, thank you for these people who have felt love in their hearts. It is love, reconciliation, and Christian charity that are going to save us. And we all are going to be saved. No more suffering, my people, the Lord loves you, the Lord cherishes you, and your Mother has come to gather us all. She left you this blessed image of Our Mother Chiquinquira, and now she presents herself with this other image, the Reconciler of People. It is the same Mother Mary under all titles, but at this moment, under the title of Reconciliation, she comes to save us so we may reconcile, love, gather with one another, so we may unite our faiths – the time will come – and help us soothe our burden and the burden of our brothers; until we fulfil ourselves.

Now, in the Name of my Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The Angelus.

Thank you; thank you, brothers.

May the blessing of the Lord assist you and your Bishop, who has transmitted us this grace of the Holy Spirit so we may live in harmony with all our brothers so the light may come through, loving one another, and soothing each problem we have. This is how Christians live with charity. It is charity, this is where the true love of an apostle of the Lord is.

May God keep you all.

Good afternoon, and blessed be my Blessed Mother, and this great Bishop that the Lord has chosen to guide this flock here in Maracaibo.

I thank the priests, I thank the religious who have come, I thank all family parents, the entire families that have congregated to convoke my Mother. She sweetly gazes at you, she contemplates you, and places her blessed hand over your heads.

Blessed be the Lord.