Servant of God Maria Esperanza Bianchini’s Speech. Club Nautico. Maracaibo, Zulia, Venezuela

Wednesday, October 23, 1991

Good night to all.

I thank the Rotary Club, its President Dennis. Thank you Bishop, your presence lavishes us with the warmth of our Church, and the great love of Our Lord Jesus Christ – He gave his life for us, it was for love –. I also greet the Governor and his wife, and all the people here who have come to this reception, to this great banquet where we all look at each other.

My children, my brothers, my friends, because I feel you fully in my heart, Mary is my Mother, I am nothing, I am a poor woman, a humble woman, a family mother who feels in her heart the heart of the sad and forsaken boy, the heart of the lonely widow mother, the heart of all the children of this world, and of all sinners too, especially of those who offend the Lord, because they do not have religious base.

Because I am going to tell you: The Lord is giving us, at the moment, the great opportunity to save us all. We all go to the same source in different vessels, but we go to God.

The time to reconcile has arrived, to hold hands, and to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ King, Savior of the World, the great Master of masters, the Man who surrendered it all: his Word, his pilgrimages, his work in Jerusalem accompanied by his apostles and his Mother Mary. His first apostle was Mary, Mother of God.

Mary in these times has come to Venezuela, because she came approximately three hundred years ago – almost four hundred years – to Guanare. She appeared to an Indian and she left him her beautiful and stunning image, radiant like the sun. People were converted. She helped those Spaniards, priests, the religious who were in Venezuela, so they could understand the value of the Heart of a Mother, of the Mother of God, and our Madre.

And thus, it was then when our Mother filled the hearts of so many souls in Venezuela. Our country grew, it advanced. At the moment, it has a great population with much culture, education, there are schools, there are beautiful things here, but also there is much social injustice, and this is what touches me, what hurts me in the heart. But for this reason, Mary Reconciler of all People has come; she has come to look for us, to teach us, to lavish her love on us.

Mary is so sweet when she calls us, when we feel her, when she welcomes us in her motherly bosom, when we are sad, when we feel uncertain! What can we do, Lord? It is then when Mary comes to comfort us, to fill us with fortitude, especially with balance. Balance is the prime base of man.

Thus, Mary Reconciler appeared in Betania on March 25, in 1976, there in a humble and small place, but full of very beautiful and splendid sweet-sugar-cane plantations. It is all so beautiful! It has a gorgeous cascade, which is there with its waters, that day and night come to clean us, to bathe us making us better in life, to cure our problems of the body and soul, and to do away with our sadness and tribulation.

Mary came that day, at this place, with her hands filled with shining light with a gorgeous countenance, with the sweet and naive glance of a young girl. Such beauty! How can I think about this, my God, and not go throughout the world spreading the message of that Mother, so we all can reconcile.

It was she who told me, “Little daughter, my Heart I gave you, my Heart I give you, and my Heart I will continue giving you forever. Rise and go in pursuit of my children, do not forsake them.

”Here I am. I have come in these times for all, for all classes, for all mass media, for all men on Earth. I love those who do not love us, who despise us, who do not follow us, who have not followed my Son.

”For all… I come to gather them; I come to sweeten their lukewarm and sad hours. I come, my daughter, to light fire in those hearts just as Jesus touched the hearts of his apostles in those times. They rose, they followed Him and they went from one place to another spreading his message of love, of human solidarity; and many gave their lives following Him, accompanying Him. Thus, like Peter the apostle, that man of faith, that robust man, a fisherman who followed Him. And you see there, in his rock, the Holy Father the Pope. And you see, little daughter, the number of Popes who have walked that path and that rock preserves itself always strong, that precious rock with foundations of new life for man, because faith is there, and this faith must be renewed.

”You must forge ahead, do not feel tired. Diseases nor weaknesses, nothing must stop you, because many will also rise to follow me, to follow this Mother. And you, my little daughter, with humility, with simpleness, acknowledge that the time of reconciliation among brothers has come. And even more, the time in which all shall drink of that source that I am leaving here in Betania has come, a fountain of waters of new, sweet, loving, simple, straightforward, and crystalline life.

”Do you see those shrubs? Do you see those trees? Look at them, daughter, contemplate them and also contemplate the men, the women, the children, the innocent ones, the poor, the sick. Help them survive and accompany me.

”Little daughter, I am at your side, let us walk together, let us go in pursue of our children, and let us go elsewhere with our hearts filled with love, a heart that has to give itself to all, despite they mock you, despite they despise you, daughter, it does not matter, that slander may come, that everything may come. Little daughter, I am here to help, comfort, save, and encourage you and so you may pass on the message of reconciliation, because without reconciliation there cannot be peace in the world… impossible, little daughter.

”If brothers do not hold hands, if they do not tolerate each other, if they do not love one another, how is the world going to progress? Although science, many scientists do so. But do you know something? There shall also be others who will come, and very unpleasant things shall come to end with the society of the men of today, and it is necessary to stop those hands so that that world-wide catastrophe does not take place, so that all may live peacefully and in harmony.

”Therefore, I am here, I live among you, among all of you, and I come to touch the hardest, the proud, those who do not understand, those who wish to be the ones. No, no, no, it is not possible to live in this way, my children. Humility is the crystal bridge that leads us to heaven, and without it we cannot do anything.

”Thus, take my message to all.

”My children, I love you, I come seeking you. Take refuge in my Heart. Come, little children,” says the Virgin. “Come, come to my Heart, it is the hour of reflection with the wonderful objective of my presence among you.”

Well, my children, my brothers, my Mother loves us all, she loves each and everyone. Everyone in their faith must be saved, because when we were born we did not have the responsibility of the fact that our parents were of one or another religion… we were born and those children followed the footsteps of those parents.

So why do we have to fight against the current of the men who cannot understand us? Each one with their faith, with their God, with their love. But it is a love, a wonderful love, the greatest love of all times, of all centuries, the love of Jesus Christ who gave his Blood, his Life for all of us.

Behold, then, let us love Christ, let us love our brothers, let us love all in a strong, felt, and sublime embrace as the matters of my Mother are sublime.

In fact, brothers, I have felt happy, happy among you. There is respect; it is respect… When someone tells me: “They do not love you.” I say: No, it does not matter if they do not love me; it is respect, it is consideration, it is esteem. To consider your brothers is the value of men, to consider them. They do not love each other, they do not cherish each other, but there is respect. This truly is what is most important, so we can come to appreciate, to consider, and to love one another. Because after esteem comes affection, and affection turns into love, the love of God, the love of Mary, the love of Christ King, Savior of the World, the love of all the prophets who announced Him, the love of all the apostles, and the virgins, and all the saints.

Each one has their own favorite saint. It is so beautiful to pray to our beloved saint, and it is beautiful that our saint listens to us and helps us overcome the trial! For me it is my Mother Mary, Virgin and Mother of the Church, the Church that I love and feel in the depth of my heart. This is the greatest thing for me.

Therefore, I am willing to give my life, and everything I have, everything that I may have, a little bit of me or everything, a little or a lot, very much, everything until I see those innocent children grow under the wing of that Holy Church, under the wing of that Immaculate Mother, Mary of Nazareth, the woman of Calvary, the humble violet of the holy way, the star of the sea – refulgent – the star that shines at night to give us light, so we may trust man, trust the creatures, because they have a heart, they have a soul, they have sensitivity.

Everyone is going to be saved, we all are going to be saved, this is for everyone, it is not for one person, it is for all mankind, it is love, it is trust, it is the fear of God, it is not that He is going to punish us, no, God does not punish his children because they do not know; it is the fear of not hurting Him, of not striking Him, of not harming anything that belongs to Him. Therefore, brothers, we must love our brothers, never harm them.

I ask Zulia and I ask the Rotary Club, a beautiful and wonderful group, I see your souls, I see you all seated and my heart beats, it is as if my heart wanted to come out to settle in each one of yours, telling you: Brothers, fight for a new Venezuela with charismas, for a beautiful and radiant Venezuela dressed with celebration, for a Venezuela with beautiful green fields filled with hope, with a great Orinoco River that saw my birth – yes, there on a small boat – and thus, all Venezuela, this blessed land of Maracaibo, of my Mother of Chiquinquira.

Several years ago, 15 years ago when the apparition of my Mother, I came here, I passed by, we slept one night here in the Hotel del Lago and we went on. We came to visit her and during my visit she told me: “Little daughter, you have finally come to see me, I promise you shall come again and come with me, I shall come to my children to reconcile them. Little daughter, I am Mary the Chiquinquira under all titles, I am the Coromoto, I am the Reconciler, I am Lourdes, I am Fatima, I am the Guadalupe, I am the Mother of God, I am one, the same Mother who loves all of her children.”

“And I ask you from the bottom of my heart; take refuge in this motherly Heart.”

This is what my Mother told me. And this is why years and days have passed, and the Lord has wanted to touch your hearts so that I could come to give testimony of his love, of his sweetness, of his tenderness, of his softness, of that innocent virtuousness of Mary, the Mother of Christ and Our Mother.

Brothers, I love you all; and it does not matter if there are those who do not agree with our ideas and thoughts, the Lord loves us all, He has forgiveness for all of us. It is to love, to cherish each other, to soothe our burden, regardless of where you belong, it is to love. This is what is going to save us, love.

I thank you all; thank you, dear Bishop, for coming. It was beautiful when yesterday I went to the Chiquinquira where your words touched my soul, they were felt, it was a call that I know moved the hearts of all the people of Zulia. And today you have come to see, to watch all this great family of the Rotary Club. Thank you on behalf of our holy Church, our loved, Christian, Catholic, and universal Church.

Yes, and also Dennis, I am not going to call you Dennis, but: My son, because only our children do such noble and generous deeds to their mothers and brothers, through my Holy Mother. You asked me and she accepted, and also because Monsignor Pio Bello, he, who carries in his hands the message of my Mother, he who gave the Pastoral Letter of approval – it was an approval I never waited for, it was an affirmation that touched me in a heartfelt way – I came because he told me: “Go, Maria Esperanza, daughter; go, Mrs. Bianchini, trust the people of Zulia, it is a great town that loves Our Mother.”

So then, I thank you all.

May God grant life to Bishop Pio Bello, he is in an extremely delicate condition, and he has given so much, both to the Catholic University, as in Los Teques. He worked so much last year going from one place to another taking his word to the priests, his direction. It is truly wonderful to be able to give the best of ourselves, and he is doing so.

And Bishop Roa here is giving the best of himself, the love of Christ he has in his heart, the love of Mary, she, Mary with her sweet, soft, and delicate smile who is calling you to share with her living the Gospel.

It is evangelization that we need, it is necessary to teach, and it is necessary to spread the Word of God and the message of this Mother everywhere, she who comes to secure us in our faith, in our daily struggle, in our apostolic work. It is Mary; it is she the one who deserves all the applause of the world, and all the voices of men saying: “Long live Mary, Our Heavenly Mother!”

Thank you, brothers.

May God keep you all.