Maracaibo, Zulia, Venezuela

Servant of God Maria Esperanza Bianchini’s Speech.
Our Lady of the Valley Church.
Thursday, October 24, 1991  7:30 p.m.

Good evening to everyone.

You have seen the entrance of Our Heavenly Mother. She entered as Virgin and Mother of the Church, Reconciler of all People triumphant, with a smile on her lips, with her Divine Son whose arms are open to embrace you. It is Mary who comes to help you with the burden of the people who long to learn, to be taught.

Behold, then, brothers, adults, children of Mary, children of the love of a Mother, we are here to serve her, love her, and make her be acknowledged by all her children on earth.

She is appearing as she once did in Guanare, many years ago, to a humble Indian who did not know how to read or write. She left him her blessed image in his hand that we still keep in Guanare, the Patroness of Venezuela, Our Lady of Coromoto. And in these times, on March 25, in 1976, I remember she came as Virgin and Mother Reconciler of People to bring us all, again in these times, the great truth of all times, which is that Jesus, her Divine Son, wishes that she as Mother of the Church may come to bring us together, to teach us, and to give us her Heart. Mary is donating it to us; it is her humble, generous, and compassionate Heart that wishes that we all unite in only one heart.

It is reconciliation, it is her love that she wishes to transmit to us all, so we may unite, so we may preserve the teachings of Jesus, so moral values may grow, so families may unite, so men can hold hands, so all quarrels and the irregular things that today are leading people to war may end.

Therefore, Mary has come to look for us, and is telling us, “My little children, I gave you my Heart, I am giving you my Heart, and I shall give you my Heart forever, because the Love of my loves, Jesus, wishes that all of my little children, his younger brothers, may convert, so there may be peace among brothers, family unity, love of the innocent child, love of a mother to her child, parental love, brotherly love, love among friends. What may be greater than this?

”Your pastors are looking for you and teaching you, so you may preach the Gospel too. People of God, you all must rise to spread the message of a Mother who has come seeking you, who has come to teach you, and to lavish her heavenly caress upon you, so your hearts may grow filled with peace, serenity, and graces to donate yourselves to those who may need deeds of apostleship, deeds of love, deeds that shall dignify mankind, that urge to believe in Jesus. My Divine Son is making Himself felt in all nations in these times of great calamity for men.

”You have a holy and apostolic Church. There is a Holy Father who is teaching you so many beautiful things, as for example, to go in pursuit of all of his children who are scattered around the world, by preaching that only love may save you.

”Behold, today in this Temple I come to these joyful and happy people, people who are united to their Church, priests, and bishops. With sweetness and joy they speak to their people telling them that Mary Reconciler of People has come to look for them, and all these children run to meet the Heavenly Mother you have here.

”It is I, children, I, Mary Reconciler in one heart united to yours who has come to teach you, and tell you: Prepare yourselves, my little ones, you need to evangelize, to prepare yourselves, you must go to all towns telling your brothers: ‘Our Mother has come to gather us, she has come looking for us so we may spread her message of reconciliation, because without reconciliation there shall be no peace in the world.’

”Behold this message of love. Love one another, brothers, love one another, love one another.”

And now, thank you, Bishop and all this community, thank you; we thank you for the opportunity of being able to tell your beloved people – who are hand in hand with you – that Mary Virgin and Mother of the Church has come to bring them the hope of being able to share with all the land as Reconciler of peace, love, and unity to begin a new life of hope and dreams of a better tomorrow.

Thank you, dear Bishop. Thank you for your humility; thank you for visiting my fatherland; and thank you for receiving me.

I am touched since I have seen so many innocent people, so many mothers, so many fathers with their children who have all come to receive my Mother; it is not to receive me, it is Mary who deserves all the applause of men on Earth, Mary my Mother, the Heavenly Mother, she, Mary the Virgin of all People and Nations.